1. That’s cool,I’m just gonna wait until a couple thousand people try and then I’ll THINK about it.😊😊😊

    1. @Benjamin Hansen you’re right, I misspoke. The trials involved 30k people total, 15k of whom received the vaccine, and the other 15k got the placebo.

    1. @Charlie Brown Wow. You should be ashamed of yourself. I bet you never served either. I did. Yet you talk about a long serving veteran like that who was tortured while you are at home safe bc of guys like him.

      The difference between Joe who never served and you and Trump who never served is that Joe does not disrespect and dishonor McCains service by saying the disrespectful stuff you and Trump are saying.

      You Trump supporters just repeat everything your dear leader says. Why don’t you think for yourself and call a spade a spade. Trump only cares about himself and says negative things about everyone that goes against him in any way which means

      Trump says bad things about a lot of people. How many people have been fired, resigned, jailed, called liars by the biggest Liar this country has ever seen? And instead of doing the right thing, the moral thing by going against Trump when he he dishonors a wounded veteran who got cancer and died, you pile on and continue to disrespect him. I am not a conservative, yet I honor mccain for the incredible sacrifice he made for you and I and this country. And you call yourself a patriot!? Smh. I am done wasting my time talking to someone like you, sir. But I hope you become a man of honor eventually. Good luck.

    2. @Iris Collins infecting them with what, virus that they may decide to inject into themselves. Kind of a catch-22. I would rather slowly build up my immunities, like most animals do, then Mainline viruses into my body, like a drug addict shoots up heroin.

    1. @Craig Nelson i know that and I also know they (experts) don’t know much about the virus yet so who’s to say that there aren’t different strains? Point in case even if you think you’ve had it there could be different strains so people still need to wear a mask.

    2. @Queen Of Wands Well they haven’t identified any mutation yet, but yes, everyone should keep wearing a mask until they get this all figured out, even if you think you are immune. They just don’t know yet. 
      (cool user name btw!)

  2. For moderna vaccine storage temperature is -20°c compared to -70°c of Pfizer. Logistics for moderna vaccine will be easier.

    1. @Josfur Gaming actually a lot of people care.
      And technically if one were to work with your logic of nobody cares, why should anyone care that you don’t.

    2. The Pfizer freezer issue is likely why the CEO took his share increase and cashed in, he knew their product will not be competitive.

  3. Start giving the vaccine to governments , the mega wealthy, the rich ! Then if they survive after 6 months then we the poor will follow. Politicians first , live on TV with witnesses present.

    1. @Brian Williams Addendum: Why would we have expected the first lockdown to work when we have Trump nomaskers walking around touting that masks don’t work despite scientific evidence otherwise? The NYT put out a nice article showing mask usage by zip code, and in MANY areas it fell well below 50%, which is plenty for exponential spread. Meanwhile, Japan, South Korea, and especially Taiwan and Vietnam showed that with STRICT adherence to lockdowns, they can work very effectively. It depends entirely on how ignorant, semi-conformist, and well educated your population is. Keep in mind you can still retain your independence and non-conformity while also following the science and data.

    2. @Herakets Games I trade with China and in February this year before lockdowns I noticed a strange thing, sellers couldn’t sell anything related to what would soon be COINED as PPE (like it’s some new invention of the 21st century)and moreover, I found bi-ote-ch companies in China that had a Plethora of testing kits and when you buy from them they have MOQs minimum order quantities and we’re talking 10,000 units so you can imagine how many hundreds of thousands of units they had already for Covid, a new strain?and because of a childish TRADE war, anything related to Covid was banned 🚫 from being shipped to USA I tried asking why but you think anyone in a nondemocratic country would know? Nope, so I could have probably tried to use a VPN to beat the system but it still has to go through customs border control which was probably closed at the time. As in even therapeutic oxygen supplies like those little machines that can create oxygen NADA NEIN banned! so Im sitting behind a laptop like in a twilight zone. All the people who could have been saved if they had their own test kits and a Covid Test in my area is around 70 bux and you realize that you have to pay out of pocket because insurance doesn’t cover it that’s why so many people after April were like eff it let’s party.

    1. @Dennis Higgins When one has no knowledge of fact, one studies facts. No need to blame the dishwasher for not cleaning the dishes when they piled up in the kitchen..

    2. @Dennis Higgins Not just American religion. The cancer that is religion is nothing short of a global pandemic. See, religion feeds into itself like necrotizing fascitis, stupid people swell the numbers, religion makes them even stupider and on the cycle goes. It would seem that the only thing that can stop it is KOOL AID 🙂

    1. Well not reporter.
      Like drugs , Free samples.
      Then you gotta have free bidencare to get fix.
      If no BC. You gotta pay.
      Due to your insurance getting hacked up.
      They don’t cover that.
      To expensive.
      OH. Your taxes went up to pay for BC. IDK. JS

    1. @socal rocks President Trump will likely have saved thousands, perhaps millions, of American lives thanks to his efforts to get the vaccine into use. You should thank him.

    2. Sell the shares, Drive the price down, buy shares back at lower price. If anyone has the time to research see which politicians did the same thing. Believe it or not they still do insider trading, just on a wink and a nod

    1. @purelements Right… Because taking a vaccine for a virus that they haven’t even isolated yet and you have a 99.9% chance of getting, and in the slim chance you do.. Will recover in a few days “Like all the celebrities and government workers that claim they got it and are magically fine” Plus about a 99.7% death chance.. Makes any damn sense. Not to mention a vaccine that’s been rushed when normal vaccines take years and years for test😒
      Yep, you are really using your brain 🧠

      Good luck with that vaccine!

      I hope you’ve got one for tuberculosis which killed millions of people back in 2018 but you didn’t see them shut down the worlds economies and force restrictions upon us now did you?

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