Minister's Comments Annoy Teachers | TVJ News - May 3 2021 1

Minister’s Comments Annoy Teachers | TVJ News – May 3 2021


There is discord in the education sector following comments by the Education Minister last week regarding teacher performance at a press briefing the education minister said the education sector is not producing enough students with high achievement but as Giovanni Dennis reports the minister's comments have not gone down well with educators.

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  1. I am a student at the secondary level and I am not please about the pressure some of student are under..because some of us student are having trouble with google classroom.

  2. Agree with her the teachers are locking some time they not logging on to classing to teacher the student. Most of them have side jobs so they have no time for the students

    1. Some of those teachers not doing as much on line my church sister son gojr by my house for online classes some times for the hold day one work when she feel like she put two work and thats not good for the child

    2. @Tttuhf Oooo thanks am not bashing the teachers u have so very good teachers but some are locking and they do have side jobs i have two family member one is good at what she the other saying she donot care who want to learn she already reach were she want to reach

    3. @Elfreda Carty not every teacher u know that they have good and bad in every work place and some?of u teacher are liers

    4. @Shavelle Jenner but don’t you think it’s unfair that we as students log on google classroom waiting for teachers to log on it’s understood that teachers have their lives to live but they are the one who study for the profession why do we suffer in the end?

    1. Thank you very much i said the same thing. Teachers have to he finding everything for themselves working miracles. Not because they are teachers means they have access to all the necessary resources and various technologies needed to effectively execute online classes. And likewise for the students many of them dont have access either.

    2. @Jovan dixon the Jamaican teacher’s are among the best in the world. But sadly they are not being paid accordingly. So at least the government should equip them with what ever teaching tools the teachers need including electronic devices to enhance their teaching skills. And some of the responsibilities of the children to learn of be foot by the parents and guardian of the children too.

    3. @DJW Tv I agree with u 100%. I guess when they realise all their teachers will be gone r leave the classroom to do other things. Right now m considering leaving the classroom to take up large scale farming.

  3. Always teacher at fault ahh? What about parents and students who are not showing interest schooling? How can you have good results when students not logging on for classes? Parents not forwarding completion of child’s work so teachers can see if they grasping the concepts taught yet they have data to put up 10,000 pictures on status. The system will never get better if teachers are the only ones looked upon for accountability.

    1. MAYBE, JUST MAYBE, Mrs. Fayval needs to come out of those heels and the ac office for a year and takeup residencies in one of our public school, and she’ll see if she has the same option at the end, I’m not talking as a teacher but as a parent and no, i don’t have any family member who is a teacher, my two girls are in school and i can say that these teachers are working, i know, for I’m home with them, and my granddaughter is always in class thou she’s not with me all the time, but wherever she’s i can see her teacher working.

  4. I know this is old news but both parties are to be blamed some teachers aren’t getting paid enough and some kids dont have access to online classes and some kids have no interest in d online classes because the teachers are not physically there plus some parent dont care to much to help the kids and make sure they are attending the online classes

  5. I does not understand the minister of education Williams, I would like to know what is her academics achievement. How the minister of education Williams is critizing the poor teachers them, that they are not producing any high standards students across the board.
    I would like the minister of education Williams to explain it to me also the teachers them, when the jlp party government ministers them is. Using the education taxes money to do other things, while the teachers them. Does not have enough resources to teach the children them, I would like the minister of education Williams. To tell the Jamaican people what her government is doing with the education taxes money , it was interduced in 1974 by the pnp government. It was implemented towards the poor children education, because it is not ever students can afford. The school fees, so that is why the education taxes money was implemented. What is so ironic about the jlp party government ministers them, that the majority of them got. The use of the education taxes money during their school days, now because they got through. They are trying to robbed the poor children out of their education, it is so ironic about the minister of education Williams abnoxous behaviour towards the teachers them. The government is failed the Jamaican people on their promises during the election campaign and, because the government has failed the entire nation. The minister of education Williams is trying to blamed the teachers them, because the government did not lived up to their promises.
    One of the biggest lies I heard the minister of education Williams said, that the government have the money . To put wi-fi into every schools across Jamaica and, the government is in contact with a private company. To install the services into the schools , so that the children can do their online learning. When the minister of education Williams knows that the government is broke financially, because they does not have the money to services the schools them at all. So you knows that she is a big time liar, the pm Andrew Holness is only using her as a puppet. The pm Andrew Holness has programs all his ministers them what to say, anything you hear them saying. It is all scripts for them to read from, because they are under instruction what to say to the public. The teachers them should have strike against the minister of education Williams, she is very disrespectful. She makes her authority getting to her head,she is talking to the teachers with any respect at all. When the minister of education Williams said to the teachers them, it is not appropriate. To make a statement like that to the public, it should have done into a better forum. But the minister of education Williams is trying to shift the blames, towards the teachers them.

  6. What do you expect madam minister? The teachers & students are under pressure with the very poor technology that exists in the nation. You cannot even have a telephone conversation for 2 minutes without disruption. How do you expect teaching & learning to be effective? The government need to find alternatives to those so called providers in technology & electricity. Don’t even want to return home because of the slackness going on. Please cast the blame at the right place.

  7. The country has been under performing for years.Hold yourselves accountable for that smh.

  8. 60% of a student’s educational outcome is determined by what’s happening in the household. Look at levels of stress at the home. Address root causes

  9. Still though I am trying to see if it is I who have forgotten something. What investment she talking about??? As I always say the carpenter always blame his tools…..

  10. As a Student most of these teachers donot care for us as students. And their excuses are that they aren’t getting paid and all of this resolved in us as students suffering our future is on the line.

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