More Than 550 Congressional Staffers Call On Senate To Convict Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. @Greh. Hard to convict a Presidente, which half the nation is willing to go to Civil War for…..MAGA Nation💪🏾🇺🇲❗☝🏾🥇🏆🧱👽

    2. Hard to do a trial on Donald Trump, when most democrats support defund police and pack the supreme court, I never see a democrats would do what George H W Bush did in 1992 to 1993 which is to send the national guard to restore order, if no police likes democrats, then what is democrats represent

    3. @Goog Tube Sullivan is “what about” deflection. People knowingly make “What about ____” (fill in the blank false statement) statements to deflect attention away from threats to their ego by making comments lacking factual support and lacking any probative value. The often repeated deflection is the deceptive reference to civil rights agitation in order to deflect attention away from the “stolen election” hysteria and insurrection incited by Donald Trump. to Deflection is ” passing something over to someone else in an attempt to draw the attention away from yourself.” DeWitt, Samantha, “What Is Deflection? Psychology Explains This Defense Mechanism,” (Betterhelp, 07/15/2020).

      When you were younger, you may have deflected the blame for a negative activity by pointing out a different negative activity your sibling did. Id. This is to avoid dealing with negative consequences. Id.

      Evidence is relevant if: (a) it has any tendency to make a fact more or less probable than it would be without the evidence; and. (b) the fact is of consequence in determining the action. FRE 402

      Rumors are not verifiable evidence. The content of the mass media is hearsay. FRE 802 ( Hearsay is not admissible unless any of the following provides otherwise: a federal statute; these rules; or
      other rules prescribed by the Supreme Court); FRE 801 (c)(1)(hearsay is not reliable because declarant does not make the statement while testifying at the current trial or hearing; and (2) a party offers in evidence to prove the truth of the matter asserted in the statement.) The asserted statements cannot be tested.

      Not mass media hearsay, not paranoid rambling from the Trump White House, not A.M. radio, please cite a .gov source or published judicial decision that John Sullivan is an employee of the Black Lives Matter Foundation. No declaration by an investigator or indictment indicates that Mr. Sullivan is allegedly an employee of the BLM Foundation. The BLM Foundation denies that he is an employee.

    1. @smart knucklehead If–IF!!!!!!–it was a lie, it was the only one.
      Would you rather have the Chump for 4 more years?

    2. @smart knucklehead Bubba Bobby it was Trump and the Republican party who gave Billionaires Trillion dollar tax cuts which added Trillions of dollars to our debt! This is why the Republican party is giving less stimulus money for millions of working class Americans! They only care about the rich folks!

    3. @smart knucklehead that’s it……. deflect. When you can’t prove something, bring up something else to use as a smokescreen!!! Open your eyes.

  1. Hey everybody. If “your” senators aren’t doing their duty, call or email them and share your view. They need to hear from the voters, this is important.

    1. Yep, as they sit there like 🙈🙉. I guess it’s easier to acquit Trump if they can say “I didn’t see or hear ANYTHING that proves Trump’s guilt.”. 🙄

    2. Democrats should have brought case law, not faux emotion as reason for a conviction. Oh right, case law supports the Defense. Pesky thing, Truth.

    1. Why cant the President take away of him running again and his secret service and all of his kids secret service because if it was Biden that had done that to his people Trump would ve taken it awat Baron is the only one of his kids that should have secret service not the rich grown kids

    2. @Iain Herridge I call people like you. The insane ignorant. Keep watching ya lil tv being lambasted with fraud and deception. You gonna wake up in darkness

    3. @psycobleach46 tullis your the stupid. You know lies not the truth. Your masters dressed they mob in Trump merch, bought some flags. And now Trump incited a riot. You big dummy

    4. @The Exuberant Mortal Beast Maybe you should stick to politics in your own country. FFS, everything about you is like a bad anime translation, foreigner

    1. Those police who risked their lives should NO MORE PROTECT those senators and congresspersons who vote against impeachment, at least when nobody is around.:P

    1. @GB NoMore YES GB!! AND HE knew the law couldn’t touch him whilever he was still in the Whitehouse!! BUT!! NOW IT’S GAME ON!! AND I DON’T MEAN GOLF!! I DON’T THINK IT’S ALLOWED IN A FEDERAL PRISON FOR THE MENTALLY INSANE GB!!

    1. @Alex Granada what about all the American soldiers/citizens that Obama left to die in Benghazi? We won’t talk about that… nobody knows because they don’t put this shameful display on the media… look it up… it ain’t Trump that’s killing Americans friend

    2. @Malik Cone 😂🤣😂🤣😂😂 according to them it’s not riots.. those are just peaceful protests… as far as the people that destroy the whole city, they have no idea who those are😂🤣😂😂🤣😂😂

    3. @mtb416 also freedom from the influence of robert mercer and his media crooks in the UK who just want to protect him from having to pay his 6 billion dollar tax bill

  2. The jurors were literally helping Trump’s defense team. How is that legal? They didn’t even try to hide it!!! Cruz was like “yeah we were just going over the case with Trump’s lawyers” nothing to see here…🙆

    1. @Ben Jammin there’s no such thing as a conservative media… it’s completely liberal media… the only way to get neutral media is through YouTube these days

    2. @9 Haunted Days history for being impeached 2 times and history for beating them both times because of lack of evidence… meanwhile as far as the votes go they destroy the evidence.. you must be proud🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂

  3. Even if Republicans decide that Trump did not incite the riot, they cannot deny that he did nothing to stop it, for hours. He didn’t even send help; Pence had to do that. A clear violation of his oath to protect and defend all Americans.

    1. @Ken Klein Actually it didn’t go down partisan lines, have you not listened to what many of the Republican Senators have said? They agree that Trump incited the crowd, and credit the Impeachment Managers with having made their case successfully; but then they voted to acquit because they are spineless cowards who do not believe in the USA or the Constitution.

    2. @Tidbit Easy….I said “mostly” partisan lines. The point still stands that you have a law that is broad, not specific, so lawyers get to interpret it with great latitude. That’s how it is, whether we like it or not.

    3. @Ken Klein I’d say about 90-95% of legal minds on the Republican side have come out and agreed with the Democrats’ interpretation, so no, I’d say there isn’t that much wiggle room here, when even the Republican lawmakers and members of Congress agree with the Democrats on the interpretation you know it’s a solid interpretation. And disagreeing would put you in with an extreme minority, which is like saying that the Earth is flat because “some people” argue that it is. I think I’ve got you on this one, better luck next time, cheers.

    4. @Tidbit Maybe you do have me on this one. When you get a chance, present me with the official tally on the percentage of legal minds going either way. If what you find is close to what you’ve suggested, then I’ll post again and acknowledge you as the victor. Otherwise, nope.

    5. I Know even if you really believe he didn’t incite- what human being doesn’t send help to your own loyal right hand, and numerous other people. That in and of itself is criminal.

    1. @Woody Norris 4 month old account too kid? Are you getting paid for trolling? Or was your last account deleted for being a Trumpanzee? 🥴🤦🏼‍♂️🥴

    2. @bonecrayon You Evidently don’t know how to read. I can’t stand Trump. Your pathetic insults just show your lack of intelligence. Grow up.

    3. @bonecrayon I’m new to YT after the death of my husband. Anything else you’d like to know mouth breather?

    4. @Woody Norris aww, incapable of a comprehensive, educated argument hillbilly? Your husband must have been glad he doesn’t have to listen to you anymore. 🤣😂🤣

    5. @bonecrayon Factually – HIS – Legal team never brought 59 cases you twit. Every proclamation in print includes phrases like and associates, or and others – when in fact, most were brought NOT by the Team representing President Trump but by others doing so on his behalf – without his request.
      *oh, and the Impeachment attempt FAILED again! LOL

  4. For every Republican that votes to Acquit, their staffers should quit working for them and apply for a new position under another congressman. #TakeAStand

    1. @Mimzy Jinx you are right ,I dont know why this people are so against and full of hate for Mr Trump.
      I guess soon they’ll get what they always deserved it.
      Europe loves Mr Trump and we would love to bring him here because Americans apparently do not know what they want..!

    2. ​@Mimzy Jinx Frankly, I strongly OPPOSE laws against inciting violence. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech: just trying to label it something else is NO excuse to PHYSICALLY force somebody to court or prison for it. But REPUBLICUNTS/CUNTSERVATIVE extremists FORCE THOSE LAWS upon the REST of us: laws THEY refuse to obey.
      These rioters would have my respect if they were Greens or Communists or Libertarians or Socialists or Transhumanists or even Anarchists, fighting for TRUTH and for justice and fairness based upon TRUTH. But they are not. They are pure evil HYPOCRISY incarnate: nationalist cuntservatives/fascists. They fight for LIES.

    1. 10 GOP members of the Judiciary Committee during the Nixon saga still voted against impeachment. Partisan politics started with Adams vs. Jefferson and has taken over ever since.

    2. @Oh Really Anyone who inspires an insurrection to keep himself in office does not deserve a “break.” He did not care what happened, whether people we maimed, killed, grievously injured so long as they managed to illegally overturn the results of a free and fair election so that he remained president. Trump is only capable of caring about himself. Anyone who doesn’t realize this is either grossly stupid or grossly naive. The laws are not relevant to him if they stand in the way of what he desires. To be blunt, this is why he never should have been elected in the first place. He lost the popular vote twice which shows the majority of the people did not want him to be president. Trump hit his stride as host of “The Apprentice.” It was a perfect fit for his personality. It gave him the power and money he craved. Had he stayed in that position, he would have made millions. None of his questionable legal dealings and those of his family would have been exposed. Running for and becoming president was the worst decision he ever made. It exposed his family of grifters, his own perfidy and incompetence to run a country, and his questionable practices with Deutsche bank. Why give a man who lives in an alternative reality fancy that he can never be wrong “a break?” He deserves everything, including prison, to which he may be subjected in post-presidential time. The country deserves to see his punishment as well.

    3. @magat exterminator that is a very dumb question, the evidence is none, if there is one the judge would step in, plus the biggest mistake in this title is there are over 10,000 staff members in congress, 550 is nothing, the news media makes money if there is a Trump news that is fact whether you want to deny it or not. So if Trump is not convicted, they party can spend more time and more to come with investigation and state investigation to put it on the news. And you will watch, and they will make it money. Therefore it is better not to impeach Trump but to constantly put Trump in the news

    4. i’m not so sure.. he accepted defeat by kennedy on election night to not create exactly this sort of situation we have now..even though he won by a much smaller popular vote. it p*ssed off repulicans but his speech was pretty clear and positive:
      “.if the present trend continues, Mr. Kennedy, Senator Kennedy will be the next President of the United States.
      …I want to say that one of the great features of America is that we have political contests. That they are very hard fought, as this one was hard fought, and once the decision is made we unite behind the man who is elected.
      …I want Sen. Kennedy to know and I want all of you to know that certainly if this trend does continue, and he does become our next president, he will have my wholehearted support and yours as well.. my friends, with that I want to say, again, my deep thanks to all of you who are here; to those who have listened on television and radio. And again, my congratulations to Sen. Kennedy for his fine race in this campaign, and to all of you” – Nixon, election night 1960

    5. @Ken Klein hahahahaha hahahahahah. Trump is on tape and tweets over 17,000 lies to the republic since he started his first run. Nixon got caught being sneaky, trump didnt even sneak, he just bent us all over for half a decade.

    1. @Joe 1624 clash of kings sas survival guide I watched the impeachment trial. I watched a ton of coverage concerning this. Trump was guilty as sin, and this entire situation is a joke.

      The only real solace is there won’t be another republican president for a long, long time. The world now knows beyond the shadow of doubt that it’s a party full of garbage.

    2. @Joe 1624 clash of kings sas survival guide Biden’s approval rating is leaps & bounds higher than Trump’s ever was.

      Trump never cracked 50% once. Biden is far beyond that.

    3. @Joe 1624 clash of kings sas survival guide
      It’s called lies.
      No German ever had to buy into Volkswagen.
      There was a “save up for your very own KdF-car” financial scheme, where at the utmost height about a third of a million people took part in.
      I don’t know where you get your “information”, but it sure explains a lot about your level of education…
      Pures Fremdschämen!

  5. GOP Senators aren’t jurors in this.
    They are accessories, witnesses, and co-conspirators. Not usually a solid pick to serve as jurors on a case they’re complicit in.

  6. The decision of a lifetime: Does one betray the lying, corrupt, and criminal traitor trump. or does one betray one’s country? Why is this a difficult decision?

    1. @Freedom of Association Sure, you’re entitled to express your informed opinion. It’s a pretty big country, though.

    2. @Freedom of Association I’m very well informed. And without meaning any offense to the majority of Americans who are decent people, I’m so glad I’m not one of you. BTW, why do you say I am not “even” American rather than “not American”? Rhetorical question meaning please don’t bother to reply.

    3. @Karen Shaw You are entitled to express your ignorance. I’d just like everyone to understand what it is.

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