Blumenthal: Trump Team’s Defense Was ‘An Insult To All Of Our Intelligence’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Blumenthal: Trump Team's Defense Was ‘An Insult To All Of Our Intelligence’ | The Last Word | MSNBC 1


    1. Sorry to say, but your nation the US has shown – despite all the good and decent people, that the country does not deserve our respect. And, your interference and “advice” to other countries are not appreciatet.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera

      It is. I live in Austin, Texas where we grew up. I love my city more than anywhere, but I could live in Denver and be just as happy there.

    2. No they were brilliant. They brought up the insurrection being planned weeks in advance and now they get to prove it. Smart move

  1. How much worse it could have been. How many Republican Senators will cross the line to vote their conscience and not their re-election possibilities. Mitt Romney Susan Collins murkowski and the other half a dozen Republican Senators hopefully will vote their conscience over party politics.

    1. As a mainer, collins should vote to convict. Shes not that good of a politician but in the end she isn’t a conspiracy theorist

    2. Do you know that Trump has digital army very active in convincing people to ” wake up”. They do not know they are the walking zombies

  2. It was like that Liar Liar movie…
    “What’s your defense?”

    Tr*** Lawyers: “phlabammajammarammalamba”

    1. it is the way of the american society, lies, greed and of couse corruption, exactly like the coutries they whant to ”liberate” from their dictators.

  3. The greatest nation….that’s how you got here usa no nation is the greatest or most privileged… Canada

    1. That they STILL roll out their propaganda phrases like “greatest nation in the history of the world” or my personal ‘favourite’, “leader of the free world” means that they’re just going to keep barrelling down this road to fascism. In order to stop that, they need to take a good long, HONEST, look at where their country honestly places on the world stage. Examination of how they fail their people (COVID, anyone? Healthcare?) and an honest effort to do better.

      If they keep hiding behind this toxic af concept of “American Exceptionalism” and its tired mottos, there can be no growth. And as a Canadian too, I really, really wish they’d do the work. I don’t want to live above a fascist meth lab.

    2. @Melesse636 Haha you sound like Pierre Elliott Trudeau “live above a fascist meth lab.” I agree how can Americans call themselves the greatest when their government put kids in prison yanked the kids from mother’s arms sending their parents god knows where.

  4. Profit over intelligence, wisdom, and integrity: this is the modern Republican party. Vote them out piece by piece. And if the Democrats abuse their power and do NOT listen to the people, vote them out too.

    1. That’s been the US political standard since the 80s, so Democrats had plenty of chances to change things, they didn’t, because they’re not much better than Republicans. If Americans want to live in a better country, where their representatives, actually represent them, not those that donated the most money to their election (actual democracies put limits on political donations to avoid “legal” political bribery, the US removed that in the 1980s under the Reagan administration), at this point your only option is to move to a different country.

    2. @Someone Else my dead husband had relatives in Canada and wanted to immigrate when Trump was elected. I told him we needed to stay or things would get even worse for people that didn’t have our options. I think that was a mistake now.

    1. They’ll be getting some kind of kick-back, somewhere from somebody.
      Trump might personally stiff them but there is a colossal amount of money “out there” who will gladly pay the bills.
      Lawyers don’t work for free (unless they have to)…. even second rate, crappy ones.

    2. And the Biden crime family of grifters are already in hot water for profiting off corpse man in the White House. You know Frank Biden is not a lawyer and old Joe was bottom of his class!!! Get better toke models? White supremacists like the Biden family are just trash..

    3. @Bridget Engle Yeah! Look at all the Crimes and Misdemeanors that they’ve committed in three weeks!!
      Maybe you can help us out by listing … one.

    4. @Peter Lorimer Living in Mpls? I hold Biden and his HO Kameltoe responsible for 2 dozen deaths and 2 billion dollars worth of destruction by black supremacists! Watching a police station burn while Kameltoe HO eggs them on?

    1. Well shouldn’t that be presented at the impeachment? Would be good if they delayed a bit so more evidence could be presented. Someone suggested the Secret Service would know of T’s movements during the riot, & his phone records during the riot would be interesting.

    1. @EC 501 hey troll prove what. Only stupid idiots believed CNN FAKE NEWS period. Are you a stupid FOOL airhead

    2. @Kinereta Vaasili says the stupid FOOL that cant bring Proof or evidence and has to resort to name calling because they cant back it up

    3. @Freedom Life Did you not see & hear the doctored evidences presented by the managers? The managers did not even deny it.

    1. They will not get a pass…. Wait justice will come to all…. It must or America will see this again and next time it could be Cruz or Hawley is my bet….fine tune trumps play plan

  5. Republikkkans were meeting with Trump’s attorneys and they weren’t even trying to hide it. Imagine if you were the juror on a Court case and you went over and just started talking with the attorneys. The Judge would fine you, and throw you in jail.

    1. Apparently because this is technically a political case and not a criminal case there are like no rules I mean for Christ’s sakes half the jurors are the victims and the other half instigated the riot

  6. One of Dumpt’s lawyers “I only had 2 days to prepare for this trial”. LMFAO, I say who the F care how many days you had.

    1. They could have had two years, and be still be the same unprepared no nothing rambling on dummies that they are.

    1. @Haluk Kilic wow considering there are 300 million guns here and the only time I’ve ever seen one in my nearly 40 years is at the shooting range, not too bad

  7. Lindsey, Ted Cruz and their gang who would acquit Trump were hypocritical to give standing ovation for Eugene Goodman


    2. I think the officer should have unloaded his service weapon into the legs of the rioters at the vanguard. Isn’t that what weapons (for security officers) are for? E-book: ‘Right Wingers Duped’ articulates further.

    3. @Ken Albertsen exactly right Ken….totally agree with you….I would have fired at least a few rounds Over their heads and said….the next one is in Your Face now back off ! Cops have a Sworn right to protect themselves and others they feel are in danger. A few rounds into the legs of a few Rioters would mean I’m not kidding.

  8. “The greatest democracy in the world”, what an arrogant and condescending comment! And “we look like a banana republic”… The US is a banana republic now.

    1. @Tiny Roni Not so. We can join in the ongoing work to eliminate the poison intrusion of Big $ upon our elections/govt. We can work on Campaign Finance and Election Reforms. Our Founders, by brilliant design, gave the People power to protect ourselves from tyranny-for all time.

    2. The USA came very close to unimaginable chaos and violence in Washington, in the capital of a nuclear superpower. This insurrection could have meant the end, no matter where you live on this beautiful blue planet. The whole world admires the brave men and women, who defended the Capitol and risked their lives for us on this day: January 6th 2021.

    3. The trial was rigged in true banana Republic style. Have you no idea how that looks to the rest of the world?? Dodgy af. Its not how democracies behave, not good one.

    4. @DarkSkay Perhaps you’re overstating the risk, no? THAT mob of yahoos on January 6th accessing nuclear weapons? Come on, it was bad enough without the hysterics.

    5. Sorry but the problem starts with an education system that teaches American children they have the greatest country and democracy in the history of the world.
      Trump is/was a symptom not the cause of your problems

  9. “Greatest country in the history of the world” Don’t think so mate. Have you ever read a history book? You have only been around 250 years and you don’t even look that “great” now. What is with you Americans and your exceptionalism? To truly be great you don’t look and talk down to others . If you were so great you would be hearing it more and be proclaiming it less

    1. I couldn’t put it better.
      Other things are selling arms and create civil war in other countries. Also impose their fake democracy on what they think are third countries.

    2. @Tiny Roni “until the colour of a mans is of the signifance than the colour of his eyes ive got to say war
      War in the east
      War in the west
      War up North
      War down South”

      “War” by Bob Marley a song lyrics taken from H.I.M Haille Selassies speech to the UN after WW2

    1. …deep down in his donnie bunker working on his next adventure… Creating a new tanning lotion called Impeach-Me

  10. His administration were 3rd string backups and now his lawyers are 3rd string backups…even though a bunch of fools gave him $270 million for a “legal defense fund”.

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