1. These people are so sure they’re right they can’t see it’s wrong to impose their views on others.

  2. “It doesnt take her out of abusive relationship” No, but it makes it easier for her to leave if children are not involved. Most women with children DONT leave their abuser because of the kid/s

    1. @Monica C I’m not angry… but I know you are .. and being a woman doesn’t make you an expert on this topic..lol

    2. @Lee Smith Do not make me laugh, because these dudes do not pay, then you have to jump through state hoops to even get food stamps. DO NOT, I repeat NOT bank on child support or state benefits because they will soon go bye-bye too!

    3. @Joseph Lawrence Actually I went one better and stopped dating; it’s much better to be alone and at peace than dependent on an unreliable person. Nevertheless people make mistakes in relationships all the time, especially when young and lacking experience, and youthful errors shouldn’t condemn one to a lifetime of punishment.

  3. This lady is delusional. There is no abortion “industry” nor is any college professor or organization saying abortion is the solution to all or any of anyone’s problems, nor do 96% of scientists say life begins at conception in the context she’s talking about. And I suspect she knows that, which makes her a liar.
    The anti-abortion side has a right to express their argument, but when anyone advocating a position spouts obvious hyperbole and nonsense they are not a valid representative and need to be dismissed immediately.

    1. Hmmm. Seems you’re somewhat delusional, Lorne. What in the world does the “context” matter for a biologists? Does life not qualify as life based on the intentions of the one who has that life at their mercy?

      The reporter said she read about this and there is no consensus and then she immediately went into “viability” and IVF because she had no data from “biologists” that contradicts the data on when life begins. Do you?

      We’re not asking about “viability” which is surely a subjective standard and constantly changing. We’re talking about a human life. When does it begin?

    2. @Luke Campbell a human life begins when it can sustain itself and not be dependent on the mothers body.

  4. The second she said she’s been working to help women for 50 years I would’ve jumped in with “how old are you?”

    1. @Mickey Dill are you suggesting that she was always the size of a linebacker before having children? Or has she never counted calories

    2. Gloria,
      Heavens, it still is proper English and she part of the organization and shares their values.

    3. @Man Animal she should have said the title of the organization, or the organization I belong to. I/me.

  5. Why does a 12 year child in this woman’s eyes deserve to be forced through pregnancy and childbirth when it’s medically ill advised and will very possibly kill or handicap the 12 year old child? Preserve the health of the living, breathing walking child, not the ill gotten mass of cells.

    1. @Save 🇺🇸 if they were actually capable of smiling in a womb, that smile assuredly becomes a frown once they find out that their crusaders don’t give a damn about them once they are out of the womb.

  6. She thinks her heart is in the right place, but people who would force others to remain pregnant and give birth against their will are among the cruelest animals on Earth.

    1. “Giving birth against their will” is a sweet spoonfed way to say “Killing a human” is justified. Give me a break

    2. @Edgy Bastard Granting rights to newborn “citizens” but not ZEF’s (the basic idea of Roe) made sense. Screaming “you’re murdering babies!” doesn’t.

  7. A lot of pro-lifers feel they are coming from a good place or have good intentions. And that is valid. But unfortunately, they fail to look beyond the good intentions and not see the whole unfolding reality of every situation. And because of the many negative variables that arise from not going through with an intended abortion, with the failure to see them, pro-lifers relinquish any input or control over another person’s decision into that very private and important situation.

    1. It’s the same reason when the missionaries travel to other countries and force their religion into tribes!!! They truly believe these deeds will get them into heaven!

    2. @Angel 1973 that same biblical logic would have murderers not be judged, I think you’ll find society has rules

  8. The energy that antiabortion supporters put into social justice and mother-child friendly government policies is a drop in the bucket (if even that) compared to the energy put into countering abortions. They’re absolutely disingenuous (as a movement) when they talk about offering high levels of support to children and parents.

    1. @Albert Green fallacy on your part. The antiabortion activist put forth that the antiabortion movement works for social justice issues and for ways to be supportive of the mother and children that aren’t aborted. If she hadn’t mentioned that as an aspect of the antiabortion movement, I wouldn’t have commented on the inequality of their efforts. You have no idea on where I stand on the issue of abortion. I just merely stated that I used to be apart of the antiabortion movement. Again, know your facts, before you throw out assumptions.

  9. Wow, how many times does she need to be asked the question about the 12-year-old before she stops changing the subject and answers it?!

    1. I noticed that she’s responding with rehearsed answers, almost the same way over and over again.

  10. She lost me at the part of the 12yo. Why do all pro birthers sound looney?!? Holding predators accountable is one thing. Forcing a child to have a baby is another. It’s monstrous. You’re no different than the predator if you do because you once again take away their choice.

    1. @StarGoddess234 respectfully star goddess is goddess mistress to show respect and one’s true love ❤ and heart

  11. So is she advocating for replacing “birth certificates” with “conception certificates”? Is she also advancing legislation to allow a zygote, embryo and fetus to be able to be listed as a deduction on all income tax returns?

    1. why are we not talking about the sperm. For god’s sake. I don’t think there are too many immaculate conceptions around. If they want to monitor the evolution of the egg, then so to the sperm. Each sperm that gets ejaculated on a bed sheet is the loss of potential life. It is just bizarre. Hard to take any of it seriously, other than the fact….that we have to.

  12. This country is going so far backwards that it is sick! What happened to this being the land of the free? My freedom of choice as a tax paying American are being infringed upon! I feel that NO MAN should be able to tell me what to do with my body!!!! What’s next? Are they going to take away our right to vote?

    Our country has now taken 10 steps back!

  13. It’s also forcing *her* morals and beliefs on Everyone else, when her rights – and ironically her *choice* – not to get an abortion were still in place with abortion in place for other women. That’s the crux of the matter – that if she doesn’t believe in abortion, she can choose not to get one – but that doesn’t make it right, or give her the right, to want to take that choice away from every other woman. Who does she think she is?!?!

    1. Not trying to be combative honestly, just trying to explain her perspective more.

      To the prolifer, life begins at conception. So to them, an embryo is no different than a newborn baby (at least in terms of their value as a human life, obviously newborns are much further along in their development).

      Since they believe this, aborting an embryo or a fetus would be like killing a newborn. As we know from our society, killing innocent human life in general is very bad.

      You’re correct that she is forcing her beliefs (that life begins at conception) on others. But if you understand what that means, you’ll understand why she “forces” it on others. Just as you would object to humans out of the womb being killed (and we have serious laws against that), she believes killing an embryo or fetus in the womb is similarly wrong.

      Again, not trying to be combative.

    2. @Alex W if life begins at conception then if the woman should die just after conception, would those cells be able to live outside of her womb?

    3. @Alex W some babies are better off dying before they are born rather than after or when they are 4 years old or are subject to a neglect or abuse. It doesn’t matter her believe. It matters the belief of the pregnant woman. I’ve heard of woman waiting until the baby can feel it to hurt the father. Those woman don’t deserve a baby and definitely will not put their property up for adoption. Make her have a baby then what. Her beliefs are obvious. It’s worth noting though.

  14. Basically she has said that a 12 year old who has been raped or suffered from sexual abuse (incest) in her family should be forced under law to carry and give birth to her baby even though she has a major medical risk at her age for serious complications or death at her age.. HOW is this Pro-Life when she is a Child. A Victim of Abuse… that she feels should die giving birth to save the baby… Again — HOW is this Pro-Life….

    1. It’s religion. It comes down to their religious views. They may deny it all they want and lie over and over but it comes down to them enforcing their religious beliefs on another person who does not have the same.. Science does not back up her completely false statistics.

    2. @Raul Gutierrez I’m not religious at all nor are most of the people I know, who know it’s not right to murder babies or treat life like trash.

  15. Can’t we just agree to leave each other alone when it comes to making these decisions, if you are against abortions, then don’t get one, but don’t try to tell someone else what to to with their bodies.

    1. I’ve heard this sentiment a thousand times and I don’t understand why pro abortion people keep saying it. Surely they understand that anti abortionists take the position that another life is in the equation.

    2. @Peter Marks I understand what you’re saying, and in no way is this meant as a hostile response, but in so many cases, the mother has a high chance of serious harm to come to her, if she doesn’t get an abortion. To give an example, what if the mother and the child were going to die if there was no abortion done, but the mother would live if she had one. This happens so commonly. Why would anyone choose for both to die, rather than a (not fully developed) fetus to be terminated, and have the woman live?

  16. The idea that she’s using science to justify her back asswards views is f’ing disgusting. Science does not support her view.

  17. “We need to a better job of enforcing penalties in people who perform these heinous crimes.”

    Sure. But that doesn’t help the 12 year old girl that is now pregnant from rape though does it? On what planet should a 12 year girl not be allowed to at least have a choice about whether or not she keeps a baby created from rape. Thats just madness.

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