1. As for V.P. Mike Pence refusing to get into the car because his lead Secret Service agent was not driving, Pence was probably very wise.

    1. Pence knew if he did not complete the vote count, we were never getting rid of Trump. I just wanna know what blackmail Trump has on the Republican Party-that no one outed this sooner.

    1. Unfortunately, Rump will wipe the floor with Pence during debates. The GOP needs a ringer like Howard Stern, who likely has dirt on Rump and isn’t afraid to be extremely crass in humiliating Rump on stage. Stern wouldn’t let Rump talk over him. In fact, Stern would talk over Rump. In order to get Rump to falter on stage, the GOP needs someone better than Rump at Rump’s own game. Howard Stern is the guy for the job.

    2. Don’t blame him, blame his wife/Mother! He even has to ask permission if it’s OK to put jam on his toast in the morning.

    1. @Cliff D Then you’ve never followed Biden’s political career. The guys says whatever his crowd at that time wants to hear then something completely different to another crowd. And by crowd I mean 5 people. Most people know enough about him that they aren’t interested in what he has to say.

  2. Calling Trump a mastermind is an oxymoron. He’s a conman, a grifter and as thick as two short planks but never a mastermind.

  3. I think as much as Pence called the 1/6 Committee “political theater,” he seems emboldened by them. I’ve not saw Pence EVER speak with so much bass in his voice 😂

  4. One represents Christian social conservatives and one represents himself . . . I am actually torn between which is more dangerous.

    1. So well said – I totally agree! In the UK – and politics here are equally crazy – the (so-called) ‘Christian’ influence plays little part in it! Best wishes.

  5. Funny how trump talked about systematically destroying America when he’s the one that’s done it.

  6. He really does think that the presidency is like a “deal”. He honestly thinks that the Republican governors and secretaries of state could have and should have just given him their states.

    1. @Graham Greenfield Dinesh DSousa says it has not been debunked. I choose to listen to him.

  7. This is what happens when a population is uneducated and then celebrates that ignorance.

    1. I disagree. I know people who are very highly educated and still don’t get it. Some are military veterans, and that is so confusing to me.

    2. @Joe BrunoTry verifying their diplomas. Lets start with Margorie Taylor Green and then move on to Rudy Giuliano. Did trump say he is the MOST educated? The most ever educated person the world has ever seen? People always say they have never seen anybody more educated than your Greatest President. Even the President of Puerto Rico. He told me on the phone, I am the Greatest President the world has ever seen! He always says. I gave him all his nuclear Power stations with even weapon grade gas or oil or wait … was that Cuba.

  8. If only Pence had the balls to say what Trump really is .. It would open the eyes of millions of misinformed evangelicals..

    1. It took him 5 years to have the balls to carry out certification of election on Jan. 6/7 (his job)and then he went back to being bobble head Pence.

  9. I’d have a LOT more respect for Pence if he had stood up to tRump immediately after 1-6-2021 and enacted the 25th Amendment and had tRump removed from office immediately.

    1. Everything he’s ever done in his married life has been done with his Mother’s permission.

    1. You have another thing coming. When decent democrats find out how illegals are getting tuition assistance thanks to democrat politicians but democrat politicians strike down a bill to help children of fallen soldiers with tuition they will switch. Our veteran families are from all parties. How many homeless veterans do we have living on the streets while democrat pay for illegals to stay in motels? It’s sickening. Even democrat supporters should be upset by this.

  10. Thinly veiled means the majority of Trump’s supporters will miss it and someone will eventually have to explain it to Trump.

  11. As I recall, Trump said if he lost to Biden, it would be so embarrassing, he would have to move out of the country. Trump is a small little man, who simply can’t honor his word. So he makes up lies.

    1. @Sharon Chapman But they just closed down the McDonald’s in Russia, so that’s a no go for Trump

  12. If Mike Pence can’t stand up to 45, how can he be expected to stand up to someone like Putin? I’m afraid Pence doesn’t have the backbone to be POTUS.

  13. I’d really like to know how these Republicans can endorse women candidates when they’re gearing up to take their right to vote away.

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