Andrew Sullivan On The Necessity Of Being Able To Argue As A Culture 1

Andrew Sullivan On The Necessity Of Being Able To Argue As A Culture


Writer Andrew Sullivan continues discussing his new essay collection 'Out on a Limb' and his thoughts on cancel culture.

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Andrew Sullivan On The Necessity Of Being Able To Argue As A Culture


  1. Arguing is only productive when both sides can at least agree on reality. When one is made up almost entirely of religious folk it’s nearly impossible to agree or gain any ground.

    1. @Go To Compton Sir It brings me Joy to my heart and Peace to my soul. Not sure what the world is offering you…

    2. It only figures that a mouthpiece for the religion which populated the earth via incestuous approval from God (according to its brand of scripture) would try and obfuscate the subject of this video into something in which it is not. Or put another way, showcases Absolutism in its own unique way for all to see. Kudos!

    3. @mkl4325 Are you referring to our “woke”, Age of Enlightenment, Deist Founding Fathers? Couldn’t agree more. Enlightened is enlightened.

    1. They are gaslighting their constituents. They love big government… They elected Ronald Reagan who made the biggest government ever and he was a Democrat once.

  2. What Trumpians claim is that their absolutism equals “argument”. It is not. It was not tolerated during our Founding, nor through our history. Absolutism only shows complete disregard for the principle of argument, and directly and personally disrespects those being spoken to. Argument engages a conversation, not a battle.

    1. @Mike Try listening to your own clip..Andrew Sullivan himself said he was a Christian..Did he or didn’t he????

    2. @Go To Compton Sir Yet you have proven nothing, just empty words that do not stand up to the test of time..Who is going to know what you said or who you are in a 100 years? The Bible will still be the TEST and the Universal Truth that brings those who have ears to hear and eyes to see into eternity.

    3. @Wellness Quest Can you imagine – just imagine – the genuine hysteria these “Christians” would show if each and every major world religion crammed its dogma down your throat in the same way?

  3. Rev Al, what do you mean by “latte liberal”? Because drinking latte, or having the financial wherewithal to support a latte habit, does not necessarily mean that the person is “liberal.” So – what does latte have to do with it besides its alliterative utility? Is it because “decaf liberal” doesn’t ring the same way?

    1. It’s just a thought terminating cliche’, used by tribalist group thinkers like him, as a way to promote their “us vs them”, juvenile mentality.

    2. Decaf liberal, a liberal with no zeal. Hmmm, you should copyright that phrase. If you don’t Al is going to use it in church.

  4. So, this guy is on every channel, with this sad face, urging people to not wear a mask. You have got to hear what you’re saying.

    1. @mkl4325 LOL! So, who are these “liberal outlets”?
      PS, “woke” is a thought terminating cliche’, with zero explanatory power the than showing you’re a partisan tribalist.

    2. I know. If you watch this whole segment he is complaining just like Governor Cuomo is complaining for not being able to foster a toxic work environment like you could in the “good old days”. He’s just salty because it’s been ackowledged that kicking people when their down and gaslighting people is no longer profitable to his employers. “Oppressive”……… thats an interesting word that minorities just have no aquaintence with……

  5. Did this guy just say the oppressed are oppressed because they feel oppressed?!!
    He wants folks to fight bigotry with positive self talk?! LOLOL.

    1. You missed the whole premise because it’s not “woke”. Beware – sometimes the Oppressed become the Oppressors. And I don’t agree with his politics.

    2. My thoughts exactly. He wants to suggest that insult is on a social par with kindness and tolerance. No offense, but he is making suggesting that its OK to say and do things that history has proven have no social value.

  6. Admitting when you are wrong is the fulcrum to overturn the greater wrong. The wrong exists. The next step is to admit that it exists and detail how it can be forever better, better, better!!! Yeah! Na na na. Thanks Lads of distant / recent past/.and friends. We will try to never forget you!

  7. There is no need for further ‘arguing’ in America. What has gone missing is discussion and debate. That is only because a specific group has made an art of ending discussion with ‘othering’ and ‘lies’. It does not matter what you say, the only thing that matters is that their base gets the message and believes it. Please enlighten us on the ‘joys’ of being a marginalized minority. Does he understand that the Irish Famine is now recognized as a genocide? Ditto for Native Americans, ditto for black slaves, ditto for Latinos. Tell them about the ‘joys’

  8. Well,I am way past forgiving especially when you get kicked in the teeth when you do forgive. I want accountability and forward movement in solving issues. Time is precious and there is no time left to excuse, and placate others.

  9. Being able to argue as a culture is important because criticism is a part of life. People don’t want to be criticized and over react to criticism. Totally agree with Andrew. Nothing wrong with arguing or debating.

  10. “We’ve have to able to argue…” So we’re supposed to treat racist and misogynistic ideas as equally valid?

  11. I for one will not apologize for being considerate of how my language and conduct effects others. I lose absolutely nothing by ensuring that I behave politely toward others. I’d much rather be “woke” than asleep at the wheel.

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