‘Most agitated that he has appeared’: Video shows moment from Trump’s deposition

The video deposition of Donald Trump played before the jury in the E. Jean Carroll civil battery and defamation trial was made public, showing the former president discussing the accusations against him. #CNN #News #shorts


  1. Looking very orange there, Donald. So your lawyer says you didn’t scream- mustnt have been bad for her,… you say there was no rape , why are you asking why she didn’t scream?? .


  2. U know it?😂😂😂😂,y can’t they throw back in his face that HE is d disgrace? I would pay good money to see a reporter tell him that to his face!

    1. I wish they would say to his face everything that needs to be said and not back down. He’s just a person like everyone else. Why should reporters and others have to take his insults and derogatory statements. At least tell him that he lies with every breath and that he’s mean, hateful, and not a likeable human among other things.

    2. He’s not talking to a reporter here. This is from a deposition. He’s (avoiding) answering questions from an oppositional attorney.

    3. @SeekerGoOn2013 And what a brilliant litigation tactic. While being deposed about a rape AND defamation, continue to defame the plaintiff, while at the same time, gratuitously insulting (and arguably defaming the plaintiff’s attorney in the same manner), as if he doesn’t realize that his petty insults will ultimately be heard by the jury.

      Just another example of the Very Stable Genius engaging in three dimensional chess.

  3. They really missed the back of Trump’s skull with that toupee, didn’t they?
    And they’re not even pretending its skin bronzer at this point. That’s just literal orange spray paint.

    1. @maria Tomko I’m afraid your hairdresser does not know what she’s talking about I realize that’s what it looks like but back in the 80s when I knew him his hair was the same not as thin but he even combed it that way he was a very handsome kind man

    2. ​@Valerie very handsome kind man…..aka he was a very rich man that im attracted too

    3. ​@maria Tomko Oh…I thought he was afraid of getting caught in the rain because it’ll make him melt, like water did to his real mother

    1. ​@P Williams ok ….Trumpster. Whatever you say. Why don’t we let the jury decide ? I know you don’t like it , but that’s what happens in a democracy.

    2. @Harold you’ll never get him. look it up . 7 yrs and how many attempts. they don’t hate him. they fear him

    1. @Deborah Barnes Either that, or they want their 15 minutes of fame. What is the reason she’s doing it now? Because she thinks this is the right thing to do at this time? BS

    2. What would you hope to achieve with a DNA sample now though?? Genuinely curious. Also why is she just now coming forward with this… I mean why not when Stormy had said something like what is compelling her to come forward now.

  4. Came out of the blue!!!??? I really think that ” it came out of the orange “!!!!!!😊😊😊😊😊😊

  5. He was going to call Robbie Kaplan “disgusting” & changed it to a “disgrace.” Even the way he says rape reflects his scorn for women & the court.

    1. If he really thinks rape is the worst thing a man can do to a woman, just imagine what he may come to think about drop-the-soap-in-the-prison-shower rape. Good thing for him that he has lifetime Secret Service protection.

  6. Came out of the blue but she sue him in 90s this guy is an defense attorney worst nightmare

  7. I’m starting to think that Trump really doesn’t remember these women. By his own admission, he did/does this all the time – without consent. So many victims that they all just look the same to him. He’s disgusting.

    1. But…but… I thought he was a very stable genius with one of the greatest memories of all time?
      You mean that’s not true? I’m shocked… SHOCKED to find that out.

      And by the way, the logical conclusion from your suggestion and the deposition is that yes, they do all look the same to him, and they all look like Marla Maples to him.
      I bet that really makes Marla feel special.

    2. Along with that mindset it doesn’t matter if he knows them or remembers them, because they never mattered to him in the first place.

  8. She’s not my type. Trump is his own worst defense. It’s a shame Trumps buddy Roger Epstein isn’t around to give him a character reference. 😢

  9. This guy has been and is such an embarrassment to our country. Should never get near the White House again. Conviction and jail is what he deserves.

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