Mike Bloomberg Qualifies For Las Vegas Democratic Debate | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg on Tuesday qualified for his first appearance in a Democratic presidential primary debate. Aired on 2/18/2020.
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Mike Bloomberg Qualifies For Las Vegas Democratic Debate | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @wolke1955 Which is saying very very little. Bernie has been on the right side of history time and again. Bloomberg can’t claim the same.

  1. The DNC know that they messed up picking Biden. So now they want Bloomberg. All they know is they have to have a war mongering corporatist.

    1. @Common Sense The Democratic party: Nice little country you have here, wouldn’t it be a shame if Trump / Pence / Ted Cruz / ….happened to it. So fall in line and vote for HRC (with almost unprecedented unfavorables) or vote for Bloomberg the racist Republican with authoritarian tendencies and a baggage with sexism (or worse).

    2. @Common Sense Polls can be “shaped” – where they chose to call, the order of the names, the framing of the question etc. – In the polls they oversample older people almost by necessity (landlines are easier to reach). Younger people are on the web, they skip the ads and they see the latest negative story on Bloomberg. Older consumer of the “news” on cable see the infotainment persons fawning over Bloomberg. On ALL networks with exception of FOX.

      Naive consumers of media could get the idea he must be good if they all agree on it.

      DNC and media (especially MSNBC) have an incestuous relationship, but in that case CNN etc. are also helpful:

      They all would prefer Bloomberg over Trump and Trump over Sanders.

      Bloomberg gets a lot of FREE airtime that is not quite as overwhelming as the ads which his hundreds of millions buy. even though ads have an effect it is even better when he is mentioned positively in the “news”. It seems unbought and genuine (it isn’t).

      At best corporate media are glossing over accusations. Recent _glaring_ example: Giving a former (or even current) staff member, a journalist for Bloomberg Magazine the chance to deflect. They could not completey ignore it, the racist audio of Bloomberg had gone viral:
      (undisclosed she is treated as host anyalyst) the chance to deflect:

      “Do we know the context of these remarks ?” [under what context would they not be horrible * ]
      “The person that found the audio from the Aspen speech, and another audio is a Sanders fan. What motives may he have had ?” [actually he IS a journalist, not a stenographer trying to keep or get a paid gig]

      The network “forgot” to mention that she is not just an analyst.

      The DNC would be glad to have the racist Republican and his donoations ! they would not mind losing to to Trump (although they would prefer to get someone like HRC, Buttigieg, – or Bloomberg. He would be especially pleasing because he could stuff a obedient DNC with his money.

      But if it must be, then they would certainly rather lose to Trump than win with Sanders.

      Policies FDR / New Deal style ? Building a mass movement for force elected politicians to serve their constituents ? Money out of politics ?

      In 1933 the Democrats had solid majorities in Congress and Senate and did not need Republicans to pass laws. FDR had to strongarm some D “representatives”.

    3. @Xyz Same Let me guess: Russian troll? Get a dictionary or better software to translate your bunch of non-sense diatribe.

  2. It’s funny they are propping up Bloomberg but intentionally ignoring 9 points surge for Senator Sanders in that poll

    1. @Rob Ceriani Grab her by the p**** , Mocking the disabled etc.(Serge Kovaleski for instance). Or political reasons? How about lifting clean water regulations?

    2. crooked52h that’s a bold face lie! He calls himself a democratic-socialist!!! Putting “democratic” as a suffix doesn’t change what he is. That’s like saying social-communist/democratic-communist. Does it remove the bad word by adding a good one? What if he said he was a democratic pedophile, does that make him not a pedophile?

    1. @Toni Sanoe Dela Cruz I’m a black voter and despite the fact that of course I strongly disapprove of Bloomberg’s past remarks, I’d still vote for him over Bernie, I’m afraid. Bernie’s chances in the general are not that good. He’s not ready for the war ahead. He’s too weak, he can’t hit back. I need a fighter to remove the orange sh*t stain from the WH’s carpet. Not a nice grandpa with cute ideas.

    2. @Toni Sanoe Dela Cruz And can you give evidence that MSNBC as a whole and as an entity supports Bloomberg? Or are you just making up baseless conspiracies just because you can ?

  3. ” *Bernie Sanders leads national poll with 31% over Mike Bloomberg with 19%* “.
    Here I fixed the headline for you.

    1. Let’s see what happens on the debate stage tomorrow. I believe Bloomberg will expose Sanders for what he is, a bitter and mean man. Sanders can’t help himself but attack the wealth of Bloomberg, whatch what is going to happen!

    2. Common Sense you must be trolling, no one is this incredulous. I would say telling women to just get abortions instead of taking maternity leave, making women sign NDAs to not disclose bloombergs sexism and racism and supporting racist policies like redlining are “more bitter and mean” than attacking someone for trying to buy the presidency, which is a legitimate complaint.

    1. Between him and Gates they’ve donated billions to progressive causes then get constantly bashed for having the money in the first place.

    2. Google NBC NEWS or MSNBC or CBS or ABC NEWS
      With “Bloomberg comments on Blacks Hispanics Farmers.”
      You will NOT GET A SINGLE HIT
      MSM collided against Trump and Republicans, now they collude to get this moron in over the Bern.

      MSM are the enemy, accept.

  4. Mike, Biden is done. Nice guy.. time to retire. He is worthy of having a calm, loving life with his family.

  5. Here they go. They’ll advocate anyone but Bernie. Disgusting. I love when they say Bernie isn’t even a Democrat, like that’s a bad thing. That’s all the more reason to vote for Bernie.

    1. jlaguerm 15 yeah one point at a time very slowly by what’s concerning is no one is polling high. No enthusiasm.

    2. @Beepboopbeep you think there isn’t solid evidence that the IOWA caucus was rigged against Bernie Sanders . Who created the app responsible and what standards did it have to meet for the Iowa DNC . I suggest you GOOGLE that .

    3. @Andrew McDermott not polling high because a lot of people need not vote in the caucus
      Really need a turn out for the presidential election
      So go vote for the good of people and not for a piece of paper called money
      Bernie Sanders

  6. The only ceiling Bernie Sanders has is the one that appears to be falling on the heads of chicken little establishment democrats. Sky’s the limit.

    1. @ANT WILL sorry amigo, I can’t be with you on this one. I’m a Bernard Bro
      -best i can say is check out Bernie’s channel, right here on YouTube, get ALL the info you want strait from the horse’s mouth! If he’s not your man, then you have your reasons and that’s cool; its just that Progressives don’t see a difference between a Republican & Corporate Democrat aka “Moderate” Dem (its Trickle Down Economics, soften)

    2. @Patty Kelly I mean everything, that video of him talking to old ppl in hospital beds, the 68 allegations of sexual impropriety from his employees, the minimum wage rejections, and BTW both recordings of his blatant bigotry.
      -he bride the DNC with $800K to change the rules and allow him to be in tonight’s debate

    1. Welcome to the revolution, my friend. No more manufactured consent, no more oligarchs, no more rich elites telling us what we deserve.

  7. George Washington said “I cannot tell a lie”
    the toxic tangerine says “I cannot tell the truth and have my base realize what a failure I really am “

  8. Someone needs to stop and frisk Bloomberg every single day for the rest of his life. Also, tax that billionaire A LOT!!

    1. The country needs someone to bust trumps balls every day until the election democrats need to stop being so proper or they will lose again!

  9. I love how they talk about Bernie having a ceiling, after he topped 30% and after they criticized the talk of Bloomberg having a ceiling. Also, Bernie is ahead of Bloomberg by 12 points.

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