Moe on racist attacks against province's top doctor: 'I'm actually very embarrassed' | COVID-19 1

Moe on racist attacks against province’s top doctor: ‘I’m actually very embarrassed’ | COVID-19


Sask. Premier Scott Moe condemned the behaviour and racist attacks at an anti-lockdown rally, calling it 'disgusting' and 'embarrassing.'


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    1. @Leon Chan well many many will die before we reach herd immunity. Quebec thought they would try that but gave up on that idea. Two countries in Europe did as well . No success story there.

    1. @CMDR Atheorum and regardless of what government party you support, you are supporting psychopaths pushing servitude upon you!

    1. @Thomas Counley I don’t want there to be a problem not at all. In fact, I was pointing out that this sickness is a human one and which is pretty much everywhere. For Canada to be a great country, racism has to be eradicated where ever it exists. Remember I said it’s a sickness, we have a cure. but we have to make the effort.

    2. @Tone canada is a great country and why? Because racism is not a problem here. If you believe there is a problem it is because your searching for it. Like morgan Freeman says. Wanna stop it? Quit talking about it.

    3. @Thomas Counley It depends on how you define “problem”. Is Canada like the United States, no. Do some Canadians feel there is a bias against them….yes. Is this a problem, depends on who you are and your point of view. I will say this, Canada is a great country and has address the issues of racism pretty openly and honestly. Is there work to do….most definitely!!! Are Canadians working on it….yes.

      I know that was a roundabout reply, but the country is working to make it a better place for all and that’s what really matters.

    1. THEY DID! Usually BEFORE moving to Canada and having to CERTIFY to practice here and be licenced and paying TAXES to pay for things like ROADS and EDUCATION … which you Sir … sorely need the later and will always need the former when you have a terminal case of not having the latter.

    2. @Leon Chan exactly. That’s why Sask. is know as the most racist province in Canada: a bunch of stupid pig farmers like this guy live there.

    1. Racism is seem every country including where I come from. However, you need to be able to see beyond the word “racism”. Labeling someone is one thing, engaging conversation to get to know the other’s opinion is better.

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