More election interference? | Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim responds to allegations

VancouverMayor Ken Sim responded to allegations that China sought to interfere in the municipal election.

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  1. Oh.. Well the liberals should investigate the liberals for any wrong doing.. Oh.. That’s happening lol.. Again

  2. Mr. Sim, calling racism is a convenient deflection. Your response is, almost, a guarantee that they need to keep digging. We Canadians have been to this rodeo, waaaaaay too many times.

  3. Well he didn’t like Poilievres criticism either though when he said Vancouver was “hell on earth” due to all the homeless and drug overdoses. If he turns out to be corrupted too I won’t be surprised.

  4. You know, Jason Kenney was the ONLY Premier to come out and talk about foreign interference.
    Heck that is why I voted for him.
    I was so ecstatic to see him support the Democracy of Taiwan before anyone else did.
    Sadly he was removed from office due to a foreign influence campaign.

    1. You might want to have a look at the Canadian Constitution to see how Parliamentary Democracy actually works.

  5. hey lets take a look at all countries and all races and see which ethnicity doesn’ affect anything including elections, taxes, business,war….the list goes on right?

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