Chuck Rosenberg: Trump Impeachment Trial Isn't A Real Trial | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Chuck Rosenberg: Trump Impeachment Trial Isn’t A Real Trial | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


MSNBC's Chuck Rosenberg blasts the performance of Trump's impeachment defense team and explains why the proceeding is so different from a normal legal trial. Aired on 02/13/2021.
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Chuck Rosenberg: Trump Impeachment Trial Isn't A Real Trial | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


  1. The defense argument is:
    “You republican senators want to keep your seats in this chamber, more than you want to keep your honor, or your soul.
    If you don’t vote to acquit, the trump controlled gop will primary you next time you stand for election and you’ll be kicked out.
    So because all that matters to you is power, not truth, not justice, and definitely not your oath of office or the Constitution you swore to defend, you have to acquit trump even though it is blatantly obvious he is guilty as charged.”
    And most republican senators, being morally bankrupt, political cowards, and trump toadies, will of course vote to acquit.

    1. Or maybe it was the hypocritical videos and the cut and pasted edited clips that were brought to light and the democrats getting annihilated in their own disillusioned arguments, you would have noticed if you had actually watched it.

    1. It is not the defence’s job to bring the evidence. The real truth is the house managers would not survive a real criminal trial. Lucky for them the Dems had made up their minds before the impeachment started. Unlucky for them so did the GOP.

    2. @Luke B Impeachment is not a legal process… it’s a political process. A criminal trial is an entirely different animal.

    3. @Tessmage Tessera I know it isn’t, I didn’t say it was in fact I implicitly stated that it wasn’t. “the house managers would not survive a real criminal trial.” The law professor is making the case that this is not like a real criminal trial because the defense didn’t bring the evidence. That is a galactically dumb and shocking stupid thing for a law professor to say.

    4. @Luke B Well the fact is, since this isn’t a criminal trial, there really aren’t any hard and fast rules with regard to how you conduct your presentation. They could get up there and do card tricks for 20 minutes, if they wanted to.

    5. @Tessmage Tessera While that may be technically true you would at least expect the house managers to make to least make the appearance of a case for why the senators should vote the way they are. The managers have done an embarrassingly poor job, and they know it by their request for witnesses today. If they had felt confident in their performance they wouldn’t have done so. I do accept your point that this is just political theatre.

  2. You get what you pay for especially when… lets be honest… they not getting paid. Their boss doesnt have the best history of paying the minions.

    1. This is a bottom of the barrel expert if he believes it is the defense’s job to make the case and bring the evidence.

    1. No lucky for the house managers this wasn’t a real trial, it would have been their job to bring the evidence and make the case. Speaking of misconduct you must have missed the part where the defence were able to show the managers doctored evidence by changing dates, adding blue checkmarks and even edited texts from tweets. This would have been a big deal in a real trial.

    2. @Luke B I think Trump should be allowed to speak for himself, he knows the truth about what he did on the 6th. He should exercise his right if free speech, are they trying to silence him? Let Trump testify and set the record straight.

  3. The three amigos know they can’t lose because they have a corrupt jury on their side. They don’t need to be prepared. They know they are going to win anyway.

    1. Exactly I said the same thing. That’s the only reason they took the case in the first place they knew they had already won b4 they walked into the chamber. The Retrumplicans even had a private meeting with them smh.

    2. i just still have a little hope that the republicans that do not have anything to worry about in 2022 will all the sudden,vote to convict,alot of people do not realize that it is not only cruz,hawley,mc connell,mc carthy,there are others that do care,they will hopefully do the right thing because if they do not,they know there in alot of world of hurt,trump will be in prison by 2022 or 2024 and i hope he rots there lol sorry had to say it haha

    3. @vox qui vive
      VOX…your comment is bitter sweet…meaning, the image of what you said…is very funny…and, I’d laugh a lot more…IF…what you said…were not true…
      Bottom line…I agree, with what you have said…even though, sweet to the lips but sour in the stomach…
      Keep up a sense of humor though, whenever possible…laughter IS good medicine…

  4. Lol, appearantly Chuck hasn’t spent time in family court. It is a daily practice to hurl nonsense and perjury. Fraud upon the court is common. These tactics are what has helped Trump win for decades.

    1. No you need to get out of your bubble, that doesn’t just apply to you but everyone including me. Why do you think I am here?

    1. Yet the US is the joke to the rest of the world. The champions of democracy who ignore a very potential threat to its democracy, ended up voting for a horrible career politician who authored the very crime bill that saw slavery reintroduced to America through the prison system all because “orange man bad”. Now you will put a President through a kangaroo court, potentially starting a civil war. Your life to these people controlling the narrative is less than a joke, you are mushrooms to be kept in the dark and occasionally shat on.

    2. @Jack You left out the part where the USA is the most powerful nation on Earth, capable of turning every other country into smoldering ruins. Have a nice day, envious one.

  5. It doesn’t really matter if Trump’s lawyers do a good job because the verdict is predetermined. It’s a show trial because Republicans refuse to do what’s right.

    1. Ya years of the same ignorant trash pushing the same ignorant action to the same ignorant followers of course it’s typical Democrats use there trained pets very well exactly like the republicans both sides are ran by and supported by ignorance

  6. This impeachement trial is so stupid. Its like 2 kids pointing fingers at each other. When its so obvious what the crime is and what the charge should be and there shouldnt be any confusion on what to do.

  7. For Democrats and Independents, it’s about human lives and the future of the Constitutional government we have.

    For Republicans, it’s about future votes from members of the electorate who are persistent fans of Donald.

  8. Everyone sitting in that room, especially Trump’s defense team, knows that seventeen Republicans will not vote against their god. Three toddlers could have defended Trump and he would still be acquitted. When people’s minds are already made up evidence, witnesses, and competence don’t matter!

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