Michigan AG: Inaccurate Audits Can Compromise Our Voting Infrastructure

If Republicans have it their way, Michigan could be the next state to see a Cyber Ninja style sham audit of last year's election results. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel joins Ali Velshi to discuss why she is standing by with her plans to stop it with a brand new legal opinion released this week. » Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Michigan AG: Inaccurate Audits Can Compromise Our Voting Infrastructure


    1. @Lola Pop Critical thinking. hmmm.. define Critical and then get back to us sweety…Critical condition…means the patient could die…hmmm. It’s not an insult when it is TRUE!! Spew Stupid. You will be served with Insults. sorry its TRUE!

    2. @John G English is a TRASH LANGUAGE. that’s why all of us muppets were TRAINED like MONKEYS to SPEAK IT! IT creates division very easily. TRIGGERS the small centers in the REPTILIAN BRAIN!! WHICH WE ALL FING HAVE!

  1. Can call audits if done biased and with the intentions, to look into data to create laws to suppress the voters.

  2. When your election scheme relies on the My Pillow Guy and the stupidity of your base….
    republican party, y’all got problems! 😅😂🤣

    1. @maria schultz do you even know what you speaking about? Arizona for example Recounts may not be requested in this state.automatic recounts only a recount vary based on the type of election and total turnout. Automatic recounts are paid for by the county or town, depending on the race….now why is it majority that are paying for this aren’t county or town but have been traced back to pro-Trump groups ?

    2. @maria schultz you can simply look up what election laws are in each state…it’s all on the internet…it’s funny you sit there trying to look like you know what is going on …take less than 5 minutes to look up what each state has in laws….you really should look things up before you make yourself look stupid

    3. @maria schultz Trump was busted on audio…how does that not register …no recount is going to change the fact of Trump pressing Georgia officials to suppress votes and yet you say democrats are blocking states??

    4. @David Guelette I guess we kinda knew about the wackos from the left from the 2016 elections, still you can see the millions of videos of the crying left, threatening suicide or leaving the country, but on the downside they were just doing what the left is known for broken promises

    1. “Al Gore lost the election by 537 votes. Hillary Clinton lost the election by 77,000 votes. But Trump lost the election by 7 million votes. I think they should show that every day on TV” _- Barbra Streisand_

    2. @Richard Tedds Richard. Just stating something doesn’t make it so. Progressivism is to learn a fatal lesson here. Post modern philosophy maintains that : “ the truth depends on what your goals are.” We don’t concur. State anything you want. You are free. ( for now). Hate speech laws imminent.

    3. @N 827
      No – the world knows nothing of the sort, a small group af insane fanatics BELIEVE that, and are proving only how stupid they are.

  3. Compromise was the point. There was never any intention of “finding fraud.” It is all about spreading chaos and confusion, and making people distrust and abandon the concept of democracy, and free and fair elections.

    If you want a snap shot of what they want to turn America into, take a look at Hungary, take a look at Belarus, Russia, Ukraine.

    FFS America, you’re sleepwalking into a Fascist mafia state. You think you’re country is so perfect, it can’t happen?

    It already *is!*

    1. @Pat Doyle you guys will be making more threats of mass suicide and moving out of the United States of America in 2024, the only thing I say is don’t threaten like you did in 2016, just do it in 2024, now If I want to have good laugh I just watch those videos from you leftist crybabies from the 2016 lies the leftist told in 2016

    2. @Philip Clarke Next election not far away, if you want your voice heard be in Washington DC on September 18 2021 , patriot day

    3. @J Wright
      Now the troll is promoting insurrection. BTW, what happened to August? I thought the Mango Messiah was supposed to be back in office? LMFAO!

    4. Trump is like a terd that won’t flush!!! Tell me a-hole what part of Trump’s Presidency was democratic??? The fact that he uses 2 sets of books to commit TAX FRAUD or losing a fair and legal election and claiming it must have been stolen with ZERO evidence to date???

    1. @maria schultz theres no hope for you in afraid , there is no evidence of fraud , but there is evidence of Trumps collusion with the Russians which is coming out now in the Mueller report helping him win 2016 . The only fraud that has come out is on the republican side , Powell , I have no evidence , Rudy , I gave no evidence. It’s all a grift to get Trump more money .

    2. @maria schultz That’s just talk for I’m too stupid to answer your question or I’m too stupid to look up facts congratulations you proved my point.

    3. @Richard Tedds Also – Powel’s defense against defamation suit; “anyone who would believe the big lie, would have to be a moron”. Malaria Shultz proves that.

  4. The “Narcissist Leader” thrives on chaos, and his gullible followers mimic his irrational behavior.

    1. Robert. Incontrovertible evidence needed here. Audits will provide . That’s your problem. Decentralized constitution is saving our bacon. Nothing Garland can do

  5. Audits can also strengthen our “voting infrastructure”. I suppose it depends on how one goes about the audit👌

  6. Have you ever thought that the red states are the one with the corrupt elections? Maybe Trump lost those states also. Where are the audits on those states?

    1. Another thing to consider… Michigan voted for the Democrat in 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, and 2012. And although Trump was able to flip Michigan in 2016… Michigan went back to the Democrat in 2020. I just think it’s funny to automatically scream “fraud!” in Michigan because a Democrat won in 2020… when Michigan voted Democrat in the six elections prior to Trump. If anything… Trump’s win in Michigan in 2016 seems like the outlier… 😎 It’s also funny how no one complained about fraud in 1992-2012…

  7. tRump’s favorite strategy .. just “say” there is a problem.. that there needs to be an “audit” .. and leave the rest up to him and his “R” accomplices .. The actual audit is irrelevant .. planting the seeds of doubt .. THAT is all that is necessary.

    1. Sharon if Thant’s so .. then you don’t have to worry! But if audits provide incontrovertible evidence of massive fraud .. well… best to block audits at all cost . This is war

  8. Being from Michigan, this makes me sick to my stomach! This nonsense must STOP now, the election was last year – things are in place.

  9. IQ45: They are hiding something because they refuse to turn the routers over.
    IQ45: Stop turning over my tax returns

  10. “Al Gore lost the election by 537 votes. Hillary Clinton lost the election by 77,000 votes. But Trump lost the election by 7 million votes. I think they should show that every day on TV” _- Barbra Streisand_

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