Nanos poll shows Trudeau’s popularity still sliding | TREND LINE

CTV News' Michael Stittle and pollster Nik Nanos break down the latest polling from Nanos Research showing that Liberal numbers are still sliding.

Watch the full episode for a new Nanos Research survey on how Canadians feel about the country and a lookahead to the 2023 federal budget — could it impact the Liberal-NDP alliance?

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    1. Isn’t it the fish farms? Yes they should the farm fish develop disease get loose and spread it to the wild salmon.

  1. I could’ve told you that without a poll , Justinchina is probably done with his political Career 😘🤪😘

  2. What is disappointing is that it has taken 8 years for the average Canadian to realize this. Time for Trudeau to step aside and let the CPC fix everything that is broken.

    1. Realize what? Trudeau is going to be just fine. I’ll be voting for him again if he doesn’t retire.

  3. It’s amusing to see Nick lament about the demise of the most inept government this country has ever seen.

  4. i would love to see the data of the break down per riding as far as your polling numbers but i doubt we will see that and the fact he is at 27 percent with the conservatives at 32 still gives him the option of a coalition government with the ndp.

    1. @TdotSoul alright troll, I’ll play, I know you need a little time out from under the bridge- how is he doing an excellent job? Lol

  5. When he’s done canada should de lare a national holiday…that’s one day I could really celebrate!

  6. JT has already collected his offshore payout from his handlers. As such, he doesn’t put as much effort into reciting his lines anymore.

  7. I live in British Columbia and I haven’t been polled by any of the pollsters regarding my voter preference. I can say one thing. NEVER would I vote for Trudeau and his Liberal party. I think Nanos is pro Liberal and by extension, pro Trudeau. In theory, given the current state in Canada, the spread between Conservatives and Liberals should be higher. Did Nanos actually ask anyone beyond Ontario what they thought.

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