Dr. Kavita Patel: 'Whatever Vaccine You're Offered, The Sooner You Can Get It, The Better' 1

Dr. Kavita Patel: ‘Whatever Vaccine You’re Offered, The Sooner You Can Get It, The Better’


As the Johnson and Johnson vaccine rolls out, Dr. Kavita Patel, a primary care physician in Washington, D.C. and former Obama administration policy aide, speaks to Andrea Mitchell about the race to reach herd immunity in the U.S. in the face of COVID-19 variants. "We think all three currently authorized vaccines offer protection, even if it's a little lower, against the variants," she said. Aired on 03/1/2021.
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Dr. Kavita Patel: 'Whatever Vaccine You're Offered, The Sooner You Can Get It, The Better'



    2. You are supposed to test positive, once you get the vaccine!!!!!!!!!! Once vaccinated you have the antibodies.
      Your immune system kicks in 2 weeks after the injection.

    3. A vaccine keeps you out of the hospital and out of the morgue, but you may still get the disease. Your symptoms will be milder.

    4. Do what I do. Tell people you aren’t getting the vaccine and you don’t care what any thinks about it.

    1. @D L Violent crime went up tremendously while he was president. For that, I give him credit. The important thing about the vaccine and Trump is that he did not have a viable distribution strategy. Say, Thank you President Biden for actually getting more vaccine in more arms.

    2. @CShield Operation warp speed was all thx to him sweetie. Make sure you thank him when you get the shot.

    3. @D L Naming something that didn’t happen at “warp speed” is ridiculous. He had no control over it. The scientists can’t be made to work faster than the science will allow them. My goodness, you’re dumb. Bless your heart.

    4. You are so precious. I didn’t say it happened at Warp speed that was the name. All happened under Trump. I’ll pray that you get it this time.

  1. President Biden gives a platform to Scientists and Researchers, and gives confidence to the people on the effectiveness on the Vaccines.

    1. @Penny Sutch Your opinion is I’m upset bc Trump lost. I’m not a Trump supporter so your opinion is stupid. Be better. I don’t need to know you, I’ve met people like you and you’re all the same.

    2. @Penny Sutch But you attacked me bc I told an objective fact about Biden bc of? Assuming everyone is a trump supporter isn’t smart

  2. Am I the only one confused about why we are so concerned about convincing people to take the vaccine right now when there are a TON of us that want the vaccine but can’t get it? Seriously, if you are too stupid to take the shot when it is your turn then I say give it to someone who wants it.
    Don’t get me wrong, if covid was pretty new then I could see the need to educate people. However, it has been around for over a year now. If you aren’t convinced it is dangerous by now then no amount of ad dollars is going to change that. Same goes for the safety of the vaccines. We have been discussing details about these vaccines for weeks on end.

  3. Forget their silly efficacy numbers, which just has to do with symptoms, any COID symptoms. All three vaccines are 100% effective at preventing deaths, intubations, and admissions to hospitals. With the US death count still oer 1,000 a day, percent of survival is more important than percent of sniffles.

  4. some may get this……she got it! yeah bb she got it! she’s kavita she’s your joy and desire!!!!…

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