This GOP House candidate once railed against women voting

According to his past writings and associations, John Gibbs, a GOP congressional candidate supported by Donald Trump, once railed against women voting. CNN KFile Senior Editor Andrew Kaczynski reports what he found. #CNN #News


  1. The definition of insanity is saying “Trump is going to prison this time” over and over and expecting different results.jn

    1. The definition of insanity is not knowing the difference between SM posts and memes and actual court documents. Trump IS going to prison….THIS time

  2. Dear All Women of America:

    Listen to your men.
    We know what’s better for all of you. Better than you do.
    Don’t forget that when you vote.

    While we’re on the topic of women voting, maybe that should change too? Afterall, we know better than you.

    neo-GOP .
    (MAGA brand Fascism party).
    ((we used to be Republicans, remember??))

    1. @Madison he is. Yes. but not joking so much as making a very important point about one party in this country and how it thinks.

    1. He has that ALL IMPORTANT ‘R’ next to his name on the ballot. And that “R’ is all SOME (far too many) voters care about, character, stance on issues, treatment of /attitude towards others being immaterial!

  3. NOW is not the time to be voting in favor of continuing the high costs of rent, food and gas < try explaining that to a spoonfed, unemployed ROE-democrat

  4. Because it is a well known fact that the country NEVER suffered under men, except for like when they denied certain races education and freedom and certain genders couldn’t speak up about abuse but other then that my gosh this man is off

  5. Martha’s vineyard deported all the immigrants (sent by Ron DeSantis ) off the island within 24 hours….. Well so much for a sanctuary…..🤣

  6. I saw the sad comments of the trolls below, remember, they are sad lonely people hoping that someone here will engage them. They most likely don’t even believe the crap that they spew, they just want attention. We can only hope that when they do leave their dark lairs, they are unarmed and only yell at their neighbors, who no doubt shake their heads, and think, ” how sad”

  7. I thought the Great Depression and the emergence of a large peacetime military caused higher government spending. Did suffragettes cause the depression and the Cold War?

  8. Oh yeah.15 years ago “barefoot pregnant and in the kitchen” was TOTALLY cool. He’s a modern man got in touch with his FEELZ. Evolving very rapidly. MIGHT even give women their uteri back by 2050

    1. @Artilue Incorrect. You obviously do not know all politicians Mr. Putin.
      I say Putin because usually only bots are as clueless and generalizing.

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