Misinformation, Shady Networks: The Growing Fake Vaccine Card Market

NBC legal analyst, Danny Cevallos, and senior reporter, Ben Collins, joined Craig Melvin to discuss the rise in fake vaccination cards and disinformation after federal authorities announced they are investigating accusations that three Vermont state troopers manipulated Covid-19 vaccine cards.
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  1. They’re not very bright though. Like that lady who was caught because she spelled Moderna with an a. “Maderna” 😂

    1. @Bruconic Inferno [N4NO] platoon idk how its not its all self inflicted lol cant pick and choose because u decide to bend over

    2. @Bruconic Inferno [N4NO] platoon i respectfully disagree.
      When a drunk person gets behind the wheel of a vehicle it indeed is dangerous for others.

    3. @Corey Tatro No. I agree with him. Anyone who were deliberately did not want to get themselves vaccinated and posses fake vaccine cards are more than legit to be refused from hospitals because what they’ve done is not only harming themselves but tons of people around them.

    1. Most vax cards were scrawled out by parking lot volunteers, pharmacy techs and store clerks aiding the pharmacy. Doctors and nurses rarely give these shots. Fewer than give annual flu shots.

      Our vax cards are just paper cardstock with hastily hand printed information, including a spelling error for the company product.

      If they were written by physicians you couldn’t read them at all.

      My daughter was a licensed pharm tech until recently when she completed her degree. Some of her colleagues were not Biochemistry majors… Some were HS dropouts.

    2. @Corey Tatro It was set up and planned to fail to Move into a NEW improved Bio Digital Bookkeeping. Another way to tally us all us like Adolf Hitler did with his Tattooing of “HIS” Masses.

    1. The way the country ‘s going it might be necessary to make it a permanent ban on all US citizens. They’re simply not safe to be allowed in.

  2. Never mind “Common Sense.” HOW has basic intelligence diminished so greatly in so much of American society???

    1. Idk but It is really funny to watch. US is no longer the world power, it is just a laughing stock. The economy and their society will collapse by 2040. I promise

    1. When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say. In “BIg Brothers” Algorithm equals to Shadow Banning, Blocking, and Deleting any sharing of Personal Thoughts. Rewriting History as we enter this Digital Form.

  3. The social media platforms are very good at at being an echo camber for your personal “preferences” So if you use the social media platforms as you main news feed. You will end up and on a slippery slope

  4. They have inserted “reasonable doubt” into the court of public opinion.
    Problem is we don’t have the ability to “cross examine” the people claiming this bs.

  5. Throw the book at these cops! I lost my license for 1 year for having my brothers DL in my wallet. And another year for another guys ID a while later. And I wasn’t driving of course either time. 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Take away their license for 12 months to start…and if it’s worse, lengthen the sentence!

  6. Somehow they seem to forget to mention how mandating medical procedures is illegal and unconstitutional. That is the bigger issue here.

    1. There’s nothing new about this. If you went to school in the USA you’ve already gotten most vaccines. I had my first immunization card 30 years ago before elementary school.

    2. @Ed that’s you Ed, the matter of “Fact” is not everyone got those vaccinations, you didn’t have to take it you just did because you thought and parents thought you had to! Because the school board was applying pressure to?? Do you know how many other kids had “Exemptions”?? And or opted to private or homeschool??

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