‘Most agitated that he has appeared’: Video shows moment from Trump’s deposition

The video deposition of Donald Trump played before the jury in the E. Jean Carroll civil battery and defamation trial was made public, showing the former president discussing the accusations against him, the “Access Hollywood” tape and the Russia “hoax.” #CNN #News


  1. It is a defamation suit. Trump defamed that woman to no end in the press, and in the deposition in court. This is a slam dunk for E Jean. I hope she takes Mango Assolini for $millions.

  2. Remember Donald said he couldn’t read something because he didn’t have his glasses? Has anyone ever seen Donald wear glasses?

    1. ​@Cas jean His movements – especially head tilts and whatever he does with his jaw – change, too.

    2. There are a few pictures online of DJT wearing readers, so he needs some optical help at a normal reading distance – at least in certain circumstances (i.e dim light, small print, or over contacts corrected for distance). The vast majority of his pictures on the web are without glasses, so he might not need anything for distance vision, or could possibly be wearing a contact lens in one or both eyes (i.e. bifocal contacts, or one lens for far and the other for near). Whatever the case, most people going to a deposition might expect to have to read fine print or look at a photo, and would come prepared to pull out a pair of readers if needed.

  3. ‘She’s not my type’. Yet she looks like someone you thought was attractive enough to marry? Yikes.

    1. @Jose Robles – we are finding so many of the democrat ones as the investigations go on. the brennan email was very interesting. he outed himself.

    2. @Rob Really? If you love the Constitution you should never vote for a guy that is trying hard to abolish it. trump only cares about his egomaniac self.

    3. @Zynathera Lol. Talking sense to trump’s cult is a lost cause. Do not waste your time. I think, soon enough, trumpers will see the light, even if it’s a train running towards them in a head on collision.

  4. He’s the king of lying and I’ve been around for quite awhile and I’ve found out that if someone starts becoming defensive about something then they are more so guilty then innocent.

    1. Just because you molest children and don’t get offensive when accused, doesn’t mean everyone is that way.

  5. I don’t know how any juror could possibly walk away from a deposition like this and not conclude…”He totally did it.”

    1. I’m surprised Trump’s lawyers have not tried to prevent the deposition from being allowed in court

    1. @handsoffmygun MF It also proves he likes her looks over his ex-wife’s. It also proves he doesn’t know who his ex-wife is, with whom he had a child with. So maybe he shouldn’t be running for president.

    2. @Erica Helton  oh good lord is that best you can do? He’s guilty and you know it and all you can come up with to justify you supporting him is that ridiculous comment? Wow

  6. “Perfect deposition. No one gets deposed like me, Donald J Trump. You know, probably the best deposition in history. It’s true. That’s what people are saying. The most perfect deposition” -DJT

    1. Lol i have never figured out who “these people” are. No one can get within 50 feet of him unless he is putting on a show

    2. ​@Michael Colfin There’s gotta be some random General there shedding tears and saluting him while saying that.

  7. Trump: That’s my wife.
    Trump’s attorney: That’s Carroll.
    Carroll’s attorney: You said that’s your wife.
    Trump: No, I was doing a Borat impression…you’re a disgrace.

    1. @Marcel Peter J that’s the thing, this turkey might know a lot words he just doesn’t know how to put them together.
      A bit like my shitty grammar.

  8. This is why his lawyers dont allow him to testify , he will incriminate himself cause he cant stop talking . Alot of those questions were yes or no questions.

    1. It is hard for him to distinguish between women as they fall into two categorie – those he would sexually assault and other

  9. Saying she is not his type but yet mistook her for Marla Maples (his ex wife) yet sticking to she is not his type really says alot.

    1. Yeah, he effectively DID say this, though not in those exact words. “Not my type” … uh, to rape?!

    2. @Sally F If that is how you took it, English must not be your first language. He clearly doesn’t care and sits there and mocks them. lo..

    3. @Sally F He also said…”I think a lot of people that are famous do it. It’s been happening for millions of years”

  10. I love that the attorney questioning Fatty Fifteen doesn’t give 2 shits about what he thinks of her as stupidly destroys his own defense in the deposition, which is going to stand in as his “witness” in this lawsuit. 74 million people voted for THIS?

  11. He’s like a cartoon villain… *only in America could this man be in consideration to run a country*

    1. @Josh Dun no, but please keep trusting in big brother. Its gonna ultimately lead to your downfall.

  12. It’s not “I would never do that,” it’s “she’s not my type.” Implying that if she was his type, there’s a possibility that he’d do it lol.

  13. In his deposition they also asked him…
    “You are recorded as saying that it is ok to grab women by the P when you’re a star”
    Trump agreed and said “Yes i think most people who are famous do it”

    1. Sorry know nothing. That has nothing to with this case as the judge clearly pointed out.

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