Moment of strike on Zaporizhzhia apartment building

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy shared video of what he says is a Russian strike on an apartment building in Zaporizhzhia.

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  1. Did everyone whine/cry when Canada invaded and occupied Afghanistan for 13 years, like they whine/cry over Russia?

  2. This building was again hit by Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile with long expired shelf life. Zelenskyy already hit Poland, Romania (a jet and a chopper were downed 8 servicemen killed), Moldova, Belarus, numerous residential buildings and at least two childrenโ€™s playgrounds inside Ukraine with these missiles. Western missiles which are sent there are also with either expired shelf life or very close to expiration date . Itโ€™s mindboggling how many buildings were hit and civilians killed (including two hapless polish farmers) with this ongoing criminal lunacy of Zelenskyy regime. The chance of downing Russian missile is negligible in comparison with a risk of an accident with numerous civilian casualties . To give weapons to this war criminal Zelenskyy is like giving matches and gasoline to a serial arsonist.

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