1. This has nothing to do with Canada. There are many other pressing issues here though. The alleged interference with a mass murder investigation for one. This issue can’t just “go away”.

  2. Just remember that whoever takes part in this action, will at the end of time get judged for murder, whether you agree with it or not, so if you don’t want that and you don’t want children, which in most areas I would agree should not be either, you know what to do

  3. I think we should follow America’s lead on this. It’s weird that the minister of children families and social development is so passionate about murdering children.

    1. Furthermore, a child will know when it’s unwanted as it grows up. Feeling unwanted, or like an inconvenience who just came in and ruined someone’s life has huge negative repercussions on people’s mental wellbeing.

    1. @Mom Tur I am. Sounds like we’re getting tourist dollars, what’s the problem? We just had a “pandemic” and we need to jump start the economy.

  4. Why to much bla bla madam. The question of the journalist was very clear. Why did she has to repeat to times the same question. It is a question of YES or NOT answer, simple like that.

  5. I encourage you to email the minister your opinion. Keep in mind that she has an email for her constituents and a different email for her portfolio as Minister of families.

  6. They will travel state to state for plastic surgery, with all the other birth control options WTF.

    1. Lol try watching question period. You will see that none of the ministers know how to answer a direct question.

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