Two Edmonton officers killed, 16-year-old suspect dead

Nicole Lampa on what is known about the suspect and investigation into the deadly shooting of two Edmonton officers.

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  1. there are similarities between this case and the Innisfil ON shooting of two police officers last year. Police should probably treat all domestic violence calls like homicide-in-progress calls…

  2. Isn’t that thing called a snow brush? And there’s also the ice scraper, right? Idk how Canadians don’t know what those things are called. But aside from that, my deepest condolences to the families of the officers.

    1. @DragonTamer31K Canada isn’t a real place. I don’t disagree. I’ve been saying that for years I’m glad someone else Acknowledged it.

  3. How can Brett Ryan have 55 years of service when he is only 35??? 85 years for Travis Jordan? C’mon, really? Have you lost your senses that much that you cannot even report the REAL facts. attended High School with Officer Jordan’s family member and I know I am not 85 years old.
    Aside from all that, I am sorry the families are going through this terrible tragedy and sad loss. My deepest sympathies. I never thought that my daughter would be going back home to Edmonton for a Funeral of her fellow officers.

  4. May Their Dear Souls Rest In Eternal Peace. Hugs to their families, friends, EPS, and the entire Police Service in the country. Thank you for your service. 🌹🌹😭😭😭😭

  5. Every domestic violence should be approached with guns drawn. This happened so many times. Sad. Condolences to the families 🙏🙏

    1. @leanercleaner698 sanitation workers literally have a higher death rate than cops lmao

      if you don’t want to risk your life for the safety of others, DON’T BE A COP

    1. In consideration of the officers families lost. Releasing the footage at this stage without consent of its families/wives/sons/daughters (the ones who has lost the most), would be insensitive

    2. to show what? And why would you think you have a right to see it before the incident is investigated?

  6. I would have liked to have a jury decide on a punishment rather than him being killed by angry Police.

    1. if you were to walk downtown in near any city you could be put in the right direction in 10 minutes, drugs,guns,sex you name it .

  7. theres more to the story what went wrong with the mother and son to get this bad and how can we all learn from it…

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