Witness describes narrow escape from falling plane debris 1

Witness describes narrow escape from falling plane debris


A United Airlines flight was forced to return to Denver International Airport after it suffered an engine failure shortly after takeoff, sending aircraft debris raining down on soccer fields, homes and yards in a Denver suburb. CNN's Pamela Brown spoke to witness, Kirby Klements, who walked outside to find a large piece of the plane had fallen right in front of his house.
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    1. Screw Boeing. It’s their responsibility to not crash, or fall apart. They’ve gotten billions in subsidies that all us lil ole tax payers foot the bill for.

    2. Actually the fact that that engine self destructed that violently and didn’t take the wing along with it is a testament to the engineering going into the plane! Now if they can just program the computers not to take over and nose dive into the ground we’ll be all good

    1. @Kyle Heinig Yup look into their 787 production in South Carolina where they opened a base after being upset by unions in Seattle. Countless investigations have revealed huge errors in quality of planes, insiders & whistleblowers have been silenced & more. The fact that many huge airlines sent planes back & now refuse to accept planes from SC plant should tell you something. 737-Max shortcuts & self regulation & ties to FAA were just insane. Not saying this engine incident was their fault, more likely internal airline maintenance issue, But Boeing have this huge hold American commerce & politics, So profitable yet one of the biggest corporate socialists subsidy hogger around forever calling for new wars in hope of new contracts & spending a tiny countries GDP just on lobbying Washington DC

    1. Dear CNN, hire this guy! He is better than many pro reporters. He S a hell of a charm. People would love to listen to him!

    1. @John Lunyamila this guys insurance will cover it then the insurance co will go after the airplane maker. He doesn’t look like he’s suffering too much emotional trauma.

  1. THIS would make a great FARMERS auto insurance ad!
    “FARMERS knows a thing or two because they’ve seen a thing or two.” …like a jet engine part falling on a Dodge Ram truck.

  2. Americans have been through so much this past year. He has such a good attitude. I hope everyone in the area got through as well as he did. So sorry to hear anyones house could be injured…in the Colorado winter 🙁

  3. Why did this guy not immediately rush outside and lay under that thing until a lawyer drove by?

    1. @Mad Max Donald Trump told over 30,000 lies in 4 years, lied about coronavirus, and lied about losing the election. Care to try again?

  4. Dude!! God bless this guy and everything else.. But my gosh!! That man is awesome.. He should be on the news team.. He has everything.. He is perfect.. God bless you my friend.. You have a beautiful Aura and Vibes..

  5. The weird thing is. This isn’t the only instance of this happening today. Literally today debris fell from a Boeing above the Netherlands

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