'Mind boggling' data about the unvaccinated and Covid-19 1

‘Mind boggling’ data about the unvaccinated and Covid-19

CNN's Harry Enten looks at the data around the Covid-19 vaccine that shows that you have a 25 times greater chance of dying from Covid-19 if you are unvaccinated and that those who are vaccinated have more than a 99% chance of surviving a infection.


  1. If you don’t wanna get the vaccine then just don’t get it and to shut up about it. if you want to get it then just get it. but if you are not vaccinated and you get Covid don’t be going to the hospital asking for help. You’re on your own.

  2. Just call them what they are…evasion of the body snatchers. Geez, if I have no soul I am already dead, only for an eternity. Like you have a right to your own belief system so do I. We all have an expiration date, vaccine or not.

  3. Don’t forget there’s also a thing that works really well called social distancing and washing your hands

  4. Republicans have to be proud of how America leads the developed world in Covid 19 deaths. It’s the only success Donald Trump achieved with his presidency.

  5. If babies died so that you may live, you will never enter heaven. They are waiting for you at gate of heaven to say Why?

  6. These stats can only compare the acknowledged breakthrough cases, but I bet it’s even better than that as I’d guess MOST breakthrough cases are asymptomatic so go unnoticed.

  7. the ones who are skeptical are the same ones who were vaccinated against chicken pox measels etc when they were little its pretty nice not catching those

  8. You e got to kidding that I would believe anything CNN says. They have never told the truth. Never.

  9. Imagine the percentage of people who got the Jab, but now realise they’ve been lied to on a massive scale

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