MI Secretary Of State: GOP Is Led By ‘People Who Don’t Believe In Democracy’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

MI Secretary Of State: GOP Is Led By ‘People Who Don’t Believe In Democracy’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson joins Ali Velshi to discuss Republican voter suppression efforts around the country that threaten U.S. democracy. Aired on 03/27/2021.
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MI Secretary Of State: GOP Is Led By ‘People Who Don’t Believe In Democracy’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. „Republic“ and „democracy“ are the latin and greek words for the same thing: „government by the people“. Why americans love to argue about it, makes me shake my head. The names of your parties are just silly.

    2. @CShield Yes, and for heaven’s sake, why does this have to be pointed out thousands of times? Thank you CShield for doing this boring work this time. We all know that 330 million people don’t all meet in Washington to hammer out the budget. Their representatives do. Sheesh. Do those who keep making this semantic distinction not see a difference between the constitutional republic in, say, the Russian Federation or the “Democratic” People’s Republic of Korea, and the one that exists and is under attack in the USA by precisely the same sort of people who brought Russia and North Korea their current constitutions?

  1. Frank Zappa used to say that when democracy was no longer convenient, the masks would be pulled off and the ugliness would be exposed. Something to that effect. Anyhow, it looks like the masks are coming off.

    1. @bobhilbri better to look like Pelosi than Melania who looks like she had a face lift gone wrong. Now there’s a woman whose face looks like a stepford wife.

    2. @bearly traincot hahaha, only a stupid democrat would prefer to look more like a dried up old hag politician than look like an International Super Model

    3. @bobhilbri lol! “international supermodel”?
      When and where? Or…did you mean gold digger who tainted the whitehouse, was in way over her head like her POtuS#45 racist spouse.

    4. @Cee Edwards The plastic surgery and just plain plastic Barbie doll who didn’t give a f–k about Christmas when 45 was saying it was now O.K. to say Merry Christmas again? Yeah! The former n–d model who came over here on an Einstein Visa! Glad she isn’t 1st lady any longer.

    1. The south didn’t start voting Republican until the 1990s and even then it hasn’t been solid most times, so that strategy worked well.

    2. The republican party does not think, they just act. Sort of like my three year old. At least my three year old is growing up.

  2. Georgia made sure we were all aware that the 2020 election was the most secure election they have had. Then why all the changes Masa Kemp?

    1. That’s what I was thinking. But typical Republican, he had put on his human face when the spotlight was on him.

    2. Masa Kemp, absolutely, that’s why he has a painting of a slave plantation behind his head. He’s a frigging Nazi.

  3. Just so no one misses the point, The Georgia “Stop the Vote” legislation can disenfranchise every single Georgia voter should that be what the Georgia dictatorial GOP legislators decide to do. They now have to authority to simple appoint the winner in every ballot option.

    1. @Doug Thomson Correct and this is precisely why the Democrats need to sue Georgia in court. As I am sure they will.

    2. They are dead set on political dictatorship which will implode the state into chaos. And the only the return of public hangings for treasonous leaders may stop this White Supremist march to insurrection, sedition, and anti-Democracy.

    3. @Jamar Carter There are other ways to defeat them without killing them. For example, taking their money away…. because money and power are the only things that the Republicans truly love.

    4. So in that case every election republican nominee will win no more democracy in America we will be like North Korea, Saudi Arabia and etc dictatorship regimes

  4. Foresight much , much better than hindsight.
    If people don’t stand up for themselves & their precious rights , they will be gone . I do not want to live in a formerly free country.

  5. I love SOS Jocelyn, no bs just facts, missing her leather jacket tho … lol. Hey America you know how to fix this? Be like Australia, compulsory voting, no vote you get a fine.

  6. McConnell created this situation because of how he strangled the Senate for years. During the Obama administration McConnell blocked hundreds of judicial nominees made by the current President of the United States, Obama; in addition to blocking his nominee for the Supreme Court. Now the Republican Cult of Trump Party is reaping the benefits of McConnell’s actions. McConnell and Trump filled those hundreds of judicial positions and now those people are passing hundreds of bills across the country to steal future elections.

    1. Exactly! McConnell’s gaming and showing disrespect for democracy gave birth to these attempts to overthrow democracy.

  7. The last civilized resort is courts of law. I cringe to think what will happen if we lose the last civilized difference of the franchise. This will not end well.

  8. Recently we’ve noticed the GOP have backed off on the word ‘democracy’ and replaced it with ‘republic’.
    Democracy was never their really their thing anyway. It’s pretty interesting, I wonder what their next step it now that their plan is coming together…

  9. I see the Republican party plays the people, where the Democrats serve and help the people. Why can’t Republican voters see that?

  10. the real problem is, right wing media has convinced their constituents not to believe in democracy, so now the politicians can act on it.

    1. Just keep in mind that winners don’t need to pull stunts like this… losers do. Strong parties don’t need to rig the system… weak parties do. The GOP is dying.

    2. Educate yourself on #rupertmurdoch, owner of Fox. He’s like Piers and Sharon Osborn.
      The British hate America period!

  11. It’s the confederacy party hiding behind the word Republican. Now we Americans see it clearly. The republicans who disagree with me then where the heck are your voices? By not condemning these laws you’re approving them. Bigots.

  12. It seems that the answer to the question of what America stands for depends on who you ask. If this remains in the air, then there’s no end in sight for a divide.

  13. This quote is so true. It’s why we need systemic reforms (like doing away with the certification process). The GOP were all ready to follow Trump into a dictatorship. The next time they try, they won’t make the same mistakes.

  14. Jesus loves and cares about you so much so repent so That we all make it to heaven

    Like so more people can see this

  15. The DNC needs to sue Georgia. First, in the Georgia Supreme Court and then, in the U.S. Supreme Court. Any laws which deliberately seek to oppress minorities are illegal and immoral.

  16. “Stop The Steal” was only “Stop The Vote” concealed.” Yes” there are traitors and Confederates to democracy amongst us. They are an” Immoral Minority”.

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