Michail Antonio | TVJ Sports Commentary - Oct 5 2021 1

Michail Antonio | TVJ Sports Commentary – Oct 5 2021


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    1. What have tappa done for the national team? The man is the coach for more than 5 years and the team can’t make 5 passes and people talking crap about he is the man for the job. This man not even can represent himself in a interview so y should he represent us. This is the same person creating division among UK and born Jamaican players. Tappa was an excellent player but he is not a good coach hands and if he want the best for jamaica football he should walk away

  1. It’s not the clubs, because other international players went to represent their respective countries. It’s that these players have no real commitment. Now if we do make it to Qatar all of sudden their availability will not be questioned. JFF need to prepare for 2026 with committed players.

    1. If Tappa set up the man dem fi fail and ppl a bun out the man them about not committed should u frwd back kmt if the man neva committed why tf the man would a use his own money and buy 3 other players ticket to travel to Jamaica fi play one game

    2. You need to do your research and get the facts before you go bashing English base players, didn’t you listen the interview the the fool fool coach did last time around that he wasn’t for Antonio coming here and it was the decision of the JFF, so if you were in Antonio shows would you come back?

  2. I hope these uk players learn and please you guys can do much better some of you make very good wages you should not have to pay your way to play for a country stay home don’t come to jamaica its not wort your time please guys your dignity is on the spot

    1. I used to watch local premier league back then because the standard was good now I don’t watch it anymore.

    2. Every other team in the world is bringing other international players to make their team the strongest and Jamaica doesn’t have that quality players locally to only used 5 overseas based players dont you see how the close the games are being played 3 games in 7 days

    3. That is a lie bredda 1 deon burton .2 robbie earl 3 Darren Powell 4 frank Sinclair 5 Paul hall 6 fizroy Simpson

  3. Call spade a spade and stop go round corners like Tappa nuh rate big baller look how the man do one of Jamaica bigger midfield maestro in Jermaine Hue, big forward like Jermaine “TUFFY” Anderson and when fire deh a the fool tail him finally start Tyreek Magee. If like u have a dunce man a run a big business smh, this man yah a mek $750000 a month fi wah

  4. How do you weigh commitment, all you ungrateful vultures chatting bout commitment y not talk about removing Tappa who is clearly incompetent in the role he is playing, how can a man not be committed when he used his own personal money for the trip to represent his country, if Antonio chooses not to play for Jamaica under the leadership of incompetent Tappa he is doing the right thing, other players should do the same a so dem a seek spotlight or have nothing otherwise to do

  5. Maverick, yuh know this goes way deeper than the player’s commitment. Noboby will happily walk into a dutty house bursting at its seams with vitriol! The JFF need house clearing and the coach is out of his depth

  6. The Maverick nah talk straight because the way the team is unbalanced and the way the coaching staff makes it difficult for the player then who wouldn’t be frustrated with the present system and even tho players want to play they will be reluctant based on the way the team is set up

  7. You need to get facts before you go on national television spreading rumours and creating a division with the UK based players. Tell Jamaica and the rest of the world what’s really going on with jff and coaching staff

    1. I really appreciate your comments, no one talking about the statement Tappa Witmore made the last time that he wasn’t for Antonio coming here and it was the JFF that made the decision, if I was in Antonio shoes I would never come back.

  8. JFF and Whitmore are the problem, not the players. Practically ever country around the world look for players at home and abroad. So Jamaica is not above it. The players are not happy….Point Blank, both the locals and the international ones…

    1. You couldn’t have said it better, I talk from before a ball even kick that we won’t make it to Qatar because we have a numb skull coaching the team and he is a yes man to JFF

  9. As far as I see it JFF is controlling the media personnel’s because everyone know why the English players withdraw and why some aren’t here and they still covering up, Simon Preston is the next one trying to cover up because he got a position in the JFF, Everyone heard when Tappa came public and say he wasn’t in favour for Antonio to be in the squad and it was the JFF who select him so if anyone of you was in Antonio shoes would you come back…

  10. You are a disgrace, it’s people like you pushing this division why the team is the way it is. Why don’t you talk about the ineptitude of the jff and the coach?

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