VP Harris Holds Meeting On Voting Rights 1

VP Harris Holds Meeting On Voting Rights


Vice President Harris held a meeting with prominent groups representing Black women, including members of the Black Women's Roundtable and the National Council of Negro Women. Co-founder of the Black Voters Matter Fund LaTosha Brown, and Civil rights attorney Debo Adegbile join Geoff Bennett to discuss.
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  1. Remember when Trump held meetings on how important it was for every American to have the right to vote?

    Just kidding. That nightmare is over. Vote Blue like your children’s life depends on it because it does. 🇺🇸💙🇺🇸💙🇺🇸

    1. @steve jette “If true” It’s in a democrat state and you don’t know? God you people are something else.

    2. @A Blunt Conservative Yes can’t get into a voting place without walking through all the republicans protesting about the voting restrictions in blue states. Their chauffeur waiting for them standing in line with all those disgusting democrats ew, and OMG voting and decisions. This calls for a trip straight to the country club and a cool tall drink. Wow what an exhausting day. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. As an aside, why were these people arrested for apparently marching and singing, but the people who were in the Capitol on 1/6/21 just allowed to go home?

    1. I immediately thought same and there is only ONE answer. As you can see these are mostly Women of COLOR. It is up to OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT to STEP IN AND STOP THIS ATTACK FROM WITHIN. No more “discussions”

  3. Until there is equal rights and equality for all people, all of our rights are just privileges that can be taken away by someone else’s ignorance and prejudices. Ask the Japanese Americans about their rights in 1942?

    1. @Censorship Is real Apparently you have a comprehension issue with reading. I’ll dumb it down for you. At no point in that comment did I say I have lost my rights. I want to prevent from losing my rights. It is that fragile.
      When you are against the equal rights of all it is just the stepping stone to other rights being taken away. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know there is always a starting point to any event. One little slip, one small step the wrong way and our entire democracy falls. Democracy is fragile, because it is an ideal based on good people, making good decisions for the betterment of all. Without that we are just another country with a bunch of people living here.
      Any fascist can come along and twist the truth until it does not even resemble truth to the normal person and to the person who is not paying attention they begin to believe the lies and misinformation. It is proven the more you repeat a lie the more people believe that lie. Example Hitler 1930’s. That is what is happening here and now. The rest of the world is watching what is happening here in the US and scratching their heads.
      You think that you are censored. What have you been censored about/ What can you not say? There are limitations. You cannot walk into a theatre and YELL FIRE! You cannot lie to people on a public forum if they have told you not to repeat the lies unless they provide proof. That is not censorship that is protecting the public. All of these republicans that are telling you not to get vaccinated. Guess what? They were first in line and are vaccinated. Including FOX’es own Tucker Carlson.
      Time to wake up now!

    1. The Trump philosophy is not to support our vets.
      Trump’s proposed 2020 budget cuts to our vets proved that.

  4. Watching from across Lake Ontario, like many Canadians, I hope the U.S. can figure out this democracy business. One day, let’s hope, they will have equal voting rights, equal representation, and a system in which the majority can select their leaders.

    1. Would that be just dandy in the land that is supposed to be all about freedom? If you can figure this one out shoot Washington a line, but you’ll have to get their attention first. They way too busy politicising everything that moves in the US to get anything done. I really hate what the politicians are doing to this country.

    2. We all have the same voting rights. The Democrats aren’t fooling anyone. The agenda is to make sure illegals are able to vote . By the polls 80% want to make it easy to vote but hard to cheat.

    3. @Lena Strope Strope more unfounded, Big Lie Nonsense. Even Republican election officials will tell you there is nothing to any of the extreme claims being spewed by this sorry excuse for a political party. Just excuses to make voting as hard as possible….for some.

  5. I an most of the males in my extended family have served in the military. I am appalled that one of the two political parties in this country are actively trying to suppress the voting rights of eligible voters. I live in Michigan our republican state senators conducted an investigation into voter fraud, and found none. That is not stopping them from attempting to pass several voter suppression bills. I can only conclude since they did not find any voter fraud that would warrant those bills, they must be trying to suppress the voting rights of eligible Michigan voters. HRC was correct when she named the republicans as deplorable.

    1. @Cup o’ Sooth Limiting access is suppression. You have blathered on and on about nothing, and have not demonstrated how increased access promotes fraud.

    2. @Constituent A Not remotely. Limiting access is called integrity. You of course do not let “anyone” vote. You allow qualified persons to vote. At the prescribed place and time, so that the opportunities for fraud are minimized.
      So you still can’t remotely say how the bill actually suppresses a single vote in any way whatsoever. Just some basic brainless statement that any restriction at all is suppression, which is asinine and ignorant in every conceivable way.
      So again, whenever you can cite any part of the bill, that suppresses a vote in any way, you just let me know.

    3. @Cup o’ Sooth No one said anything about letting “anyone” vote. Limiting access of _legally registered voters_ to the polls is suppression. You are just being deliberately obtuse.

    4. @Cup o’ Sooth , so you have no evidence you just supply insults and a condescending attitude, pretty typical of know nothing republicans. Again you talk about the Michigan proposed bills requiring just an ID, and I told you that Michigan already requires an ID to vote.

    5. @Cup o’ Sooth The one MAJOR part of the new election laws Texas, Georgia, Arizona and several others are pushing through are making it easier for Republican legislatures to simply throw out ballots in districts they “FEEL” may not be valid without the need to actually prove it. They also are making it easier for GOP Judges to over turn valid, election results simply because the Republican legislatures didn’t like the outcome. This has NOTHING to do with voter ID laws. Those laws have already been put in place in all 50 states and in fact they are present in the HR1 bill as well. You will argue this no matter what we prove or facts we show you so spare me your lame comments.

  6. Republicans turned the movie Idiocracy into a how to guide for governance.. the vote is now under attack across the USA

  7. january 6th 2021 never forget a sitting criminal fascist president with republicans in congress and government conspired and incited a seditious insurection against congress to overthrow democracy and install their radical fascist regime and dictatorship.

  8. Keep the pressure to pass the Voters Right Act. Stop the steal of future election by the Republicans, they can’t win fair and square so they are trying to suppress the vote specially in black communities. Stop them.!


    1. I wonder how many supporters of the rebulican party will survive this pandemic and get their vote in period, if they are being told not to get the vaccine.

  10. Meetings and talk.I sure hope some action goes along with it. Your going to lose in 2022 if something doesn’t happen.

    1. More liberals in the comments section watching liberal media

      I’m sure you kiss Biden communist administration ring every night

  11. I feel bad for Joe and Kamala. They got ALOT of stuff to fix. 😂 Like they have to gut the whole house. Then on top of that, you got a bunch of people sitting around, eating chips watching them and screaming they’re not moving fast enough.

    1. You shouldn’t swear to God unless you plan on telling the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth…. BTW “Jim crow 2.0”!!!

  12. Good for LaTosha, getting in “Good Trouble”. Election Integrity is a bad faith ploy for un-Constitutional Voter Suppression and Nullification. They keep talking about ID to deflect. Disenfranchising people of color, who vote overwhelmingly Democratic, from voting is just the beginning. Its not just voter suppression. what’s happening in GA and TX, is voter nullification.

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