New York Lt. Gov. Says She Believes Cuomo's Accusers 1

New York Lt. Gov. Says She Believes Cuomo’s Accusers

With growing calls for Governor Andrew Cuomo to resign or be impeached – a new focus is turning to his Lieutenant Governor, Kathy Hochul. Katie Glueck, Chief Metro Political Correspondent for the New York Times, joins Geoff Bennett to discuss.
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  1. The Lt. Gov. seems to be the only female in Cuomo’s sphere that he has kept at least an arms length away. Out around the state, doing good work and seldom stepping into the Gov.’s office.

    1. That’s a whataboutism. The video is about Cuomo and the trauma of sexual harassment. This should not be a Red and Blue issue.

    2. @Maria Miley Or Trump for that matter. Trump should not be out there fundraising. He should be in jail. However, this video is about the women who have suffered at the hands of Cuomo. It’s their time to tell their story. What happened to them matters. Unless of course you don’t really care about women and sexual harassment in which case all stories to you are either ammunition against Trump or Russian misinformation designed to smear Biden. Maybe you’re not aware that these are real women who were affected by Cuomo- they’re not props

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