Military analyst: Hypersonic missile tests are a counter to Putin’s threats

Retired Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling says the successful US test of a hypersonic missile serves as a counter to Russia's hypersonic missile program. #CNN #News


  1. “We just left Moscow,” Trump said. “He [Putin] could not have been nicer. He was so nice and so everything. But you have to give him credit that what he’s doing for that country in terms of their world prestige is very strong.”

    In the same interview, Trump praises Putin’s invasion of Crimea. “Well, he’s done an amazing job of taking the mantle,” Trump said. “And he’s taken it away from the President, and you look at what he’s doing. And so smart. When you see the riots in a country because they’re hurting the Russians, OK, ‘We’ll go and take it over.’ And he really goes step by step by step, and you have to give him a lot of credit.”

    1. @Clark Hoefle That is the point – Trump rambled and said LITERALLY NOTHING. He is quoting someone who made zero points and you’re too dense to even catch it.

  2. Trump and Putin have a lot in common, right down to a shared fondness for solid gold toilet paper holders.

  3. Imagine that Russian psychopath is so Kamikaze that he’s willing to send a gang of untrained people in a combat zone😂🤣😂

    1. @William H I can’t argue with that. Gambling is a racket, but when your world is a casino you live the best you can with what you got.

  4. The much vaunted Wagner Group, the ones who thought attacking US forces in Syria was a smart idea, is mostly made up of middle aged men whose military training was some twenty years ago when they were conscripts in the Russian army. Most of them come from little villages where jobs are scarce and they are desperate for work.

    The leader of the Sparta Battalion mercenaries is dead. Last I read about the Chechens sent to Ukraine was that they ended up behind Russian lines and would not fight. And having seen what happened to the Russian the Belarusians decided to stay at home. And it turns out that the best of the best of the Russian army, the 331st Guards Airborne Regiment, was defeated by local troops and reservists. That battle claimed the life of the regimental commander Colonel Sergey Sukharev.

    So far for Russia this invasion has not been a roaring success.

    1. @herne777 Why Ukraine has not attacked the bridge connecting russia to Crimea, I do Not understand.

    1. lasers, speed of light bests hypersonic stuff. America has some top secret laser tech.

    1. @Brsawesome Improve the Grammer. If you believe even 10% of the international news, then good for you. I have a bridge to sell you. Super cheap.

    2. @Eddie House Improve the mindset. Russian state owned media a repeatedly blunt lies that can frequently be readily proven to be false; unlike international news that is factually correct. Also, what bridge are you talking about? The bridge too far? Like the Russians pathetic and failed attempt to capture Kiev? The great Russian army is long gone…

    3. @Brsawesome I include all ( Russian especially) news created to sway public opinion. “The Pen is mightier than the Sword.” In other words tell an ugly girl she is pretty in a letter and she will Love you forever.

  5. Russian regeneration or not it is so immensely important to supply Ukraine with all the necessary tanks, troop carriers, long distance defense weapon, defensive missiles, ground to sea missiles, etc., etc. allowing Ukraine to crush the invaders once and for all.

    1. Yes, I’m with the other General, Wesley Clark on this: Ukraine needs heavy weapons to actually push the Russ out of Ukraine or they gonna keep the Donbas. Its not urban warfare in the east and when the Russ cut the rear of current defensive line of the Ukrainians off from the north and south, it will look grim for these forces. What they need in this largely open terrain is tanks and artillery and lots of troop transporters and logistics or they may experience what broke the Russian invasion further west… its not over and they cant always count on incompetence, inexperience and low morale on the Russian side when the war is closer to the Russian border.

  6. I love everything this general is saying to his mouth to God’s ears please Jesus get the Russian bear out of Ukraine save those wonderful people

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  7. If the Russians maintain their nuclear weapons like they maintain trucks and tires we are safe.

    1. On classical ordnance, there is a rate of duds of nearly 60% for the Russian side in the present war, see the video of the DW on that. The same on nuclear warheads…

    2. Russia go to fire nuclear missiles from their silos and wheat comes out. “Oh so solly, Chinese investors now own silos and threw missiles out long ago. My bad.”

    1. @Jacob Craven…US missile research and development is an embarrassment, always playing catch up with the Russians, still utilizing antiquated (Minuteman 3) ICBM’s that have been around since the 1950’s while Russia has multiple different modernized models such as the (RS-28 SARMAT) which is widely considered to be the best heavy ICBM in the world.

    2. @Vman Oh you believe so😱😱😱look in the mirror you will be very disappointed😂😂😂

  8. I used to feel sorry for the Russian boys conscripted to fight in Ukraine, but not after seeing what those monsters left behind in the suburbs around Kyiv. Now I wish them a painful deadly justice. Same to Putin.

    1. @Chess Lover That’s true, but I’m still too upset about the genocide and war crimes against Ukraine civilians.

      I don’t think the Russian soldiers had noble intentions in taking over Chernobyl and the other nuclear power plants.

      They were using it either as 1) nuclear blackmail and environmental catastrophe against Europe; 2) a trap to divert Ukrainian military and civilians evacuees to a deathtrap; or 3) to get an early ticket home from radiation poisonings without having to fight.

      Regardless, they don’t sound too intelligent. I’m sure there are plenty of signs alerting to the danger. They were digging trenches and assuming the Ukrainians would be suicidal like them.

  9. Mark is a good soldier. I can very vividly remember the day he walked in to the Tactical Operations Center in his PT uniform with an AT-4 on his back that he found unsecured in a guard tower while doing his daily run back in FLB Dogwood in the fall of 03′.
    Needless to say it did not go well for the NCO responsible or his Brigade Commander.
    He is one of the few Officers that I was proud to serve with during quarter century of being in the US Army.

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