More Than 188,000 Migrants Were Picked Up At US-Mexico Border In June 1

More Than 188,000 Migrants Were Picked Up At US-Mexico Border In June


Customs and Border Patrol says it has apprehended more than 188,000 migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border in the month of June, a 21 year high. NBC's Julia Ainsley has details.
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  1. And how many were vaccinated ?
    Why don’t you require them to get vaccinated before entry ?

    1. @warpedjaffas1 They are not deported. That stopped with Biden Harris. They are provided housing or are allowed to stay till their court date.

    2. @Debi Settles they do need to go to red states to work on farms there, as they do every year .. cause them Republican farmers depend on illegals.

    3. @Debi Settles That is precisely how it works. The federal government gives cities money when they take in immigrants…oh, I’m sorry, “refugees”. Red states are not safe. They are being sold out by their politicians and by their large metro areas that are made up of people from all over. It is the great replacement.
      Texas will fall when they replace enough people to the point that it’s no longer Texas.

    1. @Loris Remember at the onset of covid, all the big box stores had barricades around the storefronts? They didn’t know how it was going to play out so they took precautions, it’s also why they released inmates,,, to make room for the “examples” in case riots broke out. They didn’t of course, b/c we are too foolish and accept whatever MSM tells us to accept. We FAILED the test miserably, the majority fell for the covid BS and now there are close to ONE MILLION deaths from the ‘cure’… and countless life long serious injuries!

      The side effects may not be immediate, but this fall flu season we will see unprecedented deaths, and it won’t be from the FAKE DELTA variant or covid. it will be from the immune system attacking itself. Too bad people were brainwashed. NO vaccine is EVER needed! We’ve been killing and maiming our children for decades… trusting healthcare workers who told us.. side effects are evidence of the vaccine “working”. The truth is .. side effects are the body’s NORMAL response to POISON! This was Never about covid, it has been about genocide and getting us all schipped.

      Then there are the shills! Pure evil. to me it makes the covid BS even MORE apparent.. to think that our sick government actually HIRED people (shills) to insult and demean anyone telling the truth about covid, and now their job is to support the deadly vaccines. They hired these people a couple months before they rolled out the covid BS. Now their job if to support the killer vaccines. Remember the “work from home ads” we were BOMBARDED with?

    2. @Censorship Is real err nope. If you’re unable to determine that 50 years of punitive sanctions for some, but not others, has played a role in things that’s your narrow-mindednesses champ.

  2. I see a bunch of politically based commentary here. Seeing these numbers just makes me think 188,000 **documented** migrants. Think about that a bit.

    1. @Cold Beer the Congressional hearing estimated about 1 in every 7 get caught so 188,000 times 7 are now in and dems are fighting to get them to be able to cast anonymous ballots in the next election

    2. @Fading Jupiter No room at the inn along the border is why Biden is flying them throughout the nation… Soon there will be no room at the inn in Maine too…

    3. @B. T. Get over Trump… Truth is Pelosi’s family business hires illegals too… Even my former bosses has hired illegals, due to the fact there is presently no national photo ID… There should be a free national photo ID, which would please even the Republicans… But no, there isn’t any FREE national photo ID…

    1. No Trumps they helped build some of his houses and properties. They were provided with fake green cards and Social Security Numbers to do that 60 minutes did a huge segment on this look it up if you do not believe me.

    1. @Kevin Polit It wasn’t America yet;
      it was stone age wilderness. People want
      to come here because of what we built.

    2. @John Drake what have YOU built ?my JOB alone gives back to my country in ways you couldn’t imagine

    3. @Stephanie Ferraro they are using them to knock on your door asking you if you want an appointment to get the vaccine.

    1. With all of the variables that are possible to factor in… obviously there are many that can’t be verified…

      I have Biden around 45 – 52 million. Above 55 is improbable, and above 65 is a statistical impossibility.

      The double digit % point increases, that Trump had with EVERY demographic alone, makes the 81 million figure laughable. That isn’t even getting into all the other varying types of fraud that were carried out, and fully verifiable.

      As I mention above, I am fully aware that there is existing fraud out there that I haven’t even come across at this point, and probably won’t.

  3. This should be treated nothing less than hostile foreign force(s) attempting or succeeding to invade. Which the majority already agree.

    1. Parts of the border have always been open. Border patrol has to work somehow. We also have citizens who live around the border too. They have to travel out for most things but church.

    2. If you look real close at the ones that are on the buses it’s all young men no women no children so I’m sure they’re going to make them join the service army or navy or something

    1. @RuRdy2RK This statement and the left calls the right “conspiracy theorists” lol. Man was on trial for 4 years and NOTHING was true. Quit the hatred and wake up

  4. Well we know their have been over a million crossing since January. So how many don’t we know about?

    1. @B. T. Ask the inner cities if they’re enjoying all the fentinol getting smuggled into their communities that lead to ~23,000 deaths last year.

    2. Oh and guess what fentinol seizures are up 800% since Biden took office. And since for every pound they get there’s a hundred they missed you know what’s going to happen.

    1. @Dan Gerous
      Reich wing always project:/ 70% Of all pedos are right wingers. Just ask Matt Gaetzs;)

      I’m not American & we have a migrant problem here in the U.K.. That said, many of these people are running away from unimaginable injustices in their own country. I’m fortunate to have lived a good life in a country that for the most part is safe. I can’t begin to imagine what life is like for these people. Sadly many don’t speak English, don’t know who or where to go to get help to enter legally, no matter how many times their plight is discussed on National tv, in the newspapers. They’re just trying to survive. I wish I had the answer but I don’t.

    1. How is Abbott’s Wall that nobody is paying for, coming along?? About as good as Trump’s failed Wall build. Biden is catching more than Trump, go figure!!

  5. It’s also 188,000 less jobs for Americans born here. So when Biden and Psaki brag about creating new jobs…those jobs are not going to Americans.

  6. This is the worst administration I’ve seen in my lifetime. I thought Bush was awful, but this is something else, this is destructive.

    1. @Digby Smollett Just for you: They caught more than ever before.. unemployment dropping .. raising retail sales… stock markets hitting record highs … how is that awful for you??

    2. You’re not understanding the causes of those things you’ve just stated. More people are being caught at the border because more people are illegally crossing the border, that isn’t a good thing. Unemployment is “dropping” because we’re just beginning to be allowed to return to a facade of normalcy after the Covid measures, that is also why there are “raising retail sales”. I can’t comment on the state of the stock market as I don’t keep up with it myself but if the Nasdaq’s hitting all time highs then that is a good sign, lets hope that balances out the inflation rate.

  7. I can’t even watch anymore. This is stomach turning. This admin couldn’t care less about American citizens

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