Morning Joe Panel On What Cheney Ouster Means For The GOP

House Republicans voted Wednesday to remove Rep. Liz Cheney from the number three position in caucus leadership after she vocally rebuked Donald Trump. The Morning Joe panel recaps Wednesday's vote and what it means for the GOP.

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    1. Fuel shortages, cyber attacks on our infrastructure, hundreds of thousands of high paying gas and oil jobs gone, war in the Middle East & Biden silent, horrible declining job reports,
      Massive crisis and invasion at our southern border, drugs pouring in, Inflation spiking to the highest level since 2008, gas prices skyrocketing, groceries spiking, crime rising & off the charts in all the Democrat run cities, etc ….

      China 🇨🇳 Joe Biden is a monumental failure.

      If Trump had been
      re-elected, none of this stuff would be happening right now.

      And it’s all happening in just over 100 days.

      ONLY 100 days!

      Buckle up America , it’s going to continue to get far worse.

      A serious economic crisis is coming –

      Like China 🇨🇳 Joe Biden said with his own mouth, “no more America first”

  1. So how long will it be before the Church of Baby Cheesus takes a page from the Soviet playbook and photoshop Liz Cheney out of all official photos?

    1. @Brian Jones I initially read “rejected” in place of “reelected” because my mind wanted to make sense of your comment.

    2. @Anette Paschke no he is drinking the heads part that is very poisonous and leads to blindness.

    3. @Brian Jones People like you said Trump had a lock on 2020, wrong then, wrong now. Of course, people like you are why Trump lost as well. Please stay ignorant.

  2. Liz Cheney vowing to stop The Second Coming of Baby Cheesus. She’s turned into a character from a Lovecraft story.

  3. Anyone out of step is instantly attacked, even if its one of your own. This is like watching a snake eating its own tail; you know it isn’t going to end well.

    1. @Wisconsin Man
      Kinda odd post considering trump had his ppl sign NDAs.
      No freedom of speech for those ppl and you don’t mind?

    2. @Matthew Thompson
      That’s not the middle, you are a raging right winger who ate up the lies like pigs at the troth.
      Were those lies delicious?
      Do you need a bib?

    3. @Ali Durand Are you special needs? YES you are . Many Many People like Trump has NDA’s

  4. The GOP’s “Big Tent” allowing people with different opinions to be in the party has become the size of a drink umbrella served on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago cocktail drink.

    1. That big tent us actually an old pair of tennis shorts he sharted in that Melania donated as a tent…

    2. It’s no different that democrats oppressing progressives. Bernie won and the democrats cheated.

    3. @d du Yes… True. They would give up democracy in order to keep others from sharing the same privileges that they have become accustomed to for over 200yrs.

    4. @Teemo league Bernie didn’t win. As much as I liked Bernie he was too progressive. He would not have had a chance against Trump as the democratic nominee. Trump knew it and that is why he sympathized with Bernie. You must always look harder between the fine lines,my dear!

  5. “If a political party does not have its foundation in the determination to advance a cause that is right and that is moral, then it is not a political party; it is merely a conspiracy to seize power” President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1956, 4th Annual Republican Women’s National Conference

    1. @ByronnotBryon Trumps 5 peace deals in the Middle East say otherwise. Anyone ever notice how the people who use several emojis are usually the stupidest in the chat?

    2. @Nexus Six yeah all with dictators against our interests, unless you really call selling billions in weapons to the Saudis to commit genocide as in our interest. That’s on you, but nothing he did made the world better or safer, it was often the opposite.

    3. @ByronnotBryon Trump is the first president in 40 years to not start a new war. Saudi Arabia is our ally btw. We sell weapons to our allies. Trumps 5 Middle East peace deals brought stability to the Middle East by not funding Iran and Palestine. Biden reversed this and guess what happened… u must be a foreigner or in a coma for the last four years.

  6. ‘a house divided can’t stand’= don’t know what it means for the gop but good news for the Dems

    1. The cyber ninjas look like a bunch of prisoners working off their community service. Next it’ll be, the green team found no discrepancies, they must be lying. We need another audit of the audits.

  7. There sure looks like quite a lot of people that call themselves Americans want to destroy this country. You known, the Republicans.

    1. Let’s trust, but verify. Right now the %people who wrongfully believe the election was stolen is a lot bigger than was Germany’s percentage of Nazis as of 1931, and look how that turned out. So stand back and stand by, your nation may need your help.

    2. @William Miller can’t disagree with you there. I’m an expat who moved out the US in my teens and the culture shock of actually learning real US history Vs the sugar-coated propaganda they teach in US schools is mind-blowing. Americans for the most part have no idea what their country is and does and how the rest of the world feels about them.

    3. @drab g preach, that’s exactly how it went down. This is why “democrats started the KKK” is among the most idiotic things they can say nowadays. Sure, that may have happened, but i can bet everything I own on every single KKK member voting for Trump twice in 4 years.

  8. I toured the capital several times as a kid. I don’t remember anyone in my party bringing a gallows with them.

    1. @Robert Hunt Please keep showing everyone how ignorant and dishonest you are. Good job Trump tool.

    2. @Robert Hunt please name 30 cities that are now burnt down lol. The conservative media took isolated clips of civil disobedience in a few cities and played them over and over to make their watchers who are paranoid over white replacement think the entire country was burning. Most cities in America are fine – after the unrest, they cleaned up a few streets the next day and got on with things. Generally, the punishment in most places for vandalism is jail or fines. Protest without destruction of property is of course legal. The punishment in the US for treason is death. Telling self indulgent lies to try to steal an election from the voting majority is a betrayal. How can the 80+ million people who voted for Biden ever trust Republicans again not to lie and try to use back room deals to steal an election again? Democracy doesn’t work without trust. Liz Cheney is right about the seriousness of this.

    3. @Robert Hunt I don’t see these as being equivalent. January 6th was history making in that a sitting president encouraged an overthrow of his own government.

  9. “Voice vote so that no names in the historical record.” Beautiful. Shows that they know that they are doing wrong.

  10. “No one is questioning the outcome of the election” -guy who questioned the outcome of the election


    2. @mike briganti Actually, the biggest Trump rally ever was less than 10,000 people. Prove me wrong, cupcake. BTW, Trump got thrown out of office. Didn’t you get the memo..?

    3. So did the Democrats in 2016 for for years. Saying Trump was elected by Russians for Russia. Democrats are hypocrites

  11. They poked a sleeping dragon and will soon regret it. Have they forgotten who her father is? Do they know how much money and power she has? Are they completely off their rockers? She will raise so much money to back her fight to defend democracy that these pork barrel politicians won’t know what hit them.

    1. @Just passing through. So your opinion that letting babies live and killing them as adults is ok? Most anti-abort ppl believe that. The death penalty advocates aren’t barbarian? Yeah, we should listen to you because you are so moral. Christian? Look up the 5th commandment. It’s pretty short; you should be able to understand it … or maybe not.

  12. I just realized how cowardly it was to have a voice vote, no record. Are these senators starting to get a clue about records?

    1. Double cowardly because it forces them to vote with the group or be singled out for the same ostracisation.

      It’s dictatorship 101! dissenters will be picked off at a later date no doubt.

    2. Yeah that is why they are trying to paint a different picture about what happened on January 6th.

    3. Tactics like the voice vote should simply not be an available option. It is a strong arm pressure tactic of “you are either with us or against us” that is a favorite of fascists and authoritarians. Oh yeah, and cowards.

  13. “Until Republicans return to reality and become responsible, they should not be trusted with power again.”
    That’s been obvious for some time, the same warning others like me have been advocating, but it’s good that Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney is amplifying that message. More Americans need to understand this.

    1. @Bob James you can only lead a horse too water, but you can’t make him drink.🤪OR SOMPIN

    2. @Bob James I’m not sure if common sense can be taught, which would come in handy with so much of what’s going on right now.

    3. @Pauline Stephens Are we? The original “Never Trumpers” were ALWAYS Republicans first. Look at us now. We are HOMELESS!

  14. It’s been a while since we’ve seen this kind of profile in courage. Cheney is completely right.

  15. The dark cloud that covers Washington D.C. will only get darker till the American people stand up to these so called leaders and say no more!

    1. @R.D Correct. Besides voting out all of these clowns who have turned a blind eye to democracy what else can we do to insure that these clowns are held accountable for their misdeeds.

    1. Calling them bald faced liars is straighter. _’Bold_ faced liar’ is like ‘all _intensive_ purposes’ or a _mute_ point’.

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