Will Key Union’s Non-Endorsement Help Sanders Or Biden In Nevada? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

One key union often holds the key for who could win Nevada's primary, but this year they have not made an endorsement. So what could that mean for the race? We talk to Tamara Keith and Victoria DeFrancesco Soto. Aired on 02/17/20.
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Will Key Union's Non-Endorsement Help Sanders Or Biden In Nevada? | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Yankees286 Do you honestly believe this life you’ve become so complacent with will continue no matter what you do?

    1. Lu Lu No your just upset that you voted for a con artist & he sold you out to the 1%. Yet your too ashamed to admit it so you spend your time trolling left leading media outlets.

    2. feel the Turd, guy couldnt even sink a nail, was a womaizer and never worked a day in his life before 53 years old

    1. LMAO of course they want Bernie. Because if he brings up min wage to $15.00hr. the unions will ask for alot more. No union will have their people work for anything close to min wage.

    2. @David Webb I don’t think Bernie’s proposal regarding the minimum wage has anything to do with union workers. Most people do not belong to a union… yet. But Bernie has also promised to promote the formation of new unions all across the country.

    3. @Tessmage Tessera lol I’m saying the unions love min wage hikes it gives them more leverage when they negotiate contacts. This will hurt businesses In the long run and rise prices. I have worked with two unions. Watched one union all but run out a company to Illinois. But hey sometime you have to hurt to learn.

    4. @David Webb Do you know what gives the unions even more leverage..? Not having to bargain for health care. Just think of how many concessions in terms of wages and working conditions the unions are forced to make, just so they can keep their health care.

  1. Union leadership was trying to mislead their members on sanders position..so dishonest n they got caught n embarrassed themselves

    1. @kuma138 🔥🔥 BERNIE net worth: 2 million.
      JEFF BEZOS: 9 million dollars per hour.( not a misprint)
      Bloombutt: 165 billion, or…….325 THOUSAND TIMES BERNIE.

    1. @Tixe 100 true, you’re an ugly, humorless mob of spoiled brats raised by bitter losers. You see someone driving and think, “He should be behind bars for having such a nice car.”

    2. @Center Center go to Venezuela, perfect example of Dem socialism. Difference is you’ll try it here, fail, be voted out with extreme prejudice. You’re the ignorant one.

    3. It was done by data for progress, a progressive oriented organization. They were very close in predicting Iowa. It’s a large sample size with a small margin of error. At the same time they acknowledged how difficult Nevada is to poll. I’m cautiously optimistic

    4. What’s funny the unions are for Bernie they say. Of course they are. He’s promise to rise the min wage to $15.00 hr. Well now the unions can go on strike for 18.00hr cause there people are not going to work for min wage rotflmao. He’s going to put mom and pop stores out of business. Larger stores to. And corp to another country. He’s going to need that living wage. Because people will lose there jobs.

  2. The Culinary Union’s leadership views are not necessarily those of the members.
    Sanders speaks sense—health care that’s universal can’t be taken away by your employer. It can’t be used as leverage to squelch workers’ concerns, as it was in the recent auto workers action.
    Better to negotiate for higher pay, and for workers to have much more say in how companies that employ them behave. We’ve seen the results when only the rich are making too many decisions—think trump, kushner, zuckerberg, and all the other names that are not so familiar.

    1. @Tixe 100 where would Americans and Canadians go following Bernies plan?

      ImageU.S. News & World Report
      Canadians Increasingly Come to US For Health Care | Best Countries
      canadian coming to america from http://www.usnews.com
      Aug 3, 2016 · Contrary to popular belief among Americans, health care is not entirely free for Canadians …

    2. Supreme Commander of the Solarverse Uhhh, they’re largely Latino—you know, people who have been watching trump lock Latino children in your MAGA concentration camps on the border. They’ve been hearing how these kids are separated from families permanently, then exposed to illness, abuse and death. And how it’s all done in secret, inspectors not allowed.
      This is what your party has become.

    3. Arlando Little Medical bankruptcies are still destroying families and individuals in large numbers. Like a third-world country.
      Ask Canadians if they’d trade their health care system for our predatory and profit-driven system. To the extent that their system has problems, those problems are propagandized by the same forces that prevent us from advancing health-care here.
      The result? Unhealthy Americans whose babies die at a rate matching underdeveloped countries. (I guess corporations ain’t exactly “pro-life”, eh?)
      Turn off fox—it’s rotting your brain. It could use a little health-care. Or just a rescue.

  3. Another msnbc word salad hit piece on Bernie Sanders.. Msnbc are not pro workers they are pro billionaires..#BERNIE2020

    1. Toia Karipa Including themselves! All they care about is stopping Bernie from taxing their stock portfolios at the same rate that workers pay.

  4. I am so ready for exclusionist caucuses to be done. Everyone should have the same opportunity to vote and cast a secret ballot. Voting should not be subject to peer pressure.

    1. He won’t win any states. He has run for president three times now and has yet to win a single state in a primary election.

    2. Randall Franklin And he’s had about as much success with that as trump has had with the opioid disaster destroying rural folks.
      Difference is, trump could actually DO something as president—but tweeting about his personal problems is far more important to him.

  5. Duh, this helps Bernie. The anti-M4A bosses running the Culinary Union were never gonna endorse Bernie in the first place.

  6. Question of where is Biden going to land? Who is CONTINUALLY placing in 5th? Talk about Bernie Derangement Syndrome! 😂

  7. MSNBC: Sure Sanders is the front-runner. But what we really wanna know is how is doing Biden. You know Joe, he’s the guy who’s lost every primary so far.

  8. Latest Nevada polls: Sanders leads every candidate in the field at 31% (PBS News), 25% Las (Las Vegas Review Journal), 35% (Progressive Pollster Data). I guess polls don’t matter when they are not in your favor, MSDNC?

  9. We don’t care about Biden!!!!! Stop acting like we want him
    Bernie!!! 2020 i guarantee this young person will vote!!!

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