Mnuchin Reportedly Blending Final Days In Office Into Personal Moneymaking Venture | Rachel Maddow 1

Mnuchin Reportedly Blending Final Days In Office Into Personal Moneymaking Venture | Rachel Maddow


Rachel Maddow shares reporting in the Washington Post about former Trump Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin raising money for an investment fund from the sovereign wealth funds of countries in the Persian Gulf region, where it so happens he spent a lot of time in the last days of the Trump administration. Aired on 02/25/2021.
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Mnuchin Reportedly Blending Final Days In Office Into Personal Moneymaking Venture | Rachel Maddow


    1. @America Prefers#45 lol.
      The Kraken wakes, eh?
      You utter QCumba.
      Fascist left?
      God you are a real simpleton.
      Go and read some history.
      Look up fascism in anything other than alt.right revisionist histories and websites for the uneducated morons in our midst.
      Then come back and we can have a debate about policy rather than facts and the English language.

    2. @America Prefers#45 are you stupid or you simply dont like that king donnie did exactly the opposite of what he said for 4 yrs and you bought it?

    3. @America Prefers#45 why do you think that trump catered to Xi in China so that Ivanka got how many patents approved by China?

  1. Those of us that have lived in 3rd world countries could see that the USA was having a moral fire sale and all that it would imply!! This move by Mnuchen is classic currupt!!!

    1. @Fatima Mirza , how little you now about you country. Oh just pretending to have a get away excuse for you party. See that is a Thirt world country mentality. Most conservative’s have that mentality. Before 45 people that hold the office were respectfully serving in that office. Because they knew there will b consequences if they break any law’s. On 45 term. People party over every law they broke. Because they knew no-one was going to do nothing to them they have a Free rein over every institution f government. They ransacked everything they could.

    2. Thank you.And now the repubs are trying to stop or slow of the real American people from putting these crime helpers out.of office.

    3. @Fatima Mirza sorry Minchin is chasing money and no longer has Trump in office to back him up. Minchin will try and sell them on Trump is going to come back but he will be in jail.

    4. @Edwin Gonzalez I am not from America. Nor am I ‘conservative’.

      I have, however, experienced America’s influence on third-world politics and the effects of it’s transgressions in the Arab region.

      This is not to, in anyway, diminish the Arab Leaders’ complicity in creating the turmoil in their respective Nation States. They haven’t learnt their lessons – or perhaps, like all those in power, they “I don’t really care, Do you?”!

      I have never, ever looked at America through rose-tinted lenses!!

  2. These funds have no soul. There is nothing they wouldn’t do to turn a profit. Looks like Trump admin is FINALLY draining the swamp.

    1. You ‘re right when you want to say the former criminal and great liar president Trump almost has done nothing for the US or the great common American people. That’s a cruel joke, because American taxpayers has paid him for doing his real jog and not for enriching only himself and perhaps also his family and that ‘s about it!

    1. @TheMedia FullOfCrap that’s rich coming from a Qanon trump cultists. LMAO you people are pure entertainment for democrats.

    2. @Peter Jones What about Joe using his office to build relationships? Right. Nobody looking at that. You are right, this has nothing to do with Hillary other than precedent her case set allowing literally anyone to destroy evidence and act corruptly with zero repercussions. Do you disagree?

    3. @Kevin Grant Yes I do disagree… The issue around Hillarys server was investigated as was the deletion of her emails and it was all adjudged acceptable and legal. The right wing just hangs on to it as a talking point so people like you bring it up 5 years later. what about Benghazi?

    1. Interesting! Maybe NOT JUST from the Persian Countries’ Sovereign Wealth Fund perhaps even from other Non Gulf Countries’ Sovereign Wealth Funds too.

    2. @Tim Countis and the Seychelles. Drain the treasury not the swamp is his motto. Somebody needs to check the gold boullion in ft. Knox seriously!!

    1. Speaking of trophy wives I was just reminded that teddy Cruz’s wife is with Goldman Saks, McConnells of course is part of China’s richest shipping family, and the recently deposed Senator from Georgia had the trophy husband on Wall Street. It’s not just republicans either. We have a whole shadow government/ economics policy married into Congress.

    2. @Guy North yes because the republicans are trying to block Merrick Garland yet again. I think he’ll be great once in.

    1. @MsJudi54 ROFL The proof is in the small print that comes with the emails Trump sent out for his scam. The stuff in large print tells you the money goes to fight the “election fraud”, the small print informs you that the money – unless you are donating a very large sum of money – goes to a PAC that allows Trump to use the money for anything he sees fit (which includes funding his lavish lifestyle) with a cut going to the RNC, presumably to keep them sweet on the deal.

    2. @MsJudi54 You are a paralegal yet you have no idea what socialism means??
      You must have got certified for that thru some trade school not a legitimate college, right. No way you could have made it thru school being this dumb.

    1. watch the old press briefings how he stands when he’s on stage with trump. he looks like he has a stick up his bastooti.

    1. Which is why the Democrats always end up cleaning Republicans messes up. They continue to use the people of this country to make money for themselves and step on the people’s backs with no remorse!

    2. @Barbara Hartlen one term for Bush Sr, one term for Bush Jr had it not been for the war, and one term for Trump – seems like Republicans crawl back into power every eight years once the public forgets why they got rid of them

  3. That’s not shocking, trump and his presidency is a joke, he is a pathological liar for sure his cabinet and administration are just following his lead

    1. @Don Newton I must respectfully disagree w/ most of your post. I do hope you don’t have me cancelled from my life as a result of my having the temerity to oppose a member of the arrogant & self-righteous Left.
      Actually, I never equated each of the ideologies of leftists. Your Chosen Party is made up of a variety of evil worldviews vying for power, including tha accepted anarchists destroying mainly Dem-run cities w/ very little accountability for their actions.
      Why is it that people assume that because others have opposing views that they don’t do any research or study on the issues or people? That’s arrogant & rude, IMO. Why not just ask me specific, intelligent questions in order to find out why I believe this or that? Why be insulting on a personal level without 1st validating or clarifying what the other person is trying to tell you? it used to be where people had good manners & showed respect. (sigh)

    2. @Berelene Yergaw I apologize. I was responding in kind. I actually did not feel venomous when I wrote that. I write for attorneys & judges, so I tend to come off sterner than I feel. You did deserve a telling off, though, if truth be told, lol.

    3. @MsJudi54 Ok! So now I’ve been told offYou’re obviously a no nonsense ladyIt’s good when even on social media we can remind each other not to get so caught up in our thoughts we momentarily forget that we all want the best for the country and all Americans.

    4. @Living I actually looked it up. OMG. You are frighteningly true. Now I’m truly frighten.Now please find out how we can defeat it.

    1. @Catrasho If you can’t tell. Then I guess you are part of the problem, now go sit in the corner and keep praying for your orange colored god king to return to office!

    1. No, off course they are not hiding their corruption. There are no consequences so why should they …
      T is exactly the same story in Kenya….
      Yes, one of the s***hole countries!

    2. They wear it like a badge. For them it’s proof of their inherent superiority; the rest of us uncorrupted are pathetic idiots, they think

    1. Yes. And don’t forget Rick Perry getting the multi-year multi-million dollar ‘deal’ with Ukraine for his two buddies…. I don’t know (yet) how he may have benefitted.

    2. @Annette youtube Yeah. What is it with Ukraine? Seems like an awful lot of money and power brokering going on there. The new front of the Cold War I guess.


    4. Bet he’s got all his papers in order and will be a jet plane to Abu Dhabi soon. I don’t think they have extradition treaties with the states.

    1. You ‘re right when you want to say the former criminal and great liar president Trump almost has done nothing for the US or the great common American people. That’s a cruel joke, because American taxpayers has paid him for doing his real jog and not for enriching only himself and perhaps also his family and that ‘s about it!

    1. He got his buddy Pompeo to slip in a few billion worth of jets…was bribery…or foreign affairs…..things that make you go. Hmmmm?

    1. THAT MY DEAR SMELLS LIKE A NATIONAL SECURITY CONCERN, G.C.H.Q, SHOULD BE CARRYING OUT AN ESPIONAGE OPERATION AS WE SPEAK, Because alas is illegal for one of your american agencies to carry out.

  4. always has been just one giant grift at the expense of the American people, not even sure why we are surprised at this point anymore….

    1. I’m so not surprised. When those stimulus loans came out and was approved so fast, it was to push loans through for their sham companies.

  5. We didn’t forget him, obstructing justice for is pal,using our money to take trips,you have to face people also, you’re not going to walk off into the sunset, check his taxes too.

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