Mike Lindell’s phone was seized by the FBI. See him describe how it went

Mike Lindell’s phone was seized by the FBI. See him describe how it went 1


    1. @b  @b  it’s actually brilliant to have been AUCTIONING OIL to the highest bidder while oil prices were high. The administration has already stated the money that got from selling the oil will be use to buy new oil as the prices continue to decrease

    2. @b  @b  Earlier this month Reuters calculated that since May, SPR releases have averaged 880,000 bpd, not meeting the 1 million bpd plan……which is far lower than the 935,000 barrels a day cut under trump in 2020

    1. 3 cars, do the normal felony high risk stop, to retrieve a phone? he tells them about blah,blah,blah?. 3 cars, high risk felony stop, he would have been on the ground, phone gone, kick in the head by accident before they pull away.

  1. lol, Mike Lindell is a millionaire, has 5 different companies, and might be a billionaire and might be in the Fortune 500. He says everything is on the phone because he has no computer. So nowhere in his corporate offices will anyone find a single computer or CEO or secretary or vice president that needs a computer? I think the FBI could now charge him with lying to them that he has no computer. 🙂

  2. Everything works off his phone ? He should have thought of that before. He doesn’t need hearing aids because he talks more than he listens.

  3. “Hey guys, I gotta stop running my pillow empire. My phone was taken by a guy when I was getting my cheesy melt at Hardee’s!”

  4. *He was in a Hardee’s???* 😂😂😂😂😂😂 *Oh my! No wonder they are investigating him!* 😂😂😂😂😂

  5. Well now I finally understand why he’s always shouting. Hearing aid needs adjustments. Phew, I’m glad that ones solved at least.

  6. The definition of insanity is saying “trump will go to jail this time” over and over again and expecting the same results

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