Miami-Dade Mayor: Three Additional Victims Found, Death Toll At 27 1

Miami-Dade Mayor: Three Additional Victims Found, Death Toll At 27


Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava announced that three additional victims were found in the rubble of the Surfside, Florida, collapsed condo hours after a controlled demolition on the remaining part of the building. At least 27 victims have been recovered by first responders and 118 remain unaccounted for. 

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Miami-Dade Mayor: Three Additional Victims Found, Death Toll At 27


  1. Stop patting yourself on the back. Rescue mission is a part of the job. The victims need justice.. Investigate and come to a conclusion why the Building collapse?

    1. Chill and learn patience. It took months for us to get the info on the Kansas hotel sky bridge fall

    2. It takes a long time for forensic testing to get done. On the other hand, it sounds as though the residents had been postponing a whole lot of very important maintenance on the building. If they wanted to hold the buildings’ owner accountable, they should have been in court already. There is no excuse for the maintenance failures that have been found to date.

    3. @Dolores Reynolds yes but the cities buildings department is as guilty as any other company or hoa involved. An unsafe structural non sound building should have never been allowed to be lived in. I’m former criminal investigator. Steps: Request any and all permits, architect sketch and plan on the building since the day it was built, identity every city inspector that has inspected or passed any inspections, Identity every contractor involved in structural maintenance of the building, identity the depart state, county or city that allowed building on the grounds. And the list goes on. I would request many other things if I was conducting the investigation. Someone needs to walk out of this in handcuffs. These lives will never be replaced! God help us find the cause. Don’t believe the news. They lie

  2. It’s been two weeks. Not a single person rescued. Stop spinning and call it what it is. It’s a recovery operation. Not a rescue operation.

    1. @Suzy Q Mayor should have been seeing to it that the inspection of the building code enforcement laws were being enforced. I imagine there will be plenty of blame passed around before anyone accepts full responsibility for this terrible disaster.

    2. @VonBluesman 🎯 Exactly. As I’ve said before, 🕊️ May those who lost their lives rest in peace, may their loved ones find solace, and *may those found to be at fault be exposed and held accountable.*

    3. @VonBluesman I’m pretty positive nobody will be held accountable for this disaster. Nobody!!

    4. @vapalaca I agree with you 100%. This never should of happened with all of the advanced technology and X-ray equipment we have in America. I worked industrial construction for years and it is amazing the strategic steps and codes that a company has to follow in order to pass inspection and approval. A lot of the power plants and industrial chemical plants I worked at, the building process would be momentarily held up due to inspection, which operated 24 hours a day in order to help keep cost at a minimum.

  3. This is just tragic! The weather is hot! They won’t even get a last physical goodbye with a funeral for the rest that are unaccounted for.

  4. I’m so sick of these politicians. Capitalizing off of this tragedy. They are taking full advantage of the press exposure to display their so called leadership for their reelections. They need to let the search and recovery teams gives us the updates. They are the ones doing the gut wrenching hard work.

    1. @AlphakappaY I’m sorry. I’m sorry for you. I’m also sorry about the callousness of the recovery effort. Atomized dead bodies are nothing, move on. Build a a water slide park or a casino in commemoration yeah? Florida style.

    2. you must only be watching two second clips and not the briefings because the fire chief and search and rescue give statements EVERY day, sometimes multiple times per day. As for the mayor, what would you prefer? Nobody says anything and we are kept out of the loop, and the government is completely silent when a building falls and kills what is likely a hundred people? nobody in charge is coming out of this looking good at least they are not sweeping it under the rug.

  5. With all our technology today this shouldnt have happened so i would say this is mans fault for not doing his job and killing all these people its a shame and my prayers go out to everyone involved

  6. For all the radical leftists who love removing what they consider “gendered language” from the vernacular, let me educate you – amen, hero, and history are all words that have nothing to do with gender or masculinity. All of these words come from completely different languages to begin with as their general linguistic root…please stop embarassing yourselves and deepen your education. It is clear you’re being taught very little at the public school level which is not a cute look. I’m not going to waste my time explaining the nuance of these three starter words I listed above but your homework for today is to research the three words mentioned. Good luck.

  7. US ANTIQUE INFRASTRUCTURE: “The eyes of history are on this appointment.” – Buttigeig.
    1964 Japan’s first bullet trains were put in service and the the first Beatles album was released.
    1998 China started the construction of 36,000km of high speed railways and high speed trains.
    2021 US still has NO high speed trains and NO safe overpasses or apartment blocks.

  8. Gov. Of Florida just want to bury every one who died there, not even seek to dig up their bodies for funeral. Shame on desantis!

  9. I live in St Lucie County Florida.The public sewer in front of my house has been blocked for six months. The street is full of sewage.I called the St Lucie County ‘s relevant department many times, but no one came to repair it. We have to pay 9000$ to repaire it by ourself .The St Lucie County officials are dereliction of duty, laziness, and inaction. They waste taxpayers’ money, do not serve for us, and should be fired. I told the St Lucie County five commitioners but they did not provide any help to us!!!!!Fire All zombie government officials!

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  11. Should of had forward looking Infrared in place day one to find survivors. They have drones for that. If they find a survivor, and I wish they do, I hope they sue all of you for your in competence!

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