1. This man has had a lot of stuff happened to him he said people broke into his home and stole his most prized mink a red one he is so hard-working and training these animals he deserves respect

  2. It’s not taming them. It’s loving them and respecting them. Animals are far smarter then humans. They can tell if you are a bad person. My cats follow me like dogs and go camping with us. Animals Always respond to love and respect.

  3. That was fun and ‘not something you see every day’. These uplifting animal stories are such a pleasant break from the all too often grim news about the real world

  4. I knew a lady with two pet minks, she used to take them for walks on a leash. They were OK with her but if she took them out somewhere with a lot of people they would start to get very agitated and defensive.

    1. I get agitated too if there are a lot of people 😆… I do believe most animals can be tamed if you treat them with respect, care and love.

    2. @KPepper L lol I agree! I’m in northern 🇬🇧 in a town in northern England, I like to be able to walk 5 steps without bumping into anyone or having to snake my way through. I avoid cities like the plague! All day on the news there have been people in London or intending to travel to London. I hate the place, you can’t walk 5 steps, there’s always someone up close. I wouldn’t go anyway, but with the more than usual people there…gives me a cold shiver at the thought 😂

  5. I watched him a couple years before pandemic and his minks and dogs are relentless in killing uncontrollable critters and he is accent is funny when he gives his animals positive reinforcement

  6. I admire John for all the work he’s putting into training his animals for rat and muskrat hunting. He has a pack of dogs too, and the best part is, his dogs are hunting rats WITH the mink. And the dogs don’t hurt the mink. It’s awesome, go and see for yourself on his channel.

  7. No animals are untamable.
    This man is very patient and has taken the time to understand mink rules.
    I’m learning skunk rules but they are much easier to work with.

  8. I have his book and it is well worth reading. I love Mink, amazing animals. I had one in the 1970s, sold to me as a ferret! She was a one person Mink and would only allow me to touch her. Love the Mink Man and his kindness to these lovely animals.

  9. I’m thinking that in the past when they used to make mink coats and stoles, NOBODY would have EVER bought one, let alone WORN one, if they had known how ADORABLE and sweet as pets they could be!!!

  10. Joseph and his late washsushe. Love that feisty red mink. And I’m staunch supporter his way of pest control that does not wreck our already broken planet. His methods should be spread around and especially to australia’s current pest disasters.

  11. I’ve had ferrets for years before switching to cats ( no reason just the pet that came up next) and I just love mustelids! I imagine Mink take more time and patience ( Ferrets have been domesticated for millenia- like dogs) so I encourage people to adopt a ferret in need of a home and start your own business!

  12. Yup. He’s great.
    I wonder if he got a monk with the same genetic mutation that occurs in rarely humans and dogs. That mutation makes them loving and lovable. Layer that onto the mink basic programming, and you have a success story. It’s inheritable.

    Wolves lack this mutation. But all dogs have it. And a very few humans have the same mutation. Matching DNA and affect. In humans of all races, their faces bear the same distinct markers. You can tell a person with this mutation by looking at them. Not just by behaviour alone.

    I believe SCI SHOW did a YouTube video on the mutation.

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