1. He is rich, he don’t care, he made his millions if not billions. You can go pound salt for all he cares.

  1. Next challenge, instead if boos
    Try to get the audience to turn around & face the back
    If possible, turn the chairs too

  2. Check his record as governor in Indiana- it wasn’t good . He outsourced a lot of state jobs to contractors and many lost those great benefits

  3. You live with your decisions. He picked to assist an unhinged individual and now that he has realized it was the wrong move he’s paying for it. He should just walk away. He was VP second highest office of the land. That’s a win in my book. 🤷🏿

  4. He has everything you’d want in a man – slimy, no backbone, no conviction, no principle, won’t stand up when needed, stood up when too late, subservience to mother, self righteous, disloyal. He had a chance in that pivotal time in history but he missed it. Now he wants to cash in and rewrite his own personality.

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