Velshi: Let’s Get Down To Business! 1

Velshi: Let’s Get Down To Business!


Just over 50% of Americans are fully vaccinated, but unlike in most of the world, it’s no longer about access to that protection. Anyone in America who remains unvaccinated is remaining so by choice. That’s a problem. It’s not a difference of opinion, it’s a public health emergency, and it needs to end. Scientists, doctors, frontline workers, community activists, federal & state officials have all campaigned for the vaccine, it’s time for American businesses to step in. Businesses are in a unique position because they can mandate masks and vaccinations in a way that the federal government has been hesitant to do. They can hold unvaccinated people responsible in ways the government can’t.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Velshi: Let’s Get Down To Business!


  1. If it’s their choice and America has a private healthcare systems then what’s the problem? Let them get sick.
    If your vaccinated you have nothing to worry about from them.

    1. Ya doesn’t work that way. Much more complicated than that.

      It also is not FAIR to the healthcare workers who are already burned out, by the time this is done we won’t have any real healthcare system left, because they all got burned out and left because of these idiots.

    2. Death is something to be concerned about. For your edification so far these experimental jabs have killed 100,000 people in the US and Europe. No one has any idea what the long term negative effects of these experimental jabs will be.

  2. it never ceases to amaze me how they can continuously feed the bs to the viewers here. but the most scary aspect is that the fools buy into it.

    1. Except you are the fool, not us. We also know it is easier to fool a person than get them to admit they have been fooled.

      I hope you are ready for a healthcare crash because all you people refuse to vaccinate and cost hospitals millions to keep you alive.

    2. @GreenKrickett you have a 99.3 percent of survival from COVID without the vaccine. Take your fear of the flu somewhere else.

    3. @William Yahwehson primarily vaccine mandates. Vaccine hesitancy is traditionally higher in some countries than in others. In the Netherlands 90 % of adults 16 yrs. and older want to be vaccinated.

    1. @GreenKrickett The other vaccines are FDA approved, not just EXPERIMENTAL and being used under so called emergency conditions.
      ‘The other vaccines you can sue and be held liable.

    1. 2/3 ILLEGAL Immigrants turning down all vaccines. Will Progressives mandate ILLEGAL Immigrants take vaccine?

  3. BideNFLATION is TAXATION by another name. No one voted to print all this money. The MIDDLE CLASS is going to HURT from these policies.

    1. @GreenKrickett I’d die in a shootout with the feds before getting this treatment. There’s literally nothing you or the government can do to make me get the shot.

    2. @GreenKrickett this isn’t polio or small pox. Also, no I don’t say that about women because they’re murdering a helpless baby. I’m not murdering somebody because I don’t want to get an unapproved drug injected into my body.
      I don’t hear you twits causing such an uproar over Influenza, AIDS/HIV, or Malaria. Keep in mind, Malaria has killed more people than any other disease in history (some estimates say Malaria has killed half of the people that have ever lived.)

      Let that sink in.

    3. @Britton Don’t argue with these people. Just tell them you’re not getting vaccinated and watch them seethe. They have no power over you and they hate that.

    1. I just looked up a similar stat from the John Hopkins site, and in America, about 1 in 50 of those infected with COVID die. Since the delta variant is so infectious that it is liable to infect 95% of the unvaccinated, we are looking at something like a 2.00% death rate in the unvaccinated rather than the 0.04% you cite.

    1. Funny you unvaccinated are only 30% of the population and yet you still think you have the numbers… You all are so cute when you get mad.

  4. This is why as a Democrat, for the first time in my life I will be voting straight-ticket Republican in 2022/2024.

    1. Thank God some are waking up. Republicons have allot to answer for to. Make sure you vote for new ones!

  5. “Why use a carrot, when you have a stick” -Their next catch phrase
    “you don’t want booster 3.5, what are you some kind of _____?”

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