Missouri Governor Pardons Couple Who Waved Guns At Protesters 1

Missouri Governor Pardons Couple Who Waved Guns At Protesters


Missouri Governor Mike Parson has issued a pardon for Mark and Patricia McCloskey. the couple who waved guns at Black Lives Matter protesters outside of their home. NBC's Danny Cevallos has details.

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Missouri Governor Pardons Couple Who Waved Guns At Protesters


    1. Nope, 2 murderes got cases dismissed because the prosecuting attorneys never showed up. This has happened twice in the past year. Stl for ya

    2. @UCNxbQ1ctCtc0zlFkqHoi2-g lol OK keep spreading that nonsense you’ve been told. It simply isn’t true and there is no evidence to say it is. You feel like it would have ended differently, reality shows your actions dictate how your treated by police and society in general… imagine that.. your skin color matters not.

    3. Yea the whole neighborhood would have pulled guns and run them out. Rich people won’t get involved. You bust a gate in my neighborhood we all come running.

  1. From the ratio in the comments section here, the next elections are going to be very interesting indeed.

    1. @Seymour Butts Oh please – he was joking. I know the left has no sense of humor, but you MUST be able to see he was joking. And if Hillary weren’t a Democrat she’d be in jail for those emails

    2. @CHIEF TAHCHAWWICKAH Curious that you took offense at the word Indian. Does the Indian nation call themselves Indians or native Americans? Lol.
      Never mind – I know the answer

  2. Yessss! They “peaceful” protestors broke into a gated community! Way to spread misinformation MSM!

    1. @Wanderin’Gamer The typical leftist go to when they have lost. Must be hard being wrong all the time, but you’ll get used to it. 😎🇺🇲🗽✌️

  3. Funny how they are always “peaceful protests” until they show up at their homes. No wonder MSM is held in such disregard.

    1. @Kirk R Definitely more deadly. Just look at David Dorn. He was not killed by white nationalists. Neither was the black teenager shot and killed in CHAZ. But during the “insurrection,” the only person killed was an unarmed protestor.

    2. @DancesWithBears that’s a lie. A police officer was killed by a protester. Over 100 were injured and 2 took there own lives because of the trauma. You’re making up lies to bolster your own narrative

    3. @MrDeathpilot And the lawsuit where the judge said no reasonable person would take Tucker Carlson as news. Same with all the opinion shows at FOX.

    4. @Kirk R Nope. The police officer, Brian Sicknick, died of natural causes. The story about him being beaten with a fire extinguisher was widely reported and then debunked. It didn’t happen.

      And suicide is self-inflicted.

      , actually there bud, they spent over a decade of their lives and money restoring the house to good condition. They did a whole story on it. I guess you missed it there bud. Go look it up before you start showing your backside.

    2. @CHIEF TAHCHAWWICKAH Comanches were known to raid every surrounding tribe and even eat them sometimes so idk what you’re getting all high and mighty about lol

  4. They had guns out bc the “protestors” broke into their neighborhood which is not public.
    What would u do if someone broke into ur home, you grab a gun.

    1. @Repent 4Life were they? Everything I read said they were on an accessroad adjacent to their property. But you cant go pull a gun on a guy for being on your lawn. If you have an axe to grind with black people wanting things thats fine.. But it doesnt give you a right to pull a gun on people for being on your lawn.

    2. so why were they convinced and found guilty?
      they were not innocent of crime. did the protesters get charged?
      but hey there is this blm/maga thing right.
      so even the ones found guilty and charged get a pardon..
      a governor is not a judge, but guess if pardon someone guilty gets votes all good right?

    3. @Dean Gullberry so why weren’t they charged for that?
      that seems like would have mattered.
      according to report they did not.
      but i am sure the police were bought and paid for like the judge. right?
      but a rumor and enough repeating it cause you know blm/maga right?

  5. “Peaceful protestors walking past their home.”’LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL Ok yeah my once a month reminder to never watch mainstream media.

    1. @Chofly Elite “Jan 6. Could have been a lot of false flags”

      The problem with that, is you’re ignoring the fact that most of the Jan 6th “participants” have been apprehended and we already KNOW who they are.
      Nice try.

    2. @MrDeathpilot NO ONE SAYS JAN 6 IS OK. Do you want me to copy and paste it 100x? Like how do I get that point across, it’s like I’m replying to bots. No matter what I say they just go “JAN 6 JAN 6 JAN 6 JAN 6 JAN 6.” How many times do I need to type that I’m against all violence, including Jan 6? Shall I say it again or is that enough yet? That’s not the point of this thread. The point was you are witnessing a flat out blatant lie right in front of you and all you can do is cry about Trump and Jan 6 for some reason. They have you so brainwashed it’s crazy seeing how gone people are.

    3. @Chofly Elite “NO ONE SAYS JAN 6 IS OK”
      Rep Andrew Clyde, R-Ga.
      “you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit”

      Sen Ron Johnson, R-Wi
      “By and large, it was peaceful protest”

      …and FOX “news” and all their gaslit sheep.

      These are also “flat out blatant lies right in front of you”.

    1. @Lando troll can’t say anything else. Even though it’s provably false. All fascist need to get put in tall trees

    2. @Lando, you mean where the police opened the door, and let them in? That’s what I thought you meant…

    3. @Bill Bartley strange where there are videos of them pushing past, smashing windows, and breaking in. What Fox News video did you watch?

  6. So their pardon was a higher priority for Mike Parson than Kevin Strickland who has spent over 40 years behind bars for a crime even criminal prosecutors say he did not commit and should be pardoned?

  7. “peaceful protesters”. They broke through a gate and were trespassing. I wonder how the reporter would handle this at her home?

    1. @ZoidBerry Maybe if those thugs weren’t trespassing they wouldn’t have brought out the guns. I would rather show my weapon and risk jail time then let thugs on my property & risk my life. We all seen what BLM does to property. Anyways the couple won’t be going to jail so cry about it some more. They are completely justified.

    2. @ZoidBerry. That’s the same thing as saying the homeowners went outside which caused the protesters to break into their neighborhood. That’s a bullsh!t excuse and a lie. Break into someone else’s property at your own risk.

    3. @gorebob noname Not all streets are public but the street itself is not owned by any individual other than the owners of for instance a gated community who bear the responsibility of keeping trespassers out. The gate that was entered was not destroyed it was open and protesters were walking through and did not go on these two idiots property as said in court documents. The woman came out and pointed the pistol and people who were peacefully walking by accordint to court documents. The gate was damaged but it is unclear exactly when accordint to court documents. The point is these two idiots had no reason to take the stance they did. YOu know, like the rest of the neighborhood apparently did without incident. They were the instigators.

    4. @Mr. Nobody the street maintenance is paid for by the people who live there so yeah its their street – opened like jan 6th? when the door was held open by capitol guards letting people in, except here its private property

    5. @Gordon Cavanaugh …they were afraid that these “peaceful protestors” would destroy them and their property….we all saw what “peaceful protestors” were capable of

    1. They did once.. I forget his name but he was a cnn reporter or something and he called them wild animals😂

  8. MSNBC certainly aren’t honest, presenting that this was a peaceful crowd. They would have burned down their house and maybe hurt the McCloskeys. How can people believe this media group of liars?

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