More Fiery Protests In Clarendon, Jamaica | Defiant George Wright | TVJ Midday News - June 14 2021 1

More Fiery Protests In Clarendon, Jamaica | Defiant George Wright | TVJ Midday News – June 14 2021


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  1. The police them don’t know what to do cause people just down on them weather is them right or wrong

  2. Congrats Reggae Girlz losing 4-0 against the mulit-time World Cup Champions with a decent performance was excellent. With such a momentum and if the Reggae Boyz will get their act together we could see Jamaica in WC 2022 and WC 2023.

  3. Let me tell you all that this isn’t going away anytime soon it’s might get worse before it gets better

    1. @Tinbeef war is coming to jamaica a civil unrest enough is enough of the unlawful police killings now it’s our kid’s why

  4. The people are right to demonstrate, I don’t agree of blocking the roads. We the public need answers, this is not the first, these shooting keep happening time and time again and all the authorities do is cover it up. This particular incident in Hayes we have heard conflicting versions from too different Superintendents and neither of them makes sense, and if does not make sense it cannot be true. We need answers as these killings of our young people cannot go on. The JCF has a serious problem, a problem which is out of control, trigger happy and people are dying under suspicious circumstances and we don’t hear any statements coming from the gugu – gaga police Commissioner.

  5. Up to now he still can’t come and say it’s not me..its seems like y’all waiting on Ray Charles to come and tell unuh seh a him.

  6. If they are not careful it might go back to the days of Renato Adam’s a massive civil unrest

  7. Question:
    1) Was the police in unmarked car?
    2) Did the police discharge rounds whilst in pursuit of the vehicle?
    3) The report states that shots were fired at the police, and the police returned fire. Who are these men?
    4)Why wasn’t a man hunt launched
    5) why was this information omitted from the police report that was made on the social media pages?
    6) Where are the images of the bullet casing on the scene before the vehicle was removed?

    This is not adding up, and someone is lying. Jamaicans, we cannot let this thing slide like this because this could have reached anyone of is. Nobody is going to stop for an unmarked car, in the night.

  8. The parents are at fault apparently these young people were joyriding dangerously all day they did crashed whatever caused the crash the people in the car have to bear some of the responsibilities.

    1. No doubt that they should bear some responsibility, but did the police pursue them in an unmarked car and fired shot… That’s the huge elephant in the room. It’s also reported that men opened fire on the police. Where are those men, and where is the evidence to substantiate the claim? JCF gave two contradicting accounts so someone needs to be held accountable for that too because someone lie in attempt to skew the narrative.

    2. Imagine armed men in an unmarked car chased u fired shots at you and made you crash. Then it was later said that those men were police, and they reported that shots were fired at them. Would you feel comfortable knowing that they’re lying about what transpired? No, you would want the truth to get out. Alot of Jamaicans are deflecting from the fact that there is a possibility that the police had breach protocols and the malpractice resulted in the youths crashing.

    3. @Cbw Xinhua so none of the kids are conscious as yet to be able to give account of what really happened? Me nuh like this at all,,, pickney love peer pressure and that could very well have been my kid in there too. As a parent I can empathize but we need answers as to what happened exactly happened!

      Some half truths and half lies are in there somewhere!

    4. @Tiff’s Take That’s the thing. Only the police account is official as we speak. I hope the others pull through with memory of the event because this nuh sound right. I drive on the road everyday, and it could have been anyone of us because nobody stopping at night for an unmarked police car… Then they saying shots fired, but the only proof of shots being fired is the fact that they(the police)can’t account for some of their rounds. Their half of the story about men at the scene, who looked like they were about to rob the car crash victims, and opened fire at the police upon seeing them doesn’t make any sense and it seems they’re using that as a cover up to account for the missing police rounds. Where are those men? Knowing JCF That’s the first thing they would have said, and why police nah look fi dem now? Jamaicans buy the bs stories too much mon. Time fi truth be told. They need to stop the lying.

  9. @TVJ, can you upload the prime time News last night? Specifically, the aspect of the news that spoke to the matter in Clarendon with the 9 youths and the police? Thank you. I did not see it, and i would like to see it.

  10. George Wright should be kicked out of the Labour party and should not be able to sit in the house of representatives as a M P in Jamaica so people get up and let your Voices be heard.

  11. This is foolishness tvj. Cant show us news aired many days ago. All other vlogger are ahead of you. You’re a disgrace

  12. When protest turn to and lawless it is time to clear the streets ,and make arrest, if necessary, call in the JDF confidence in the government must be restored!

    1. Think u see ntn yet? Uno fart when people get real frustrated. All now the government nuh seh a word, so which confidence in government u a talk bout? Dem look like dem care bout wi? Time fi get rid a pnp and jlp. Two a do the same thing all the while give the police excessive powers to brutalize citizens and then they come talk bout them love wi. Ppl dem nave nuh sense, because the government and the political system are the true enemies… the system rigged!

  13. They have mounted road block to prevent vehicle from going out or coming in. “So how have traffic been impacted?”

  14. Them need to give someone who knows how hungry feel the country to run, why all of the older people that already spend a life time in the government system can’t step down an make other people get a chance? Alot of them know they are not doing a good job.

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