Sen. Whitehouse: Suspend Trial To Depose McCarthy And Tuberville | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Sen. Whitehouse: Suspend Trial To Depose McCarthy And Tuberville | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1


    1. Secret Service were right there with Trump. They’ll confirm exactly what he said. Peacefully, The one word the Democrat refuse to show when they aired his speech.

    2. @SEA QUEST-R No, Trump is Vision. He’s (now) dead in the real world, but the Republicans are trying to keep him alive so he can get his base – HIS base – to support their candidates in 2022 and 2024. Wanda (McCarthy) has pushed the magical fantasy land out to Mar-A-Lago to keep Trump alive.

    3. @Andrew James Nah… folks are living inside trumps: pain; ego; delusions; childhood traumas so he’s a parallel for Wanda. The energy eco-system (spells) he’s able to use, to hold true believers was built from years of social media micro-targeting by the geeks at Cambridge Analytica. Check them out… went public 2 years ago. They made sure that QAnon and other disinformation peddlers could really get traction. Facebook made millions off it too.

    1. @bc1969214 <----- and this is the left in action. You could convict anyone based on their stories and hearsay. .....including a pointy finger he/she/it did it!!!

    2. The children in the cages that Obama had brought in? All will come out about what horrific acts were played upon trafficked children

    3. @real to a fault You mean the cages that Obama had delivered to the border. Do a little research off your CNN and MSNBC soapbox and see why the children were trafficked and who attacked them and worse!

    4. @Cheryl Tague nobody stupid. We understand that obama had people locked up. The difference he didnt separate children from parents. So stop your behind on information that might help your soul.

    5. @Cheryl Tague you’re like a bad old record of Fox’s greatest hits. As for children, do a little research off your tinfoil hat and see Trump’s record of losing track of children as well as making the policy worse for detention. It’s like pointing out prisons were around when Obama was in office while leaving out Trump privatizing the operation and ramping up executions before he got booted from office. but but Obama’s tan suit…

    1. @DD any biological male who insists on competing with just biological women is a bully. Simple. Only universal laws please.

    2. @Nic Moreno what did you expect him to do? sit at the hospital? go home? where was joe biden at? was he out campaigning or was he at the sick beds?

    3. @vincent lattuca Except….that’s not the intention at all. That’s your narrative of the situation. Simple? More like simple minded.

    4. @Joseph Humphrey You obviously don’t know how campaigning is done if you think the only way to do it is to have large superspreader rallies with people elbow to elbow and nuts to butts.

      Trump blew all his campaign money so he couldn’t advertise on tv or even muster online efforts. He used the taxpayer’s dime to fly to airfields and hold these rallies from Air Force One, no care about the pandemic or people’s lives seeing as how he left them standed in the cold to die, and repeated the same lies over and over again.

    1. @Sam Sung lol. you are way to early to make such silly comments . com back in 2 years , and maybe you can get a reaction with that one

    1. @bc1969214 hmmm. I found it in several places. Bernie urged to hurt the other side. Said knock the crap out of the republicans and then made a gun symbol. It was at the McCormick Place Aerie Crown Theater. Ps, Bernie’s campaign then handed out torches and pitchforks right after. It has been sanitized since then. But, to be honest, Mr Sanders wasn’t looking for violence any more than Trump was. It was a speech to the fringe who are kooky folks.

    2. @bc1969214 ah, I think the legal bills for rioting is Ms Harris’ group. Again, does that mean she is part/parcel to the violent acts?

    3. @Rodney Short oh the bail reform thing and who pays, you’d think judge’s don’t set bail kind of like Kyle Rittenhouse and the My Pillow martial law guy.

    4. @bc1969214 oh yeah. I get the bail issue and legal fees. But the purpose to to show legal equivalency where some behavior is deemed impeachable where identical behavior is given a pass. Legal equivalency is the least we should expect in a free and responsible society.

    5. @bc1969214 anyway. I am done watching. I just hope that if Congress wants to set rules of decorum and rules of engagement, they apply everywhere and evenly. I think some of the democrats who are lawyers cannot vote for impeachment on the evidence presented.

  1. Write or call your Senator’s. Voice your vote. They represent you. They need to know what you think otherwise they will only represent themselves.

    1. @Lanora Bayer – Both my Senators are Democrats and I call, write and I may visit one of their offices in my city.
      My message is simple. Stop this sham impeachment!

  2. We watch, listen and wonder whether this is the type of democracy and justice system that we in the third world aspire to emulate!

    1. @alamotexan lol goofy tin foil head person want to believe bu….sh… I guess I’m smart enough to see how slow you are.

    2. @real to a fault your ignorance is blowing a bullhorn! If you think im a tfhw then your a complete fkn moron! And you don’t research for yourself you just regurgitate propaganda and lies!

    3. @alamotexan My head is not up any donkey’s azz but thanks for your pejorative response.
      I’ve seen many of the protests and crossed through a few to get to my destination. BLM is not all young white and female. No group is homogeneous and to assert such is quite erroneous. Sorry that your experience has been so admittedly limited.
      For future reference: It is ill advised to assume you know anything about someone with whom you are not acquainted because of a comment. You have absolutely no idea who EXACTLY you are engaging nor the motivations of the poster. Your assumptions might be quite misguided and arrogantly ill-informed at best.

    4. @vincent lattuca Criminals by any stripe are still criminals whether in the light of day or shrouded by night.

  3. Lindsey Graham meeting with Trump about the future of the GOP means an embrace of organized racism and white supremacy and Donald Trump will be handpicking, and alternately destroying, future Republican candidates.

    1. Spoil a child, platinum spoons and diapers, give them free money so they never have to punch a clock. Make them a Senator. Thats what we all got. ALL of them.

    1. @Cutaway trouble for you people…he told the whole world 🌎…..I did it …..and I would do it again…..what a POS …..and also the confused people who defend him … ….

    2. @Jack Sheahan Do what again? It was preplanned!!! Paid rioters were dropped off. How can he incite something that was preplanned, ya dope

    3. @Truth seeker yes it was preplanned by dump and his white supremacists and supporters. HE dictated the date to them and ramped them up beforehand.

  4. I would like to understand how “jurors” not even present or observing the trial in any way are allowed to vote in the ruling…

    1. @Jeffrey Photonboy hey? Guess who was just ACQUITTED? 🤣🤣🤣🤣. LET THE SALT FLOW LEFTIES! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. @gail1984 so are you having a happy acquittal day? This impeachment went even worse than you botched bottom surgery. 🤣

    3. @gail1984 doesn’t matter, it’s still light years ahead of you. Shouldn’t judge others by your faults.

  5. *I see the manipulated “Dislikes” to these YouTube videos has ramped up again with any mention of a new problem with them trying to get trump off…boy is the gop a big mess of corruption…..*

  6. All of the swamp has been released from prison, the swamp remains in Florida, until they dig another channel to the white house. It won’t stop until Trump is impeached

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