Biden: Climate Change Is An “Existential Threat” 1

Biden: Climate Change Is An “Existential Threat”


Pres. Biden toured Ida damage in New Jersey and New York today, and suggested he will visit California to see wildfire damage. There are now more than 40 million confirmed Covid cases in U.S. And Secy. of State Antony Blinken says the Taliban has assured him that those with valid visas will be able to depart Afghanistan. 
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    1. CATL- largest Chinese electric car battery company
      Afghanistan- huge car battery deposits
      Bidens- stake in CATL and inroads with PLA

    2. You people are Nazis. Let me guess, you’re going to exterminate Christians in a few years like psychotic maniacs because Michael Moore told you to.

    3. The Lithium in Afghanistan is worthless. The Chinese shall have it, they will not make any money with it once they start mining.

  1. Nobody:
    Maga: “But if global warming was real, then why is it still cold in the winter?”
    Everybody: 😳🤦‍♂️

    1. @DD Beatz The thing is that for China highspeed rail has been a great success. Yes the rail itself needs subsidies, but it worked like one giant economic stimulus. Thanks to this highspeed rail China is now among the top manufacturers of this technology and makes good money with exporting it. It has also mobilized hundreds of millions of people which made their workforce much more productive. All this generated a lot of revenue in the overall economy. Such an investment returns its costs with profits. In the US however all governments since Reagan know only one tool: Tax Cuts. Tax cuts may give you a few thousand dollars extra per year, you may buy a new TV and maybe a car, and that’s it. It has no long lasting positive effect on the economy, it benefits the rich more than ordinary citizens and only contributes to more debt.

    2. @DD Beatz I am from Germany by the way. Here in Europe we also have highspeed rail which is highly popular. But we also have a lot more manufacturing left than the US. One reason is that we have a mixture of “social democracy” (left) and “social market economy”(conservative). In this system companies are held accountable for the social effects of their actions and unions are represented in the management. This is why german, austrian, swiss and french manufacturing industries rather keep a significant amount of production here and use advanced manufacturing methods to stay cost competitive instead. In the US however the economy is totally unregulated, the CEO of a company doesn’t have to think about the social consequences of his actions and can simply off-shore production to China to make more profits. And then you people complain that everything is from China.

    3. @Piotr Trebisz Enjoyed your essay. If you like, I can write you a list of what the individual can do to combat climate change.

    4. @Wolfgang Vetter Ich versuche mein bestes. Ich habe kein Auto, habe einen Vertrag bei Grünstrom AG und reise am liebsten mit der Bahn. Sogar wenn ich im Winter zum Polarkreis in Norwegen fahre komme ich da mit der Bahn hin. Aber der Verzicht auf Fleisch, oh da tu ich mich schwer 🤤

  2. Then do something! Stop tip-toeing around the filibuster and trying to work with republicans for the sake of “bipartisanship” when they’ll will never vote for anything that damages oil companies.

    1. He rejoined the Paris Agreement, convened an Earth Day summit of world leaders, has made great appointments to top key environmental positions, has reversed Trump’s catastrophic policies, has established a White House Environmental Justice Interagency Council and a White House Environmental Justice Advisory Council, etc. So there’s a real record for which he deserves credit.

    2. @Allan Burns You can give him credit for that but the elephant in the room is the filibuster that enables minority rule in this country and stands in the way of lasting reforms.

    1. Democrats enabled multiple cities to be destroyed last year and now literally aided the enemy in Afghanistan. Democrats are domestic terrorists.

  3. Libs, like me, can’t think for ourselves. So I believe anything the media spoon feeds me. I’m not dupid 🤪

  4. If the Republicans thought that they could take away voting rights from women, then they would definitely try.

  5. OMG!!! It’s already day 231 just look at what a GREAT job Joe and Kamala have done so far. We can finally focus on something important like climate change. We are doing so much better now that Trump is gone. He was destroying our country, but Joe and Kamala will fix it. These are proud days to be a Democrat. We are truly building back better!!!

  6. This is what the real like to dislike ratio / comments section looks like. Before ots doctored (usually for joy Reid and Rachel Maddow) they literally are gonna do this forever

  7. If you’re looking for a way to help the environment you can switch to ecosia they are a search engine that plants trees ….!!!!

  8. Republicans: “Notice how everywhere Biden goes, disasters happen? Okay, so they happen before he arrives, but Trump never went to disaster areas so you can’t blame him.”

  9. what we are doing to this planet is just a drop in the bucket for what has been occurring naturally for billions of years.

  10. Didn’t Brian Williams get called out a few years ago for lying? I guess that makes sense why he is Bidens biggest cheerleader.

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