Mike Pence's former chief of staff speaks with CNN 1

Mike Pence’s former chief of staff speaks with CNN


CNN's Pamela Brown asks Marc Short, former Vice President Mike Pence's chief of staff, if Pence felt any betrayal by former President Donald Trump after the January 6th riot at the US Capitol. #CNN #News


    1. Mike Short is on CNN as a Trump apologist. He’s as truthful as Cory Lewindowski. Trump had White House lawyers; he knew what he was doing was illegal. Mike Pence told him so.

    1. @R P we have to help the weak people that have no father figure in their life. They are weak and pathetic and we should help them ASAP!

    2. @Pete Mitchell His peaceful March resolved in 250 of his ardent supporters getting arrested and possibly serving up to 20 years in a federal prison, I’m guessing all 250 were operating in a opposite mode when Trump gave his speech.

    1. Total creep vibes. The manner in which he’s talking is as if we are perpetually stuck in post Election Day- November- December by not believing the numbers. He’s absolutely dismissing 1/6 to the point where it’s like it didn’t even happen nor incited by the former President. This guy is even creepier by saying “Pamela” over and over in a condescending “man-splaining” tone.

    1. @sweetangiegirl1
      Oh and was this from z list you have that you compiled yourself and researched it just something you heard from a comment section or what?

    2. Marc Short,another booklicking liar. He knows he is lying too. He has a wry smirk on his face. What is wrong with these people. He has no conscience what so ever. What a prick.

    1. Well all due respect, Mr. Former Chief Of Staff, the former president receives more good advice than bad advice. It is 100% his choice to option for bad advice so it is his fault and his fault alone. You, like
      many republicans are so EXTREMELY WEAK not to call him out and make him pay the consequences

    2. @Harold Moore The Muller witchhunt, the CIA and FBI leaks of classified documents, the fake Steele dossier, Jim Comey, Sally Yates the deep state is real and they are out for blood.

    3. @EDUARDO OLIVER OLIVER Drumpf, that his family name, conveniently changed to avoid being identified with the enemy which they were and still are. Got it 3-M? Malandro, Marginal and Maconheiro, tá na cara. How did you get into the U.S? Evangelical fraud?

    1. @Brian Jones
      Ok Chubakov we believe youuuuuu now
      Let’s bring back Trump and queen vladz as the 1st lady

    2. @Far The great
      Ok skabeeva Bogatishev
      You win and trump is still prez and queen vladz is the 1st lady

  1. This guy is sad. He’s just acting like it was all nice and calm, and oh my, trump was just getting bad advice. This guy should go rent a spine. PATHETIC.

    1. Trump surrounded himself with violence advocating loons like himself and Pence with people with enormous and powerful sycophancy skills

    1. If the mob had hurt Pence We would be having a different conversation. I KNOW WHO IS HAPPY PUTIN HE IS LAUGHING ALL THE WAY TO THE BANK

    2. Its good to remind people of the lies by trumps sycophants. When the next election comes around, they must know the GOP does not speak truth.

    1. They weren’t wrong they lied thats the difference. Trump and his voters tried to have it both ways. “Only way i lose is if they cheat.” I lost so they cheated ” problem with that is proof is required. They couldn’t find any…smh

  2. “Bad advice”???????? Pence explicitly told him he didn’t have the authority. And they both are FORMER, FORMER, FORMER!!!!!

  3. This guy is sayin a whole lotta nothing!!! Sounds like he’s still making excuses for his then boss and past president.

  4. This guy is STILL excusing, and pandering to, the indefensible allegation that the election was not legitimate.
    He undermines any rights to be heard while he’s still pushing that big lie…

  5. I don’t know why I even clicked on this … this dude is hopeless. So frustrating. Why would he even go on this show?

  6. Hello everyone, I wonder if Marc’s attitude might be different if the mob was yelling ‘hang Marc Short’?

    1. @Maureen Peterson I think they are to few and stupid to be on the level of Hitler and the Nazis . But phew!, it was close.

    2. @SixFoot Ben I bet that’s a relief! But yeah it was close! Probably still is! Let’s hope Biden’s decency will break through!

    3. The new Republican strategy is to continue to stoke the “BIG LIE” about election fraud, not because there was any fraud, but to justify voter suppression. Yep, a ginned up excuse, with absolutely no merit, to make it harder for mostly people of color to vote. Republicans know high turn out mean they LOSE. This POS, while conceding Biden was elected had to go back to the tried and true Republican talking point of “Concerns” about irregularities. Well I have concerns ,too. My concerns center around phone calls made by Lindsey and Trump, to influence election officials in GA to change election results.

    1. Pamela Brown is the gorgeous daughter of Miss America and famous journalist Phyllis George. Like mother, like daughter. She didn’t let him off the hook; she’s very good at what she does.

    2. “Weasel“ is the precise adjective in his case. Telling us not to believe what we see + hear is infuriating.

    3. @Jacqueline Rimmer he slowly should transition into out door activities life with no gun when people breach your HQ with fire arm’s scary

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