1. @Real Eyes Unfortunately, the saying, “do you even English?” is not proper English grammar, if that’s what you were looking for.

  1. Law suit is imminent should win handily and rightly so
    We are all innocent till proven guilty
    But when police obstruct justice there should be repercussions for all involved

    1. They would be smart to just settle. They have zero grounds to withhold paying for their negligence and anyone put threw that should automatically get a settlement !

    1. You mean the ones coming back from vacation? Yeah they can stay there until we know they don’t have covid.

    1. Exactly and soon because they’ve been doing it for so long as it is. There’s proof on top of proof of racism within the police forces in Canada. I would hate being a POC while working for any force in Canada. We act as if it doesn’t really happen here but it does allllll too much .

  2. LMFAO I am not going to believe the words of any police officer in Canada ever. They have proven that they are not to be trusted at all. Violating the charter. Enforcing unconstitutional edict. Your empty apology is falling on deaf ears.

  3. It’s a crime in Canada that citizens who’ve been mistreated by police cannot sue. That is the biggest crime

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