Moderna Vaccine Developer Convinces Mother & Son To Get Vaccine 1

Moderna Vaccine Developer Convinces Mother & Son To Get Vaccine


Dr. Kizzmekia Corbett, who helped create the Moderna vaccine, “was the key” to convincing Matthew Mallory and his mother, Dr. Joan Cephas, to get the vaccine. Matthew and Dr. Cephas join Lawrence to explain their initial reluctance to the vaccine. Dr. Corbett discusses why it’s important to “leave no question unanswered” to keep convincing Americans to get vaccinated.
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    1. @L X look up the code of federal regulations title 21. Changed the rules April 2020. You are being poisoned. But keep on listening to the “scientist” you brag about. Cough cough (lobbyist)

    2. @Lady Plumeria It was Trump who started all this scam, he went with the opportunity to take the spotlight off himself when he was being investigated and stared the lockdowns and the panic.

    3. @j j i know, i’m saying doctors said the opposite of what op said, so his point was invalid because a “doctor” said it

  1. Thank you! And thank you for ensuring you’re both safe, your family and friends will love you for looking after yourselves and them too.

    1. My vaccine playlist will wake you up, they are hiding and removing the truth so people won’t wake up

  2. Something is seriously wrong with people that find a tinfoil hat rumor more persuasive that an experts fact.

    1. @Jamey Lane You must be upset, it’s been so easy to trigger you into every deranged response. Don’t forget to print out a transcript of you comments for when you go to your psychologist. They’ll come in handy when they write a textbook on abnormal psychology. The chapter on projection will practically write itself.

    2. @garyoa1 I do not have to look anything up. I see with my own eyes. We are over a year into this bs. I have seen no busy hospitals, funeral homes, testing sites, or vaccine sites. I also do not know anyone sick by the silly virus.

    3. @j j Nobody “makes up” facts. Facts are by definition indisputable. Conspiracy theories on the other hand are all made up and mostly by those that are detached from reality.

  3. I got my final dose today, got my second dose today and I’m doing ok so far 🙂 to the lady that created this vaccine, thank you, and may the force be with you.

    1. @Equality For All Thanks for showing that critical thinking is dead. No long-term testing or liability for vaccines manufacturers. Oh and how about those phase 3 animal studies for mRNA, quite troubling results…

    2. @Melissa’s Legally blind World
      Thank you Melissa. I didn’t feel tired until the day after. Just thought I’d mention it in case you had plans for tomorrow. It lasted only one day. Congrats to you too! Take care my friend:)

  4. I get my 2nd phizer may 26. No vaccine no travel … I appreciate and believe in science

  5. If they’re related to the dev, then they would probably be more willing. Was it so hard to convince them?

    1. I had an aunt who contracted polio as a young girl. She was disabled for life. People don’t suffer from polio now because of a vaccine.

  6. Thank you very, very much. I got my second shot on 21-05-04. the feeling of gratitude and thankfulness almost led me to hug all the ppl in the room. Of course I didn’t. Again: Thank you very much. Keep on sciencing!

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