MI Sec. Of State: GOP 'Fraudits' Are 'Preparation' For 2024 Election 1

MI Sec. Of State: GOP ‘Fraudits’ Are ‘Preparation’ For 2024 Election


Jocelyn Benson, Michigan's Democratic Secretary of State, tells Lawrence O'Donnell that the Republican efforts to undermine democracy since 2020 are "all about preparing for the next big battle in 2024," when Republican attacks on democracy will be "better organized and better funded."
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    1. @Straight out the suburbs With the tool well when they keep kicking you off for your stupid comments you have to get a new account. Try telling the truth for a day or two and they might not delete your account so much.

    2. @Steve Nadort is telling the truth repeating DNC talking points?

    3. @Just Say’n come down to your house and get some sunshine. The weather is great in Miami right now. Green flags at the beach today. You need it for your TDS.

    4. @Straight out the suburbs With the tool no, its just not going with dumpies lies all the time.

  1. “It would not be impossible to prove with sufficient repetition and a psychological understanding of the people concerned, that a square is in fact a circle.”

    This is exactly what’s happening with these absurd audits and wild conspiracy theories.
    The BigLie now has Trump supporters trying to pound square pegs into round holes.

    1. @A 17 So, your “forensic audits” are being conducted by QAnon conspiracy theorists like you and they never should have happened, they are ridiculously fraudulent on their face. America has certified it’s votes and it’s elections essentially the same way for two hundred years. The recounts were painstaking by hand recounts with both parties satisfied so they were certified. Biden won by eight million votes. Get over it. If you think your QAnon laughably stupid “audits” are the answer, then go camp on Donald Trump’s lawn and wait for more instructions from him. And get a life.

    2. @Paul Copland well okay then, as painstaking as it may have been it wasn’t an audit…even the work that’s going on now in the Arizona audit is painstaking yet people are even volunteering so that Election integrity is not just a by-word anymore. For your information though, Cyber Ninjas is only handling 1 of 4 sections of the audit but i don’t think that might be enough for you so we’ll just have to wait and see what unfolds. I hope you’ll come around soon. God bless you.

    3. @A 17 Sure. let’s audit all 50 states and all races. Might cost 1-2 billion or so, but hey we have money to burn, so no problem. Maybe we can raise everyone’s taxes by say a surcharge on every taxpayer for say $50 each to pay for it. And we have to have independent experience election experts to conduct the audit, using accepted election counting methods and procedures.

    4. The irony that you quote an actual Nazi after calling President Trump “Hitler” for four years and support anti-Semitic members of congress, but are filled with faux outrage when Marjorie Taylor Greene makes a historical comparison.

  2. The direction of US elections in the future is becoming uncertain. Get rid of the Electoral College.

    1. @Charles Lewis : You and Nick should both re-read your own, “comments.” You’re both making the case for abolishing the Electoral College. I’m merely calling for its reform, for national elections, in which each voter has an equal stake, in, “one Nation under God.”

    2. Electoral college is what helps make it legit. Liberals have no problem with stuffing a ballot box in New York or California.

    3. @Ash Roskell Agreed, far too much sway is given to states with few people in them. But the GOP will never go for it, because they know they’ve lost the popular vote in 8 out of the last 10 presidential elections. Cheating with gerrymandering and the EC is the only way they stay in power, and it’s all about power for them.

  3. It would be a shame if America collapses because those willing to undermine it win by slowly picking at the law, while those who can and should don’t take serious punitive action.
    Remove the filibuster and pass federal laws that crack the spine of these slow motion insurrectionists…

    1. @B K so that is your best try to emotionalise and distract? Tired and dull.
      Stay in the issue or go elsewhere. As it is your question adds nothing.

    2. America already collapsed thanks to four years of Russian lies, defunding the police in the name of a black felon who overdosed on Fentanyl, $2 billion in damages from riots, and 200,000 immigrants flooding into the country each month.

    3. @YUM Liberal Tears if that helps you sleep at night…
      Like morale in a company, it is always easier to tear it down than it is to build it up.
      Build back better or American carnage. The choice should be easy…

    4. America collapsed because we illegally invaded a country that had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 and a small group of right wing imperialists believed that the United States has the right to rule the world unopposed and should do everything in their power to make sure it happened. The fact that no one from the Bush administration was ever tried for war crimes in The Hague is one of the gravest injustices in history.

    5. @Geeky American Otaku that was a part of it for certain. The knife cuts both ways though, but that stain was never honestly addressed with consequences that would deter others from going even farther.

  4. Democracy is fragile and under threat like never before. Everyone who values living in one needs to be awake and do what they can to protect it.

    1. @THE TRUTH IS OUT NOW! Yawn, a Constitutional Republic is a form of democracy; get a refund from your Prager U “degree”

  5. The GOP dupes stayed with the Big Liar for four years, now they are ready to stay with the Big Lie for another four years. Unfortunately the GOP is no longer susceptible to the truth.

    1. GOP Duh-mentia may possibly be in the medical records one day. Reminds me of the Pog craze, pet rocks, chia pets,…..

    2. The GOP will be torn apart by this. Trump is taking his party toward a cliff and he doesn’t even realize it. Their stupid strategy for 2024 simply won’t work.

    3. Didn’t you say for four years the he was an illegitimate president and that Russia stole our election? Funny how that works, right?

  6. In mid November, the GOP said, “What harm can it do to let Trump think he’s President for a little while longer?” Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

    1. Criminal tRump planned, funded, organized duh coup attempt..if VP Pence got dead Kevin would have become Wiseguys made man…crooks

    2. @1776 SAR SUSAN CONSTANT and so far the uncovered evidence has shown that the votes of dead people were made by Trump supporters who used a dead persons registration to cast a fraudulent vote for Trump.
      When will the madness end?

  7. Just phase 3 of the insurrection. Phase 2 was passing the voter supression laws. And the federal government is letting it happen.

    1. So is it also racist if a black person wants to board a plane, buy some liquor, take out a bank loan, drive a car, get a job, or basically anything else that’s fundamental to an existence if they’re asked for an ID? You people are all deluded idiots.

    2. ​@A’s Back! Says the guy shaming others with racism and watering down the word for the sake of his own arguments while calling them members of the KKK, a group of people which was created by the Democrats that you vote for. Good historical knowledge and critical thinking skills…

  8. The democrats need to take the baby gloves off and start fighting on equal footing as the republicans. They are still be politically correct as fr as the constituate is concerned the other half of that statement Is ‘political’ and they need to start fresh. It’s almost as if the democratic voter is gonna heave most of the burden on election day when democratic leaders need to do so much more before that day arrives.that is a big burden for the leadership to be. Counting on

    1. @Gary Mars You’re Ron Burgundy? Have a safe day, be kind to your neighbors and volunteer for those with less.

    2. Still waiting for evidence of Russian collusion after four years of spot bleeding about it at any minute…

  9. You would have thought that the massive claim that there was voter fraud would have already been proven in the over 80 court cases!! Why would such a claim have been made WITHOUT proof?

    1. They lost in the courts. They lost in the polling places. They are busy now trying to “win” in the Big Lie audits which are no such thing.

  10. It’s not just going to be 2024. This is going to be forever and every election they lose they’ll claim fraud and if they win they’ll say it was legit.

    1. American democracy won’t survive this dangerous absurdity going on forever. Something’s gotta give. Kind of worried about what that might be.

    2. Maybe if there wasn’t a stupidly suspicious 4 AM ballot dump all for Biden on Election Night, the audits wouldn’t be happening. All of this happened because you ignored it. Accept that you’ll have a permanently tarnished reputation because you deserve it.

  11. 1) The Arizona audit and Senate are taking large amounts of time.
    2) The Arizona audit and Senate have broken the chain of custody of voting machines there by destroying evidence.
    3) Trump stated that elections should be determined on the night of the election, and as such, he thinks that large amounts of time gives rise to having the ability to commit larger amounts of fraud. Trump is claiming these audits are less fraudulent at the same time as he claimed that more time allowed more fraud, and therefore, Trump is actually advocating a process that is fraudulent if people who have in interest in his and his party winning are running the process. In other words, Trump doesn’t mind fraud if it is for him. Republicans this is who you elected.

    1. Monetary debasement, industry killing regulations, open borders permanently impoverishing American Blacks, non-stop race baiting. Yeah, conservatives are real impressed with the china-democrats.

  12. Force poor poor Kentuckians to recount 3 more times because McCONnell LOST..Amy won……Poorer SC recount cause Graham lost too

  13. Thank you Secretary Benson. I voted for you and will continue to if we are fortunate enough to have that opportunity.

  14. Used to be we were worried about Russian meddling. Now we have the Corruptlican Party destroying the country’s democracy from within.

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