GOP Congresswoman Confirms Controversial Trump-McCarthy Call, Calls On Others To Speak Up


    1. @Shaun the Sheep Saying they’re scared humanizes them too much. They aren’t scared so much as they just have no souls. Kinda like what you said about the devil, ya know?

  1. She is the R Congresswoman from SW Washington State. If McCarthy has told this to Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R Congresswoman from Eastern Washington State), we never would have heard about it.

    1. So she represents Vancouver and the rest of Clark County, which has become a spill over bedroom community for Portland, OR in many respects. My daughter lives in North Portland, and sees a lot of Washington plates during the day. (I do wish you guys would join TriMet to decrease the traffic over the I5 bridge.) No wonder she is a moderate Republican. She wouldn’t survive in the white supremacist parts of Eastern Washington.

    2. @justsomeguy maybe she is considered a moderate Republican because in this case she is choosing Country over Party.

    3. @George Kent Your comment is what’s wrong with the country. Convicting Trump shouldn’t be the bar for a “moderate”.

  2. All 44 presidents before trump would have been impeached, removed from office, and imprisoned for half of what Trump has done. A narcissistic sociopath like Trump, with no impulse control, who doesn’t believe in right or wrong, and believes he’s impervious to consequences, is 100% incorrigible. He is completely incapable of being corrected.

    1. @Maryland Mermaid Good one Comrade! you should report me to the media lords and get my account suspended so I’ll be sent to the Media Condemmed Gulog or MCG where Trump is now being held and then you wont be offended by an opposing point of view.

    2. @dls951 AND you are very confused. I’m not part of your cult including Nazi Proud Boys ! Think before you type. I guess thinking is foreign to you. 😂😂😂

    3. @Maryland Mermaid Why do you choose to live in a perpetually offended purgatory?
      Go outside it’ll do you good.
      BTW: ACQUITTED Again!

  3. Kevin McCarthy did quote on January 6 after the insurrection that Trump should have immediately told the rioters to stop the attacked on the Capitol, Kevin & many Republicans are cowards

    1. Linda Brown Does not matter, you’re right the GOP lost any credibility If they ever had any to start with. But watch and see, I’ll bet most will be re-elected. So many others are like the state I live in, you don’t have to have credibility,morals or anything. You just have to be a Republican. My state would elect satan if he ran as a Republican.

    2. @Susan Blood 😂😂 This is what is called Alternative Facts. It was several hours after he did his job 😂😂

      Starting with Liar Adam Schiff who takes bribes and launders money for Ukraine Burisma, The criminal is worth over 10 million now..

  4. Why would he go down to Maralago then? These GOP are like battered wives… cant stay away from the abusers… anyone see them make a signal for help?!

    1. The comparison to abused spouses is a good one. It may be that they are more than wrong, they are afraid and need intervention. It is the ONLY explanation as to why they are continuing to bend the knee to the mob boss.
      I would be willing to bet that the majority of voters are in that same camp given how many horrifying and conspiracy theories are spreading like wildfire.

    2. @Granny2 Levi EXACTLY. We don’t know fully why the majority of the GOP are behaving the way hey are, and yes. I continue to find myself horrified by them, but, discounting these supposedly Public Servants, if you know someone who is staying in an abusive relationship, don’t blame them, be gentle and consult others who know how to help.

      And we all knew that the GOP would agree to defend the evil dictator. Even Mitch’s speech was made with a forked tongue, what we can be hopeful about is that as a civilian who will ideally spend at least some of his life in prison 🤞🏾🤞🏻🤞🏽 he will not be allowed to hold Federal office in the future.

    3. @Carol Simsak I vote we ship them all to texas – as many of them have said they thought about doing themselves – and they can be cut from the union. They have land, lots of red meat, oil, and water. They’ll be just fine.

      Starting with Liar Adam Schiff who takes bribes and launders money for Ukraine Burisma, The criminal is worth over 10 million now..

    5. @Granny2 Levi okay, a brief time out, I grew up on the West coast, primarily in WA State on an island near Seattle. But in 2008 I moved to Texas where I live about 30 miles E of the Capital.
      There are some really wacko Trumpy type people who live here, but there are wonderful loving and free spirited people too.
      Texas was first populated on purpose in order to claim the land. The settlers who were recruited would now be called die hard libertarians, and because the land wasn’t hospitable they were hard headed and willing to fight, anyone and everyone to hold onto what they had. (There really weren’t even any real laws here then, just don’t steal cattle or horses and don’t forget to carry a gun or you’d be the one shot.)
      It has a fascinating state history, being ruled under 6 different flags just emphasized the desire for independence & self control. BUUUTTTT, the size also created isolationist pockets that evolved into the scary AND scared Bible thumping communities with little other education and nothing like the open mindedness cherished by the communities on the other 2 coasts.
      Texas has a pretty bad and backward reputation which has been earned honestly. Emancipation of slaves wasn’t acknowledged until years after slavery was abolished, and inbreeding was accepted as it was in most of the Southern landowner states. Add to that the anger and deep sadness that still is felt by the Native Americans who were marched to this apparently barren land…

      But Austin, the Capital is one of the 3 most extremely liberal states in the union, along with San Francisco and New York. This is a destination city for young LGBTQ+ who have been thrown away by their own communities.
      In the 2008 Presidential election every major city voted bright blue, and even though there are still a lot of (to me) dangerous GQP living here, I am watching the state’s political and legal issues bents begin to show a much more faded red. (I am also encouraged by Georgia right now).
      I know, this is far too many words (the best words, of course🤪) but I used to be distain fully critical of Texas until my wife and son moved here.
      Cruz is an embarrassment, but came very close to being tossed out of the Senate by TX voters. Castro is smart, articulate and I am doing what I can to help turn this state purple before I die, then my youngest son says he’ll make it blue! 💙 (He started showing political talents when he was 2, and I’ve taught him to be honest)

      Please, please let’s ship the abused and/or criminal senators who cling to trump off to… Russia? …The melting South Pole? … Maybe we can come up with some sort of intervention and rehab? 😊

      Just please not to Texas! 🤦🏽‍♀️

      I’ll stop for now 👍🏽💃🏽

  5. Too bad Congress doesn’t have actual trials with actual laws. Just rich politicians playing amongst themselves.

    1. @turbo bc you have a news organization that had a headline yesterday that read “trump lawyers DESTROY case for impeachment” despite it was incoherent and lacked substance

      Do you know what was on Fox News cycle yesterday? A Former aide claiming cuomo covered up covid data, non stop talking about the cover up then the shift to “CNN is complicit in Cuomo”s cover up” because shame on CNN because instead of talking about this nothing burger, they were broadcasting arguably the most historical impeachment in our nations history (mind you Fox did not air live coverage for most of it)

  6. It’s strange how all the god fearing evangelicals have nothing to say about January 6th. Only on Sunday Christian’s hypocrites one and all 🖕

    1. @grant smythe I have no opinion when it comes to the words of God my opinions are irrelevant! Scripture is truth I just present it what you do with it is up to you! 👍

    2. Because like all’s a violence that has been going on for the last 4 years. Instigated by the mass media and the democrates. This is the frustration of the right after 4 years if helplessness

    3. @Tony Smith God dictated the Bible to secretaries. …like He dictates your every thought to you, his contemporary secretary?
      Now, now Tony. Don’t play that game. We can use the Bible itself to jerk the rug out from under your feet.
      There is no secretary that is just, no not one. And as it says at the end of the Flood Story, the imagination of the secretaries’ hearts are dark, Tony. Very dark.
      Tony, you may be reading the Bible but it isn’t sinking in. Your heart is dark, too…..Tony. Very dark.


  7. Good on her for being open and truthful. Maybe she should come out as a witness tomorrow blow out the Republicans candle.

    1. @douchetube onyoutube
      Trump couldn’t repeal Obama care.. Owned!
      Trump couldn’t build his wall.. Owned
      Trump couldn’t stop New York from getting his tax returns. Owned
      Trump lost the house.. Owned
      Trump lost the senate.. Owned
      Trump lost his Job. Owned
      Trump lost his tweeter account.. Owned
      Trump lost his business deals. Owned
      Now Biden undoing everything he ever did, because he couldn’t get anything, but tax cuts passed into law. Even when he controlled all forms of government. Owned.

      Know wonder you republicans want to blame everyone one else for your problems. You’re all losers and don’t even realize it.

    1. As do the corrupt, greedy cowards in the republican senate that will disregard the facts and vote in favor of the POS EX president.

    2. People who can think and reason straight and have enough words to make perfect sentences are highly suspect to the poorly educated who hang on to every ill-conceived utterance that falls from Trump’s lips.
      Blame the US school system.

    3. Herman Cain from the grave …” l ?learned the hard way along with 300,000 dead Americans includingTrump’s Brother”.💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💔

  8. America we are nothing but a laughing stock. Pray for this lady. Because someone might try to hurt her for telling the truth

    1. @Tami Wollander Yeah! Wishing works so well. Worked out great for all those people in airplanes falling out of the sky! All those people who were praying for Trump to win! Every parent watching their child die from cancer too! That’s why there are no deaths of children ever among believers who pray – well believers in the correct god….well the correct brand of the correct god. It is wishing. It is asking an invisible wizard to fix things with magic. Actually doing something is what counts. We have medicines because young men and women work hard to educate themselves and dedicate a huge chunk of their lives to develop them. Because other people work hard to build a business to manufacture them. Because others worked hard to build a business that would ship things. Because people thought hard, voted their conscience and got leaders who would support the education and the manufacturing and the hospitals. In the end that medicine saves lives. Prayer had no part. Next time do something. Volunteer some time. Donate some money. Vote with intelligence. Encourage a young mind. Bring some yummy food for those hardworking nurses. Don’t just sit on your butt and wish it better.

    1. @Archaeopter X
      with comprehension issues.
      I made my point clear.
      Maybe you did not comprehend.
      Your dawdling is no interest to I.
      You will have to finish satisfying yourself by your lonesome.

    1. @David Brashears when you see Geoffrey K not give you a reason why he false flag you then you are right. Hes just going around and flagging people that are Republicans and what we say. Seen plenty of Democrats not telling the truth on these post and he does nothing. Sure hes crying right now after trump got acquitted again.

    2. @Steve Thompson Steve, believe it or not, I’m an Independent, a fence rider I vote for the person I think will do the best job for the people.

    3. @Geoffrey K well …got to figure out which video submission makes sense in the time line… and sense to the facts at hand…
      One version you present is Pelosi REQUESTING NATIONAL GUARD… and being denied… WHAT ARE YOU SMOKING ? If that was the case … would have been up front and personal in the impeachment presentation… against TRUMP… would have been the mantra of the day… TRUMP DENIES CAPITAL NATIONAL GUARD PROTECTION !!!! against TRUMP PATRIOTS… come on… are you awake in any of this… There IS a pattern of behavior and intent in most everything that doesn’t seem or sound right…

      But that didn’t happen… at least you were out there doing the research… got to give you that… will be interesting to capture that version of the story… the version I captured this morning was another weak version…

      Hearing the story Pelosi requested protection and was denied it… is actually absurd… should have hit you like that when you read it… especially you being a DEM AND ALL… you don’t make sense.. how does she not get requested additional protection when the electorates are being read in the CAPITAL;… and she says she had advanced warning.. like AOC stated as well… getting notification heads up warnings the week before….
      Did you bother to put this together in your head…. I’m scrolling around capturing what is the last phase of these capital videos… captured 15 versions of the FBI’s story of notifying the capital the day before… not before that… which is bull… and another says… FBI did not send out Intel bulletin ahead of capital riot due to free speech concerns.,,, the Capital Police Chief resigned… at least one ranking capital police member committed suicide.,.. Homeland Security – Wolf resigned from his position.. he was the first to discern the release of information to the house that was rejected…

      Got to keep capturing this stuff before it gets archived…

    4. 😂 @The American @TR Kelly- I can’t deny it’s so entertaining to watch you both get fact checked out of here. @Geoffrey K served you both to Timbuktu! Good stuff indeed.

  9. This is so painful to hear that McCarthy was calling Trump during the Rioting asking to send help and Trump did nothing. He is traitor to our country and deserves to be tried for TREASON!

    1. While watching the riot unfold on TV, I was baffled that Trump didn’t have it stopped immediately. Answer: It was his devious plan for his puppets.

    2. Yes he got off only it was not a system that was really designed, the ssenate could not convict as the numbers and not the evidence caused a NO Vote.


    2. @Jan Strickland Mitch McConnell just gave the American people the middle finger‼️‼️‼️😡😡🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
      Remember this in 2022 and 2024 and let’s remove all the Republicans we can‼️‼️‼️👍

    1. 15000 dead in NY nursing homes and Cuomo’s cover up, sitting on the edge of my seat to see the trial democrats bring forth.

    2. @Tony Ortiz The democrats called him names for stopping travel from China, you can’t have it both ways, you are supporting the bad guys.

  10. Do not call this Hearsay.
    She was and is an eye and ear witness.
    This explains why Kevin McCarthy went to Florida.
    Indict them all!

    1. It is hearsay because McCarthy “told” her about the phone call. She didn’t “hear” it first hand so it’s hearsay.

  11. I live in JHB’s district, and I have shaken her hand on a Fourth of July. I was so happy for her to see reason and vote to impeach that treasonous troll, and I hope he gets convicted and banned from ever hoping to hold power again! So many other reasons throughout his term, but this one takes a fascist to overlook!

  12. McCarthy, Cruz, Hawley, Graham and others will go down as traitors and cowards who bent the knee to a wanna be king. Pathetic. History will be very unkind to those names.

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