Minneapolis Erects Barricades A Week Before Derek Chauvin's Trial In George Floyd's Death 1

Minneapolis Erects Barricades A Week Before Derek Chauvin’s Trial In George Floyd’s Death


A week ahead of Derek Chauvin's trial in the death of George Floyd, the Minneapolis City Council is being briefed about security preparations the city is taking, including barricades already being put in place. NBC's Cal Perry reports on these preparations and how prosecutors are asking to reinstate a third-degree murder charge against Chauvin. Aired on 3/01/2021.
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Minneapolis Erects Barricades A Week Before Derek Chauvin's Trial In George Floyd's Death


    1. @Meamaw I will say the truth as bluntly as all of you can handle. If I don’t? I have learned y’all will mercilessly and ceaselessly tell us all your lies.

    2. @Meamaw you will not stop lying. No matter the proof I bring or the damage to your soul. You will repeat lies over and over. No matter how thoroughly I politely and correctly dispute it. So. I am the natural course of things.

    3. @Meamaw think of me as the reaction in a every action has a equal and opposite reaction. The balancing.

  1. More law enforcement here, in fear of racial violence protestors. Then were protecting the capitol from violent terrorists

  2. Yes, how dare they protect government buildings!
    Come on. Putting up barricades to prevent violent riots and takeover is what should be done (e.g. it’s what should have been done before January 6th, to prevent Trump’s cult members from trying to commit a coup).

  3. No such thing as an ‘accident’ when one repeatedly does the same thing but was finally caught on video! Hmm?

    1. Almost as if multiple autopsies on that criminal degenerates body showed he died from a fentanyl overdose

    2. His knee on his neck wasn’t an accident. Ignoring him saying he couldn’t breathe wasn’t an accident ignoring the people on the street asking him to stop choking the man was not an accident This gets my blood boil…smh

    3. @Antionette Mason He said “I can’t breathe” when he was sitting in the police car. If you can’t breathe, how come you can say it 100 times in 20 minutes. Watch the body camera footage you dunce

    4. Look up the leak video by the Daily Mail. It will show while on the ground Floyd resisted arrest. The only thing in question is if Chauvin knee actually killed him. An autopsy plus medical evidence through the court of law will determine that. Also, what led up to all of that?

  4. Something is going on here.just like they did with miss taylor before they said no charges for the cops.

    1. @Robert E. Lee I care about America’s freedoms dissapering as being shown in this court trial.

    2. @INSECT BITE *-* Ever since them scoundrels conspired against me and my boys America’s freedom was done!!! Wake up my boy

    3. Chauvin will be released with no charges. He was doing his “job” as a police officer in the end. We all hate cops, but we need them at the same time whether you want to believe it or not. Society needs a “bully” to keep things in place, racism is real no sugarcoating it in anyway, we learned it in school. Sad world, but its just how the world itself works!

    1. The FBI wanted things to get out of hand. After Trump refused to renew some of the provisions of the Patriot Act, they focused on the threat of right-wing extremism a few months before hand before completely preventing any sort of pro-active riot prevention to ensure that they could have an incident to push for a renewal of the Patriot Act along with even more permissive surveillance clauses.

      You can even see this in FBI bulletins around the time. They were also warning of violence in all 50 state capitols, and were even stating explicit times and dates likely to encourage people to show up. Almost no one did. Yet in the areas people did show up, there was zero defenses despite weeks of warning. They wanted it to be even more bloody, after all, the more bloody the riots, the more public support for the crackdowns.

    2. And not a single threat of violence from paramilitary groups coming to Minnesota to be “wild”. I wonder what the difference is

  5. The only reason this trial will be more secure than January 6th is because lawyers, law enforcement officials, government officials, doctors, nurses, etc participate on that day

  6. Let’s hear from some of his victims since you all love victims and their stories. Let’s portray the truth.

    1. @INSECT BITE *-* the pregnant woman he was involved with robbing at gun point he spent time in prison for would be a good place to start!!

    1. @Julia Erstgeist Sure it is, they’re going to say he committed suicide and whisk him off to who knows where…

  7. Oh! So let us get this right, so they can prepare a full week in advance for this???? But they pretended not to know what was eminent at the US Capitol? I see!!!

    1. What are you talking? As soon as everything was clear, they started putting up so called unclimbable fences.

  8. It’s as if they know the misinformed will act like animals when the reality hits that you cannot charge an innocent person for a drug overdose that was a direct result of ones own actions. Those lives dont matter to me. Not even sorry about it.

  9. The only grand jury that is working is the one on restoring the republic to president trump the rightful winner of the 2020 election. March is going to be a great month!

  10. The fact that Minneapolis has to make these preparations is so telling. Another sign for the state the US is in.

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