Mississippi ICU Nurse: ‘We Need Help’ As Covid Cases Surge

Hospitals in Mississippi are running out of ICU beds as the state’s health systems struggle to cope with an influx of mostly unvaccinated Covid-19 patients. NBC News’ Ellison Barber explains how rising Covid-19 patients are impacting health workers. 

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Mississippi ICU Nurse: ‘We Need Help’ As Covid Cases Surge


  1. Just sad all these people sick. It should have never been political in the first place. I personally hate getting sick. Just do whatever you can to protect yourself.

    1. @Sparkling Cyanide what exactly role in government do you hold and where exactly is it where you serve ?

    2. I’m not even a trump supporter, but after watching the hatred coming from the left during his presidency, and especially over the past 18 months, I’d rather be around Trump supporters than anyone on the left ever in the remaining days of my life .

    3. @Vivian Spinarski How do you figure that? I’m not threatening anybody in any way, just making light of a sad situation. The only people these dopes need to be afraid of is themselves. Poor babies are too afraid to get a little shot – as far as I’m concerned natural selection can do the rest.

  2. Been saying nurses are not machines for 20 yrs. We deserve family, vacation, regular hours, respect and when bad things happen to be obeyed. Fools caused the continued pandemic, now seeing the collapse of healthcare by there action. Wish I could hug all my hurting fellow nurses

    1. @S McDonald explain that to my nephew and his wife who are fully vaxxed and wear masks , and just found out yesterday that they and there two under 12 daughters got the covid .
      Without blaming it on the unvaccinated.
      They haven’t been around anyone unvaccinated or with covid

    2. @L H you folks are frightening.
      I’m scared more of running into you more than getting the virus at this point.

    3. @Vivian Spinarski “They haven’t been around anyone with Covid” : Sorry this is impossible to tell, more than half of infected people are asymptomatic.
      Immunization is about triggering an immune response before you are potentially in contact with the virus. Should this happen you are immediately able to mount an attack against SARS-CoV-2. That does not mean that you do not get infected. It means that you do not get sick.

  3. And they wonder why there’s a nurse shortage? I could only imagine the stress our healthcare workers are under.

    1. @J GetsCensored I’m paid by the hour. Like a nurse. Also there is no great mystery in comparing an apple to an orange. It’s quite simple.

    2. @gary quarty, re: “During a housing boom are carpenters stressed”
      I do not think you can compare carpentry to nursing. I doubt a carpenter is afraid of contracting a deadly disease. I doubt a carpenter has to deal with the death of their patients.

    3. @Moobie Maykker So I don’t need a mask at work? My wife is a nurse she knows that most people that are in the hospital can easily die from staff infection ,anesthesia or Doctor error. It doesn’t stress her.

  4. People need to go protest at the governor of Texas house and the man that military doctors and nurses be brought in pop up hospitals are started

    1. @Guess Who who didn’t abide by the rules ? Oh ya , my governor who opened a non essential business to buy herself jewelry , and got caught partying on Navajo lake on a houseboat with her friends and family while she closed everything to the peasants and spent half the discretionary fund on wagyu beef, ahi tuna , expensive alcohol and carpet cleaning in the governor’s mansion because her puppies pooped all over the place .
      Oh and crazy aunt Nancy who went mask less to get her hair and nails done … Wait , there’s more….

    2. @Guess Who Right, just like Barry Obamas B-day with600+ unmasked people, the French Laundry crew, Nancy getting her hair done, BLM terrorists etc 🐑🐑🐑

  5. Funny title…when its the corporations not hiring help…they’d rather keep everyone short staffed and over worked to save a dollar

  6. For anyone who stumbles across this comment: _This_ is exactly the situation what we’ve been working since _last April_ (2020, not 2021) to not be in — overwhelming healthcare.

    1. You’re aware that the average ICU pre covid ran at 85% capacity. ICU are extremely expensive to run, so they’ve always been kept small and at capacity to justify their costs. So for them to be screaming that the ICU is filling up means nothing, what are these patients in the ICU for? Is it COVID-19, or are they there due to another cause and just happen to have tested for COVID-19? This data makes a difference and is important, why are they needing help? Is it a staffing issue, employment retention? Is it an outbreak of a flu or other contagion? If we where to go there with a camera would it show the hospital overwhelmed, or just a bit busy?

    2. Also, here is a conundrum I’ve been trying to come to terms with for some time. If this virus was as dangerous and so easily transmitted. To a degree where we are seeing American citizens being required to show vaccination paperwork in cities to eat out or work, that we are mandating citizens including children to wear masks even against their will. Then why are these officials, and Media personalities, fine with having hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants who are non vaccinated to enter the country each month?
      Certainly that must pose a significant breach in public health, that must assuredly be one of the most serious of all potential sources of new infections. The mayor’s of these affected towns and cities have begged for help, the governors have begged for federal assistance in stopping it. Yet, nothing, they ignore it and allow it..So, either they don’t see the virus as a serious threat to the general public, or they are purposefully allowing these people to infect communities..Why should the average citizen allow themselves to be forced to wear a mask or comply, when they won’t even stop these migrants?

    1. Yep, media is the enemy of the people. Obama had no problem holding his big giant birthday bash without masks. They think the American population are stupid.

  7. If this is so serious, why are allowing thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants cross our southern borders every month?

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