Michael Cohen addresses new fraud lawsuit against Trump

The New York state attorney general filed a sweeping lawsuit against former President Donald Trump, alleging he and three of his adult children were involved in expansive fraud lasting over a decade. In a statement to CNN, Trump's attorney said, "Today's filing is neither focused on the facts nor the law — rather, it is solely focused on advancing the Attorney General's political agenda." CNN speaks to former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen about the lawsuit. #CNN #News #michaelcohen #trump


  1. Disgusting that Weisselburg is getting away with a slap on the wrist. Sick of hearing that there isn’t a separate justice system for the rich and famous

  2. How did we get to a point where banks are TOO STUPID to figure out how big Trump’s room is? They know EXACTLY how many square feet MY place is. It’s on Fing ZILLOW!

  3. Years ago Anthony Jeselnik said that for the comedy central roast of Trump they could make jokes about almost anything except you couldn’t say he had less money than he claimed. That’s how fragile his ego is about that.

  4. Well, hopefully we will still have a democracy this Thanksgiving. If we do then, we’ll truly have something to be thankful for. That, am surving a pandemic that has rolled through America like a Mississippi freight train the last 3 years. 😷

  5. Anyone who didn’t know he was unethical just wasn’t paying attention. When someone says, “I love filing bankruptcy”, what does that say to you?

  6. As an independent voter, I don’t ever see any US president, former or otherwise ever going to jail. If it takes 397 police officers an hour to stop one 18 year old shooter and the CEO of a pharmaceutical company walking away with $926 million of taxpayer money our democracy is beyond broken.

  7. My head is spinning. I will never understand nor comprehend how the trump’s mafia style of business still thrive and walk the streets unabated.

  8. Who knew Michael Cohen would be the hero at the end of the day!

  9. Maybe throwing your Lawyer under the Bus, isn’t the smartest thing to do. Especially if your lawyer knows what a grifter you are.

  10. Michael Cohen is my hero. He has really turned his life around and he’s doing the best he can to help people see the truth

  11. Michael Cohen is just amazing, what a man, he did wrong, he realized & admitted it. Took his punishment then boy did he come back with a bang. More power to him, I really like this man.

  12. β€œYou can’t say β€œno” to him.” That is the voice of a child raised by a dysfunctional parent, who is not choosing to emancipate. We all need to grow up (specifically those who did not, have not said β€œno” to the likes of DJT) by not remaining in a version of childlike Stockholm syndrome. Give yourself a pat on the back if you are emancipating from abuse. Someone who can say β€˜β€™no” and walk away from the abuser is an asset to society. Someone who calls out the abuse is an even bigger asset.

  13. Way to kick DT axx Michael! He’s been exposed. DT is nothing but a freaking Con; and I have to say DT is the biggest and best con artist I have even ever heard of.

  14. Tish James was brave enough to be the first to start prosecution of these fraudsters. Hopefully other attorneys will follow up and prosecute this mafia.

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