1. It’s sad that all of this unnecessary death and destruction was done just to satisfy the ego of one tiny angry old man(Putin). It’s all just really sad. Stay strong Ukraine!😊✌💙💛

    1. @John Doe please don’t spread misinformation, most GOP have spoken against Putin and the war. Trump and a handful of GOPs are the exception.

    2. It’s a LOT deeper than that. Try doing research on Igor Girkin. And on the petroleum reserves found in Ukraine. And why a Ukraine that might be successful (think a bigger version of Poland, and with more resources) would be an existential threat to Russian rulers without ever firing a shot or joining NATO. And even all that leaves out what I sometimes call the currents of history. Or the currents of humankind, if you like. All the pundits on our popular liberal western media put together do not equal the depth of knowledge of history, and insight, of just one of the US’ Founders, Thomas Jefferson: “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Hopefully, someday humans will evolve beyond that. But, it is probably many millennia away.

    3. @SpringIsBACK it took many millennia to evolve from cannibalism. So… I agree with you, it will take some time before humans become peaceful like the Nox.

    1. @RedTitan5 All you get off of RT is fiction and twisting of facts. I snorted tea through my nose the first time I heard them call Zelensky a ”Nazi” as no Nazi group would have a Jewish member and he is also someone whose home language was Russian. You see after WW2 Stalin moved most Russian Jews to the Baltic States or Ukraine.

    1. Food prices are up and Tyson Foods made an extra $500 million in the first quarter alone. Oil companies are making record profits. Europeans are having windfall profit taxes on these price gouging corporations but not America. Nope.

    1. Unfortunately, the Ukrainian military was surrounded near Kherson. Ukrainians suffer heavy losses without a supply of ammunition. 😪

  2. My heart goes out to those women. They are stronger than they think. I’m proud of them for keeping on in the face of Russian agression. The world is with you. Slava ukraine.

    1. @ЭЮЯ this is false. Amnesty international did not designate ukraine as a terrorist nation and you are either lying or being mislead.

    2. @CR33PER UNLEASHED So would I, she is my age or a bit younger and I’d be delighted to share what I have with her if Scotty would get the damn Earth Transporter System up and running.

    3. @Mark Crook Because I know the difference between right and wrong. I’ve followed this since 2014. Such a shame you have a problem with your moral compass.

    1. They will. We will help them from the rest of Europe. And Russia will pay back a huge part of the destruction with the freezed assets

  3. Ми боремось не тому, що ненавидимо тих, хто знаходиться перед нами, а тому, що любимо тих, хто у нас за спиною!
    Сава Україні!
    We fight not because we hate those in front of us, but because we love those behind us!
    Slava Ukraine!

    1. its also so important because there will be a time after the war. And not everyone participated. I hope there will be peace soon regular humans dont want any of this!

    2. If there’s a will, there’s a way. I think this is what happened to our past “Battle of Mactan and Battle of Marawi. ” Stay strong and united brother. God be with you All.

  4. So happy that there’s a light at the end of this dark tunnel for the Ukrainian people!! Keep strong! Don’t lose hope! You are loved and supported!! 🇺🇦❤️

  5. The people of Ukraine once existed under authoritarian Russian control, but after their liberation, they chose a democratic future as they turned to the West. We often take our freedoms for granted, but Ukrainians remind us daily through their suffering and sacrifice why this fight is so important.

  6. If you are a Russian, even if you against the war, how do you not feel unbearably ashamed of Russia. I would be sickened.

    1. @Bobby E Iraq’s Anbar province was full of Sunni Islamic Jihadists of Iraqi Al Qaeda/ISIS. America had to go fight them somewhere in the Arab middle east. America either invaded Iraq, or else invaded Saudi Arabia or Egypt or Yemen or someplace like those countries. After 9/11 America had no choice. Russia had no need whatsoever to invade Ukraine. Ukraine had never threatened Russia and there weren’t any threats to Russia anywhere in Eastern Europe, Russia invaded simply to prevent Ukraine from joining the EU.

    2. @James Ryan Of course,we do..
      Endless shame, pain and
      self- disgust.
      As a matter of fact from February 24-th is not the same,and never be the same. Ukrainian people’s life and our lives divided on before and after the war and it’s forever will be that way from now on..

  7. I feel for those older women , they are (like) our mothers and grandmother’s who raised us to be solid men(sons and grandson’s) of our Nation Ukraine. Stronger together and more united as one.

    1. Thoughts and prayers and thoughts and prayers and thoughts and prayers and thoughts and prayers and thoughts and prayers and thoughts and prayers and thoughts and prayers.

  8. Imagine the contrast of morale as a soldier on each side:
    Ukraine: Fight to protect your county’s people and freedom
    Russia: Fight to protect Putin’s political career 🤡

  9. The hospitality and kindness of that first woman is out of this world.
    She was ashamed of the little bit of bland food the Russians gave her, ashamed her fridge was so empty….and still offered some of her most tasty food to the journalists! What. A. Sweetheart. 💙💛

  10. It’s always been prideful and socially important, to be as generous as possible with your food offerings to guests in Slavic countries. I can understand her pain and shame about having little to offer this reporter and having to think about saving what she has for herself, making her feel selfish.
    Even a brief visit warrants multiple plates of snacks and pastries, which you must stay and eat to let the giver experience their generosity. It can be an amusing burden that brief visits turn into longer stays due to this and pressure to eat even when you don’t want to.

    1. I’ve been in same situations, its tough to experience.
      I’m sure the melon is excellent, but would taste like sand had they been inclined to try eating it on the spot.
      Please don’t hesitate to take food and water to places like that when you know it is good and proper, reporters or not.

  11. Don’t be embarrassed brave women, you have just withstood more that most will ever have to. Be strong and know the world is coming to Ukraine to fight.

  12. From Nigeria our hearts goes out to the Ukrainian people, we pray for more significant liberation of Ukrainian territories.

    1. Thoughts and prayers and thoughts and prayers and thoughts and prayers and thoughts and prayers and thoughts and prayers and thoughts and prayers and thoughts and prayers.

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